Holiday Gift Ideas for Those Who Have it All

Shopping; for yourself, its pretty easy. When you have to pick out a gift for someone else…not so much. Its a nightmare at the best of times, and, during the holiday season, so much worse. There is only one thing worse than shopping itself during the holidays and that is shopping for people who have everything. Not literally. Unless they’re a celebrity who have the cash flowing faster than water from your faucet, thats a stretch. But, they certainly have everything they want. Good luck getting any ideas from them as to what to buy them for the holidays.

Fortunately, you’re not alone. All you need is a few fresh ideas to keep your head above water. Avoid the hair-pulling, tears of frustration and last-minute gifts that have you cringing with guilt. These ideas will help you with those pesky people who refuse to throw you a bone.

Bring Back Something of Value


This works best for old friends and family members, even long-term partners. Its simple, too. Find something with sentimental value- make sure it holds significant value to the receiver. The older, the better. And, if you can manage, try to pick out something that ties the two of you or other members of your family or friend circle together. Memories are something more meaningful than any amount of money can buy. Of course, there are the ungrateful few who will look at you gift and think, “how cheap…” so avoid those people. Target the ones you know will appreciate the value of your sentiment and ignore the lack of financial worth.


Gift Cards

These are pretty self-explanatory. They’re the got-to gift idea for extended family members or last-minute emergencies. Some people think it shows a lack of thoughtlessness. On the contrary, I couldn’t imagine someone being happier than when they realize they get to shopping for themselves instead of putting on a fake smile and whipping out the best “I love it” impression they can muster. Save yourself the worry. Save them the disappointment. You can’t go wrong with a gift card.


Bake Something

Don’t offer your best friend a plate of cookies and expect unending gratefulness. If you know them well enough, you can do better than that. Not even your parents would appreciate a half-assed attempt at something they did for most of your life. Grandparents? Aunts and Uncles? Perfect. They’ll look at the most botched up cooking attempt as think of it as an ultimate act of love. Just remember that sugar and salt have two entirely different tastes.

 Something To Do

This idea takes a little bit more consideration. Depending on the person, it can be really easy or really hard. If you’re unsure, it may be best to take a different route entirely. But, if done right, you can give someone a gift, an experience and a memory to last a lifetime. It can be something as simple as a trip to the local aquarium or zoo. No one is ever too old to point in awe at animals and underwater species. You can also splurge for a rock climbing lesson or a horseback trail ride. Its a perfect idea for anyone with a sense of adventure. Its also easier than hunting around for something you’re not even sure the gift-receiver will like. Keep in min individual personalities, though. It may not be a good idea to buy bungee jumping tickets for someone afraid of heights. Just a thought.


A Day At The Spa

This isn’t just for women, though its definitely a more popular gift for women. Spas offer a variety of services depending on the company and location: manicures and pedicures, massages, steam rooms and mud baths are a few of the services most will offer. Its the perfect gift for a parent or a hard worker who would appreciate the alone time and a little bit of pampering. Just remember that reviews count. Don’t send them somewhere off the grid to save a few bucks that will turn their day off into an off-day.

Handmade Items

Whether is jewelry, woodwork or any kind of crafts, handmade items are a perfect gift for anyone. Most of the time, you can save some money and you can let your creativity run wild. Picture frames, scrap books, wood-carvings, simple jewelry, or unique decorations…you name it, you can make it.


It sounds a little corny, we know. Truly, the best gift you can give those closest to you is yourself. Time is a precious thing. Sometimes, in the everyday chaos of life, we forget to appreciate the short but important moments we have with people. Appreciate the people you have in your life and let them appreciate you, too.



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How to Make Your Own Watercolor Mugs

Watercolor mugs are recently popping up more on my Pinterest feed. They’re simple, cute, and seem fun to DIY! With the holidays getting closer, it’s time for me to try my own watercolor mugs. The task seems simple: buy a mug, dip it in some nail polish, let it dry. So in the name of DIY, a friend and I are setting off to the dollar store to buy some cheap, white ceramic mugs to transform.

watercolor mugs

What we are getting for this project is a ceramic mug (typically white), a tub of warm water, and nail polish. First, clean and dry off your newly bought cheap mug. This is to make sure it’s ready to be pretty. Next, fill the tub or bowl of your choice with decently warm water, warm enough so that it won’t cool off too quickly. This next step you have to do very quickly, be ready! Pour the nail polish colors into the warm water and dip the mug in immediately after. Once the mug is covered, slowly remove it from the water. It should be beautifully marbled and ready to use after a few hours drying!

multicolored watercolor mugs

This project is easy on paper, but it actually is decently difficult. During my experience, I had to wipe down my mug with nail polish remover at least three times. My first attempts at these watercolor mugs were not pretty whatsoever. But that’s wht I do it, to let you Glamorous people learn form my mistakes!

When filling the tub or bowl with water, really make sure it is warm, almost even hot. Secondly, use nail polish colors you like but won’t mind being completely used up. I chose to use my three favorite colors and ending up with sad, half-filled bottles leftover. Lastly and most importantly, you have to be extremely quick to dip your mug in after pouring the nail polish into the water. For some reason, if you wait a second too long like I did, it comes out all goopy and weird.

Even though these DIY watercolor mugs weren’t this easiest project on the block, they still came out pretty and were fun to make! Make your own versions and tweet us at @GlamorousPaper with photos of your creations. Go forth and be artsy!

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The Art of Beauty Sleep

The Art of Beauty Sleep

Hello to all my glamorous people! I want today’s topic a little different- just short and sweet. However this is a major impact to your lifestyle and should be done routinely. As of now, I am finishing up my last year in college at a California State University. I am planning to finish with my entire class curriculum by the end of winter. Literally, winter is coming for me.

Image result for stressed

Unlike most colleges, my university runs alongside quarter system. A quarter system means the whole school season is condensed to around 10 weeks of school. Now that regular 15+ weeks of the semester system seems really nice huh? Since professors only have 10 weeks, the classes are running extremely fast. A lot of work gets compiled and it’s very time consuming for most students, me especially.

With this system, most students are running on at least four hours of sleep per night. Try balancing a short quarter system and keeping up with work, classes, and other curriculum activities within the two months. Yet, the lack of sleep can drastically affect the way they think, focus on studies, and their overall performance in both school and work life. This is obviously not healthy for anyone’s well-being.

A lot of people are slowly starting to forget the importance of sleep and how it affects the mind and body in positive way. Research studies show that getting at least eight hours of sleep per day will result in a lot positive impacts on your daily life.

Image result for beauty sleep

When you retain that beauty sleep, you’re less stressed and have an open and clear mind for the rest of the day. It affects your appearance as well. You prevent pre-mature wrinkles (around the forehead, under-eyes, sides of your nose and mouth, etc.) and slow down the signs of aging on your face.  You also prevent acne from appearing on your face and risks of scarring. Overall, your face will achieve that glowy complexion and your whole body and mind feels rejuvenated.

On my opinion, since around 90% of us do not have the luxury of getting that beautiful eight hour nap, here’s a suggestion. Try to get at least six hours of deep sleep and use the remaining two hours for power naps throughout the day.

Image result for beauty sleep

There are so many benefits on why getting enough sleep is extremely important, and I could go on forever on how important it is to get that beauty sleep. But the overall lesson is that to have a good night’s sleep is to have a healthy body, mind, and heart for the rest of your life. And that, my glamorous people, is the art and truth of it all.

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Spoon University on Your Campus

Spoon University Logo
Spoon University Logo

Spoon University, a student’s #1 stop for food information and self-described everyday food resource for young people. This organization is a national program that works through groups based at hundreds of college campuses. Each group works to bring the students at their school the hottest, local food news available. You may have come across articles from Spoon University without even realizing it, such as articles saying “the best 10 spots to eat around campus!” and many more ideas. Besides writing super interesting and relevant food articles, Spoon also holds local events for your campus. This week, the UCLA Spoon chapter is holding a campus wide study session with GrubHub providing local food.

Spoon University is known for having articles that are not only interesting but that are also outside the box. Most recently, a a Denison University writer wrote about if filtering cheap vodka through a Brita would make it taste better. Not only do they have funny articles like this, they also post college-friendly recipes. One example is a recent article on how to make your own Starbucks hibiscus tea in your dorm room. There are so many great ideas to find on their website that can fit any occasion.

As college students, or even just young adults, we are always looking for fun new places to instagram our food at. Or new hacks to try to save money (cheap vodka and my Brita, I’m looking at you!). Here at Glamorous Paper, we are trying to give you all the tips and tricks we find to help you survive these adulting years…. (especially us writers at Glamorous Paper, we need it!)

Are there any website you Glamorous people find helpful? If so send them our way! Comment below your favorite food hacks or food places for us to try out! You never know, we will probably take you up on the suggestion and write an article on it!


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Halloween Foods for a Halloween Party!

Halloween Foodies for a Halloween Party!!!

Hello all you lovely, glamorous people and welcome to another Halloween post- FOOD edition. Halloween is not only the time of year where you can get crazy and go out-of-this-world with costumes. It’s the time where we can get creative and out-of-this-world with food. From blood-red punch to graveyard cupcakes, even food knows how to dress up for this festive holiday! In this article, I’m going to list out some of fun treat ideas to share at your next Halloween party.

Image result for Green tea pocky   Image result for Green tea kitkats

Green Tea Pocky and KitKats

Green is definitely one of the to-go colors for Halloween. There’s a lot of elements that associate with green that’s especially specific for Halloween. There’s slime, candy, and ecto-plasma for all you Ghostbuster fans. A really fun way to entertain your party guests is getting these candies like Green Tea Pocky sticks (chocolate-covered thin biscuits) and Green Tea Kit Kats as party favors. Matcha green tea, specifically, is one of Japan’s biggest exports, and the flavor has been growing popular for the past few years. These Japanese candies are definitely something new to share with friends and see the look on their face once they realize how tasty they are despite their green look!

Pumpkin Cake Pops (Ghosts, Pumpkins, and Frankenstein)

This recipe was created by Rachel with her YouTube channel, kawaiisweetworld. She shows us how you can add  a little cuteness to some scary-looking creatures like little Frankenstein heads, pumpkins, and your friendly, neighborhood ghosts. In my case, I would like to try decorating the cake pops into little pirate heads! The cake pops cake favors can be however you like your cake. But if you want to really get into the Halloween spirit, try to make the cake pops with pumpkin spice! It’ll really be more flavorful and adds a bit a foodie fun to the party. These cake pops are not only super cute to make, but it’s very easy with ready-to-go ingredients that you can find at your local supermarket. Check out her video on how to create these scary, cute little creatures!

Image result for monster tacos halloween

Monster Tacos

Yep. You are seeing exactly what it is. These tacos are looking at you. This fun recipe takes a spin on ordinary tacos, which turns them into these funny monsters that lives in between the taco shells. The taco recipe is the same- carne asada, pulled pork, or beef inside the taco shell, topped with shredded cabbage, salsa, sour cream, and all that good stuff. But in addition, take two small meatballs, add sour cream on the meatball, and take half an olive to make the eyes. Plop them on top of the tacos, and voila! Your little monsters tacos are ready to go. Let’s hope the guests eat the monsters, before the monsters eat them.

Image result for pirate rum punch   Image result for pirate rum punch

Pirates’ Rum Punch

For this Halloween, I am invited to my friend’s Halloween party, and her theme is centered on Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise.  In addition of dressing up Captain Jack Sparrow style, I wanted to bring something that fitted the theme to the party…but was running out of ideas of what exactly I wanted to bring. Looking online, I was bombarded with pirate theme food.

But I was thinking outside of the box and wanted something different to bring to the party.

Since this was specifically Pirates of the Caribbean, I wanted to find something that screams Jack Sparrow. Then I thought…Where’s the rum? Pirates’ Rum Punch is a fun twist and a refreshing way to your Halloween party, all the while entertaining the guests as they sing “Yo Ho! A Pirate’s Life for Me!” All you need is to mix Light rum, Dark rum, Coconut Rum, and 151; then add the Blue Caracao, Sour Apple and Peach flavoring; add in orange juice and 7up or Sprite for a crisp taste; and throw in a few squeezed lime wedges to garnish.

You can find this recipe at


Halloween Ice Cream

Halloween and ice cream. Life doesn’t get any better than this. Gemma Stafford is known for her homemade no-churn ice cream recipes on YouTube. For the season, she has made this Halloween video so you would be able to make your own ice cream creation and share it at your Halloween Party! I suggest taking the extra steps to make your ice cream as decorative as possible. I have never tried making my own ice cream with her recipe before, but it looks so good! Just like the delicious stuff straight out of the carton from the supermarket.

What foods will you glamorous people bring at your Halloween Party? What other recipes can you think of? Let me know in the comments below on tasty recipes you like to make for your Halloween Party! Or tweet @GlamorousPaper for your favorite Halloween foods and recipes!


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