Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Resigns

travis kalanick


The New York Times is reporting that Travis Kalanick has resigned as CEO of Uber. The news comes after months of scandalous allegations regarding the company’s culture.

Kalanick’s resignation comes a week after Eric Holder presented his recommendations to Uber’s Board of Directors. Kalanick had previously hired the law firm of Eric Holder to conduct an investigation into allegations of misconduct. Holder specified in his Uber Report that the responsibilities of Uber’s Chief Executive, Travis Kalanick, be reallocated.

The report also calls for changes in how employee complaints are handled.  Other recommendations include changes in employee policies and practices, a more independent board, and performance reviews to hold senior executives accountable.

No word yet on who is to replace. However, Recode has some speculations on who it might be including YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki.

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YouTube: The New Dream Job

YouTube is the new dream job, or, the job you never knew you could have.

YouTube was once a website most used for downloading music, watching the latest celebrity interviews and movie trailers. Maybe even the occasional “hot-to” video. Over the years, YouTube has ascended its substandard appeal and created universal temptation. Since the variety and number of videos has grown so exponentially, so has the demand for people who make them.

The selection ranges from car-fixes, movie reviews and vlogs to make-up tutorials, cooking recipes and “fail” videos. You name it, YouTube has it. Virtually any talent or hobby you have in life can be used to create a channel with the potential to thrive worldwide. Yet, out of over a billion users, only a fraction of those “YouTubers” have been able to make a career out of their videos.

Michelle Phan is one of many make-up gurus who has climbed the ranks of popularity on the web. She made her debut with a low-quality camera and basic make-up knowledge. Now? She has close to 9 million subscribers and videos with over 60 millions views. Michelle has managed to make a living off videos ranging from tutorials to life advice and travel vlogs, and all because of the opportunities YouTube created for her.

Not only can individuals make a name for themselves with self-taught skill, but also through the simple act of taking interest in current events. In other words,“YouTubers” can make headway by dishing out their opinions on the latest news. A handful of users attempt to hit the heavier topics of politics and world issues. Yet, most stick to celebrity gossip and pop culture events. YouTuber, Philip DeFranco, is known for targeting a healthy mix of both. With an appreciation for all types of current events and a great sense of humor to boot, its no surprise that DeFranco has gained close to five million viewers in his time on YouTube.


As a demand for videos within the online community grows, events like VidCon also increase their popularity. And, like any convention, VidCon brings fans from all over together to share in their mutual love for the phenomenon that is YouTube stardom.

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Once upon a time, celebrities were defined by their popularity on the big screen, in the music industry, fashion industry, etc. But, with popularity of YouTube growing every day, that is changing. Getting famous has become a lot easier via becoming an internet sensation. Fans feel more connected to these people, as well because fans feel like they know the celebrity before he/she became famous. You grow together, watch their rise to success and know that you were a part of helping make it happen.

Being a popular YouTuber is something of a dream job, in most cases. In a way, YouTube allows these popular channels to take something they love doing and make it into a career. It is a dream that most of us put to rest at a young age to pursue more achievable goals. It doesn’t have to be an unattainable dream, though. Not anymore. YouTube, put simply, has given viewers and users alike, a chance to make dreams become reality.

So Glamorous people, what is your favorite Youtube vlogger to follow? We want to know! Comment below or tweet @GlamorousPaper with some fun insight on who we should check out!

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Atlanta: Review and Full Episode


No. No. That’s the name of Donald Glover’s new show on FX. Months ago, Donald Glover said; “Hey, I am coming up with a show and it’s a mixture of Twin Peaks and other stuff.” Immediately the interest sparked millions on social media ranging from Facebook to Twitter. That million included me.

You know Donald Glover… Troy from Community? Childish Gambino? The colossus of clout? Wait, no, that’s Sandlot and the Babe Ruth. But, you get the point. Donald Glover is known in the hip-hop world and in the television world. From writing and staring in Community to now creating and staring in Atlanta, Donald Glover is killing it as far as production and screen writing goes.

Atlanta premiered September 6th and started off with a bang… literally. Someone got shot in the first scene of the show. That’s not a spoiler, it was no one important to the plot, only the person that was doing the shooting was important.

Donald Glover really hyped up this show – the continuous trailers that were coming out that really did not tell much; but, what the characters were going to be about. And, every single one of the trailers ended up backwards minus maybe one. Here is one of the trailers:

These backwards trailers all led to the premiere episode that started with one scene and then flipped back to the beginning of the day of that particular scene. It showed how it went down in reverse time. I found this to be cool because you get see how it happened and what led the characters to this point. The premiere of this show was a little over an hour long and it felt like a slow motion gif. It feels like you are in the show with the crisp color and the awesome soundtrack. The dialogue is great between all the characters and you don’t get bored. Granted, this is just from the first hour long episode – it could prove to be the opposite; but, it looks promising from what was shown.

The show is focused on African American characters doing African American things in the day to day life. It is about trying to make it in your day to day life, while also taking care of your child and having a baby mother as well. The show is about dealing with living paycheck to paycheck and trying to make it in life so you can stop living paycheck to paycheck. It is about trying to make it in life when everything and everyone, even your parents, are aiming towards the opposite. Trying to make it is the hard part, and that is what Atlanta is documenting.

I don’t want to give too much away, but this show is a must see. It is a mixture of Grand Theft Auto and Twin Peaks in a very weird way. The cutoff scenes are Grand Theft Auto all the way, but the suspense is Twin Peaks. They both make the perfect combination and out came Atlanta. There is, also, continuously sneak peaks of new Childish Gambino music in the show. It is not hinted that it is “new” Gambino music, but any music that we (as fans) have not heard yet is new most definitely.

The show ended up being the total opposite of a flop. Despite what people might have thought from those confusing trailers. For Donald Glover this ended up being a hit! And, who’s to say things won’t keep getting better for the show? Only time will tell. But, for now, Atlanta is on top of the world – well, on top of FX.

As far as TV shows go, and looking for that TV show to keep you interested with a darn good soundtrack, then this is for you. Check it out, here are the trailers! And, today Donald Glover just tweeted that they have the entire episode of YouTube to watch for free. I am not sure if it is going to be every single episode, but if it is – that would be really awesome of Donald Glover to do. We have embedded Episode 1 of Atlanta below for you to watch. Let us know what you think of Atlanta on Twitter using #glamorouspaper.

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Ned’s Declassified Life Survival Guide!

If you’re a 90’s kid or a 00’s kid you looked to this guy for advice on all things middle school (sometimes even high school!).

As the star of the popular Nickelodeon TV show Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, Devon Werkheiser helped us navigate the turbulent waters of crazy teachers, gym class, group projects, crushes, and friendships that make up our public school system. With his two best friends, Cookie and Moze, he did the impossible: create a guide that will help you survive school.

The show ran for three years helping kids all over the country not only survive but conquer school. Some of my favorite tips include:

  • Get a haircut 2 weeks before school starts so it can grow in.
  • Don’t be afraid to raise your hand. It doesn’t mean you’re dumb when you raise your hand you just get interested.
  • If your crush doesn’t like you remember you could still be friends.
  • Don’t stress, or you’ll make a mess.
  • Don’t like something? Don’t complain, change it.
  • If you’re not popular in the top ten, you’re popular in your top ten.
  • Be confident, be grateful, not jealous.

Now, we all wish we could have good old Ned back with a holy guide of tips for high school and college (trust me, I could use a few), but Nickelodeon is probably not going to revive the show anytime soon. It would be awesome getting the actors back together considering how much everyone has grown over the years though.




And my personal favorite:

rob pinkman

Luckily, Devon Werkheiser, who played Ned, heard and answered our prayers with a web series of his own called Devon’s Life Survival Guide, a YouTube series of general life tips. With the first episode uploaded on Jan. 25, 2016, the weekly webisodes deal with a variety of topics such as productivity, spirituality, and wellness and take in questions from viewers themselves.

“Hello. I’m Devon Werkheiser. It’s been years since I’ve helped you survive middle school.”

Cue the feels.

One of Devon’s first tips is really profound and inspiring: “Choose your growth.” You can learn and grow from anything you experience. Whether it was a bad or great situation, you were changed from it so it is up to you to learn and improve from what you experienced. “It’s a choice to be an active creator of your life or a victim to it.” Preach it, Devon!

Watch the first episode here and make sure to comment so he can answer your questions!

The nostalgia is too real with this. If you’re looking to take a walk down memory lane to afternoons on the couch eating Gushers and watching Ned, Cookie, and Moze get into another round of crazy antics or you’re just really into conquering your life, watch Devon’s videos. Just like back in 2004, the tips are as helpful as ever. Thanks, Devon.

He also writes and performs original music which he uploads to YouTube as well so check him out!

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Sunday Paper July 5, 2015

Here’s a few popular stories in pop-culture and entertainment news for this week’s Sunday Paper!

Happy Birthday, America! Whether you were out sitting poolside, barbecuing with your family or having a relaxing day in, there was something to celebrate about this great country we call home. Check out what celebs did for their festivities.

Kim Kardashian West posed in an American flag, roller derby-esq outfit for Instagram and the expecting mom will have you saying, “where?!”

She also featured a picture of her Hubby Kanye West as he shows off his pearly whites with an American Flag background.

Old time buds Taylor Swift was snapped with Ed Sheeran for Instagram and she captioned the picture, “When @edsheeran shows up for the 4th of July in a red coat because he just can’t let it go.” Ed was quick to clap back replying, “ @taylorswift13 I don’t even know what you’re celebrating I just turned up for the free booze,”


Sofia Vegara also snapped a picture of her beau Joe Manganiello while he grilled out shirtless underneath his apron and captioned the pic, “Serious 4th of July business. Happy Independence Day!!!!”

Hilary Clinton may be falling behind in the Presidential debate to competitor Bernie Sanders, but after the comment she made people are getting to see her softer side.


The popular page “Humans of New York” which features random New Yorkers and their stories posted a heart breaking photo of a young man that was afraid of his sexuality this past Friday. Tons of LGBT members and allies flocked to the post to show their support for the young man and Clinton chimed in. Her words were so uplifting it became the top comment on the post. I’m sure this little boy has to know he is loved if the woman that is running for presidency is supportive of him.

Her comment reads:

“Prediction from a grown-up: Your future is going to be amazing. You will surprise yourself with what you’re capable of and the incredible things you go on to do. Find the people who love and believe in you – there will be lots of them. –H”

The comment was submitted with an “H” to signify it was her words on the post and not those of her assistance. Way to go Hilary!

One video that has been sweeping the internet with over 56,000 YouTube hits is a video of a father and daughter doing a beatbox battle and the results are sick! The father challenges his daughter and starts off to be doing better than what most people can do, but his daughter definitely shows him up and finished with a sickening two minute beatbox finale. Check out the video link below:


Show us your 4th of July photos, what did you think of Hilary’s comment on the HNY page and was this daddy, daughter duo a tie or was there a clear winner using the hashtag #GlamorousPaper

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