Celebs Celebrate Easter

Yesterday was, of course, Easter! It’s the day where we all love to dress up in beautiful colors, find eggs hidden about, and take gorgeous pictures with our family and friends to share with the world! The picture perfect celebs are no different, except that their pictures always seem to look so much better than ours. Let’s check out what some of our favorite stars shared with us on the day where we all eat a Reese’s Peanut Butter and Chocolate egg in our new favorite outfit.


Reese Witherspoon posted a stunning picture of herself holding an Easter basket in a dress from her own store, Draper James. She started her own line of clothing and accessories in 2015. The style that is captured is nod to her southern upbringing and each season the clothes just keep getting cuter! Reese always captivates our attention but this Easter ensemble is an instant classic.


Kylie Jenner, who never passes up on the opportunity to post on social media, shared a picture on her Instagram that was more candid. In the picture, we can gather that the Kardashian Krew had a great day of family time. Kylie is sharing something with Penelope Disick while Penelope’s mom, Kourtney seems to be taking a selfie with bunny ears on. What an adorable moment?!?

Kanye West blessed our Easter with a new song! In a simple tweet, Kanye said “Happy Easter!” and included a link to “Ultralight Prayer” on SoundCloud. Kanye has decided to slowly tweak his album The Life of Pablo and this new addition is just part of the process. Thanks Kanye for providing us with another reason to celebrate with more new music from you!


Lady Gaga shared a very relatable tweet where she wished all of her Little Monsters a Happy Easter and said she was having a family dinner to cure her birthday hangover. The American Horror Story actress celebrated her birthday on Saturday with a grand party, had a family gathering on Easter, and today she turns 30! Happy birthday Gaga! P.S. we are all ready for new music from you!

What did you think of all the celebs’ Easter pics? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter using #glamorouspaper.

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Celebrity Gossip: Chloe Mortez and Blac Chyna

Chloe Mortez Calls The Mean Girls “Clique” Out


Chloe Mortez, who is known for her roles in Kick-Ass and The 5th Wave and is in the upcoming movie Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, has certainty made her mark in Hollywood. However, after the recent release of Complex Magazine, she’s making headlines for something other than her great acting skills. During the interview, Chloe was asked if she had ever been invited to join the iconic girl gang lead by Taylor Swift. Chloe said that she would not be joining T-Swift’s squad and stated “They appropriate exclusivity! They’re cliques!” The If I Stay actress,who is friends with Selena Gomez, only had one thing to say when asked to make further comments on Taylor Swift and her posse, “She’s a very talented person.” It doesn’t sound like Chloe is a fan of the Wildest Dreams songstress. Is there already some bad blood between two of the biggest female faces in pop culture? It sounds like there might be…

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna Are Still On the Up


One of the most surprising recent relationships in Hollywood is that of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s. The couple has been together for a few months now and seems to be extremely happy while sharing cute pictures on their Instagrams! Their relationship hasn’t been all sunshine, however!

Remember Blac Chyna has a kid with Tyga who has been in a relationship with Rob’s youngest sister, Kylie Jenner, for over a year now! If that wasn’t causing enough tension, Blac Chyna is also best friends with Rob’s most famous sister, Kim Kardashian’s, husband, Kanye West’s, ex, Amber Rose! So many famous names all tangled up together there! It’s kind of like high school again! Amid all of the controversy, Rob and Blac are keeping it all smiles!

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Sunday Paper: January 10, 2016

Take a look at these top stories in entertainment and pop-culture news in your Sunday!

Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy that boy up to something! That something is the release of a new Kanye West album.

Photo By: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images
Photo By: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images
The father of two will be following up his sixth studio album ‘Yeezus’ that was released back in 2013. ‘Yeezus’ was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album in 2014, so we can only anticipate this album to be every bit of Grammy worthy.

After listening to West’s song ‘Facts’ that was released on New Years Eve, West seems like he has a message to send. West’s seventh studio album will be title ‘SWISH’ and is set to be released Feb. 11 according to the ‘Bound 2’ rappers Twitter account.

Photo By: Adidas
Photo By: Adidas
West has shared snippets of what can be expected of his album throughout last year at his fashion shows and during other headlining performances.

We can’t wait for new Yeezy music!



Speaking of music, Taylor Swift recently performed hits from her ‘1989‘ album that’ll blow your mind.

Swift recently wrapped up her ‘1989’ world tour this past year where she included tons of A-List celebrities as special guest. After coming out of the limelight, the 27-year-old still proved she could shine while breaking hearts.

Swift performed stripped-down versions of her top hits from ‘1989’ at the Grammy Museum in September of last year. The result? The girl can actually sing!

The ‘Wildest Dreams’ singer prefaced her performance with an honest confession: ‘Blank Space’ is a revenge song, but isn’t about one man in particular. ‘In the last couple of year, the media have had a wonderful fixation kind of painting me as this psycho serial dater girl. It’s been awesome, I’ve loved it,’ she said, ironically.

Check out her vocals below:

Tonight is a huge night for Hollywood because it is the presentation of the Golden Globe Awards.

Photo By: Paul Drinkwater/NBC
Photo By: Paul Drinkwater/NBC
This year’s awards will not be hosted by the dynamic duo Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, but the academy decided to go back to previous host Ricky Gervais. This is Gervais’ first time hosting since 2012. Producers chose Gervais because of his unpredictability and ‘danger’ he might bring to the stage.

Photo By: Paul Drinkwater/NBC
Photo By: Paul Drinkwater/NBC
We can only hope that he doesn’t pull a Steve Harvey at the Miss Universe pageant.

Check out the complete list of nominees here!

Tune in to ABC tonight as they cover the red carpet starting at 7 p.m. ET. The award show starts at 8 p.m. ET.

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Kanye States Nothing But ‘Facts’ In His New Song. Must Listen!

Happy New Year or should we say Happy Yeezy Year?

Kim Kardashian-West helped us get our 2016 playlist started by revealing her husband’s, Kanye West’s, new song titled ‘Facts’.

The mother-of-two posted a tweet that reads, ‘YEEZY YEEZY YEEZY NEW SONG ABOUT TO DROP #FACTS,’ along with two photos just before midnight. One photo is of Taylor Swift wearing Yeezy’s and the other photo is President Barack Obama opening a pair of Yeezy’s shoes that were hand delivered by Ye himself.

Photo By: Kim Kardashian-West Twitter
Photo By: Kim Kardashian-West Twitter

Photo By: Kim Kardashian-West Twitter
Photo By: Kim Kardashian-West Twitter
So what is the significance of President Barack Obama? Of course Kanye’s eye on the White House in 2020 as he previous stated during the 2015 MTV VMA awards. We also could be expecting for Kanye to open his own hotel as he hinted at in his second verse about picking out couches.

Kanye also didn’t hesitate to call out the recent Bill Crosby’s rape scandal, Steve Harvey’s recent Miss Universe cringe worthy mistake and diss Nike, all while rapping over Drake’s ‘Jumpman’ beat.

Check out Kanye’s new song ‘Facts’:


Mrs. West has been laying low since the birth of her second child Saint West. Kim posted photos of her having a low key night for New Years spent with close friends and family and tweeted about playing ‘Cards Against Humanity’.

Photo By: Kim Kardashian-West Twitter
Photo By: Kim Kardashian-West Twitter

Photo By: Kim Kardashian-West Twitter
Photo By: Kim Kardashian-West Twitter
So what’s one of the Kim’s New Years resolutions?

‘Just thought of another New Years resolution. I really want to make my moms life easier & be extra nice! She’s the best &does everything 4 us,’ Kim tweeted.

You can check out Kim’s other New Year resolutions on her app available at the iTunes App Store.

Happy New Years from Glamorous Paper!

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Sunday Paper: December 27, 2015

2015 is almost over so we’re taking you through 10 of 2015’s top trending moments.

10. Shia LaBefou ‘Just Do It’ 🙇🏻
Full equipped with his rat tail, LaBefou has had a rather interesting year. From being arrested and live tweeting his own reactions to his starring roles to making inspirational videos, we were all motivated to ‘just do it’.

9. Baby Yeezus👨🏾👩🏻👧🏽👶🏽
After the announcement of Kimye expecting their second child and revealing it would be a boy, the world could not wait to meet baby Yeezus. Kim Kardashian gave birth to Saint West on Dec. 5th after posting an Instagram photo just hours before her delivery captioning it, ‘Ready whenever you are lol.’ Saint joins North as another addition to the Kardashian-West clan.

Photo By: Kim Kardashian Instagram
Photo By: Kim Kardashian Instagram

8. Kanye President 2020 👨🏾🇺🇸 🗽
Yeezus for President! At least that’s what the 38-year-old rapper proclaimed at this year’s MTV VMAs. After giving a speech that seemed to do nothing but drag on after receiving the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, Kanye announced his run for the White House in 2020. We aren’t entirely sure if he was serious because he was under the influence and drinking something brown, but we can only cross our fingers he wasn’t serious…

7. Drake Diss 👦🏽👊🏾🔥👨🏾
R.I.P. Meek Mills. Just when you thought the Internet killed Meek Mills, Drake went ahead to bury him. After Meek claimed that Drake doesn’t write his own raps he tried to make a diss track about Drake in which Drake fired back with three diss tracks that had the Internet blowing up. Do you need some ointment for that burn, Meek?


6. Justin Bieber Album📀🙏🏼
What do you mean you didn’t get J-Bieb’s ‘Purpose’ album? The ‘Where Are Ü Now’ singer returned to music this year with heavy celebrity promotion and memes for his new album ‘Purpose’. The Biebs also performed at the MTV VMAs for the first time in five years and broke down on stage. After cleaning up his bad boy image, Justin appears to have a new found faith, respect for his fans, and purpose for his music.

5. White/Gold vs. Blue/Black Dress
I mean, should we really speak about it? You know, the dress that started wars, broke families and friendships, and reeked havoc on every soul it encountered? Okay maybe that’s a little dramatic, but that damn dress fooled us all. Earlier this year a photo surfaced of a dress that appeared to be white/gold while others saw it as blue/black. The internet went crazy asking for answers as to how two people looking at the same dress could be seeing different colors. The answer? The lighting in which the dress basically plays a trick on our retina and how we perceive color.

4. Miley, What’s Good? MTV VMAs 👸🏾🚫👧🏼
Talk about an ‘oh sh*t’ moment! At this year’s VMAs after the ever graceful Nicki Minaj took to the stage to accept her award for Best Hip Hop Video. After eloquently thanking her pastor, Minaj turned to host Miley Cyrus and called her out for talking badly about Minaj in a previous interview. ‘And now… Back to this bitch that had a lot to say about me in the press the other day. Miley, what’s good?’ Meme history.

3.Steve Harvey Miss Universe 👨🏾🙇🏾👸🏽🚫👩🏻👸🏻                                       At last week’s Miss Universe pageant, Family Feud host Steve Harvey made the most epic mistake on television. After announcing Miss Columbia as the new 2015 Miss Universe, he later back tracked and said she was the runner up. The real Miss Universe 2015 title would go to Miss Philippine. The Internet exploded with memes of Harvey’s cringe worthy mistake. Harvey apologized profusely for his mistake and even poked fun at himself while posting a Christmas photo with the caption ‘Merry Easter y’all’.

Photo By: Steve Harvey Instagram
Photo By: Steve Harvey Instagram

2. Adele Album 🙋🏼.                                                                                    We’re just going to throw out a random number and see if you can find any significance in it. 3.38 million… Any ideas where we got this number? Oh, that’s just the album sales for one week of Adele’s new album ‘25’. The ‘Hello‘ announced her new album earlier this year and blessed us with her new single ‘Hello’ (which is still no. 1 on the charts). From her NBC Live In New York special and announcement of her North American and European tour to her SNL performance, self impersonation skit, and chart shattering album, Adele has owned 2015.

1. DJ Khaled Keys To Success 🔑🙌🏾
DJ Khaled showed us his SnapChat is the key to our success. Take these into your 2016.

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