Meghan Trainor’s “Better”

Big hair, lots of bass’, and don’t forget that sassy grace. That is the Meghan Trainor that broke out into the mainstream music world.


When we first saw the bubbly newcomer, she was filled to the brim with confidence in her body and in her abilities. Her journey is all the more inspiring because Meghan does not want to be your average, every day, pop star.  Her rise to success, in itself, is proof of her aptitude for breaking boundaries and overcoming social expectations.

Meghan Trainor was, and still is, a force to be reckoned with.

If you think the pop princess’s legacy revolves entirely around upbeat tunes, self-assured physical presence and catchy lyrics, (which created some of the last few years’ most buoyant, dance-worthy tunes) think again.

In Meghan’s new song, “Better,” she shows us the truth depth of her talents. It takes a dark and dramatic turn- one I never saw coming after all her feisty, hip-popping songs. “Better” reveals a side that she has never shown us.

After watching the music video, we can all now see that she’s damn good at tapping into that dark beauty. The “Better” music video, Meghan takes that beautiful darkness another step forward. Gone is the Meghan Trainor with a sassy smile and a twinkle to her eyes. In her place is a troubled young girl with the weight of the world on her shoulders.

In the beginning, the video opens at a county jail. It shows a grandfather, played by Beau Bridges , calling his granddaughter, played by Meghan Trainor, to pick him up. When we get our first look at the young hairdresser, she seems broken and distant, a stark contrast to the Meghan we all know and love.

But, it only gets more dramatic from there.

As the plot of the music video unfolds, we watch as Meghan’s grandfather continues down the path of self-destruction and alcoholism. If that weren’t enough, he is constantly bringing his loyal granddaughter down with him. She gets caught up in the constant game of rescue and recover. Meghan’s character is always there when she is needed despite her obvious frustrations and exhaustion. However, at the end of the music video we see the drama reach an all time high. Meghan’s character’s anger over her inability to cure her grandfather’s addiction overtakes her.

Finally, Meghan’s character decides to cut the ties that bind them together when her grandfather attempts to make amends. His efforts come too late to do any good when the cops show up to take him away. His granddaughter won’t be able to save him this time.

So, it’s a sad ending to a really sad story. Its not the “aw, that’s cute sad.” Rather, its that uneasy feeling of your heart dropping into your stomach and goosebumps forming on your flesh type of sad. It isn’t a song you’ll soon forget, and neither is Meghan’s remarkable performance.

If I had any doubts about Meghan’s musical diversity or her willingness to shed light on the darker corners of her mind, they’ve been laid to rest. She killed it.

Just remember, as much as we love celebrities and follow them over social media, etc. we never really know every side of them until they want us to. Maybe, we haven’t seen everything of Meghan Trainor yet. But, if what she’s still hiding is anything like “Better,” I’ll wait patiently to be amazed yet again.

Comment below and let us know how you felt about Meghan Trainor’s “Better” or another artist’s music video that exposes the dark beauty in humans. Or even tweet at us (@GlamorousPaper) artist’s music videos you’d like to see us write about! Have a glamorous day and be sure to love yourself inside and out!

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Atlanta: Review and Full Episode


No. No. That’s the name of Donald Glover’s new show on FX. Months ago, Donald Glover said; “Hey, I am coming up with a show and it’s a mixture of Twin Peaks and other stuff.” Immediately the interest sparked millions on social media ranging from Facebook to Twitter. That million included me.

You know Donald Glover… Troy from Community? Childish Gambino? The colossus of clout? Wait, no, that’s Sandlot and the Babe Ruth. But, you get the point. Donald Glover is known in the hip-hop world and in the television world. From writing and staring in Community to now creating and staring in Atlanta, Donald Glover is killing it as far as production and screen writing goes.

Atlanta premiered September 6th and started off with a bang… literally. Someone got shot in the first scene of the show. That’s not a spoiler, it was no one important to the plot, only the person that was doing the shooting was important.

Donald Glover really hyped up this show – the continuous trailers that were coming out that really did not tell much; but, what the characters were going to be about. And, every single one of the trailers ended up backwards minus maybe one. Here is one of the trailers:

These backwards trailers all led to the premiere episode that started with one scene and then flipped back to the beginning of the day of that particular scene. It showed how it went down in reverse time. I found this to be cool because you get see how it happened and what led the characters to this point. The premiere of this show was a little over an hour long and it felt like a slow motion gif. It feels like you are in the show with the crisp color and the awesome soundtrack. The dialogue is great between all the characters and you don’t get bored. Granted, this is just from the first hour long episode – it could prove to be the opposite; but, it looks promising from what was shown.

The show is focused on African American characters doing African American things in the day to day life. It is about trying to make it in your day to day life, while also taking care of your child and having a baby mother as well. The show is about dealing with living paycheck to paycheck and trying to make it in life so you can stop living paycheck to paycheck. It is about trying to make it in life when everything and everyone, even your parents, are aiming towards the opposite. Trying to make it is the hard part, and that is what Atlanta is documenting.

I don’t want to give too much away, but this show is a must see. It is a mixture of Grand Theft Auto and Twin Peaks in a very weird way. The cutoff scenes are Grand Theft Auto all the way, but the suspense is Twin Peaks. They both make the perfect combination and out came Atlanta. There is, also, continuously sneak peaks of new Childish Gambino music in the show. It is not hinted that it is “new” Gambino music, but any music that we (as fans) have not heard yet is new most definitely.

The show ended up being the total opposite of a flop. Despite what people might have thought from those confusing trailers. For Donald Glover this ended up being a hit! And, who’s to say things won’t keep getting better for the show? Only time will tell. But, for now, Atlanta is on top of the world – well, on top of FX.

As far as TV shows go, and looking for that TV show to keep you interested with a darn good soundtrack, then this is for you. Check it out, here are the trailers! And, today Donald Glover just tweeted that they have the entire episode of YouTube to watch for free. I am not sure if it is going to be every single episode, but if it is – that would be really awesome of Donald Glover to do. We have embedded Episode 1 of Atlanta below for you to watch. Let us know what you think of Atlanta on Twitter using #glamorouspaper.

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Kehlani – Gangsta (From Suicide Squad)

Today, Kehlani released the video to her new song Gangsta which was featured in the summer blockbuster Suicide Squad. The movie opened this weekend making $135 million, a new record for the month of August. The movie, if you haven’t yet, is a must watch! This song is so catchy that I’ve had it on repeat since last week. Check out the video below.

Let us know what you thought about the movie and the song in the comments below or on Twitter using #GlamorousPaper.

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Good Night, Sweet Prince

This thursday, April 21st 2016, legendary music icon Prince died at the age of 57. Found in an elevator at Paisley Park Studios in Chanhassen, Minnesota, the paramedics performed CPR to no avail and pronounced him dead at 10:07 AM. The Carver County police will continue to investigate the circumstances of his death as there is no official cause at the moment. An autopsy of the body will be performed by the Midwest regional medical examiner.

The acclaimed musician was born Prince Rogers Nelson and is famous for creating a distinctly Minneapolis sound that combines pop, synth, and new wave as well as defining the music of the 80s with hits like “Kiss” and “Purple Rain.” His music reaches millions and is loved all over the world and across generations.

Just last week, Prince’s health was put into question when his plane to Minnesota made an emergency landing to rush him to the hospital. The next day, he performed for an intimate crowd in Paisley Park with a new guitar and piano, proving he was alive and well, assuring fans to “Wait a few days before you waste any prayers.” Oh the foreshadowing.

As news of his premature death broke online and in the media, floods of fans took to social media, the streets, and record stores to express their heartbreak and love for the musician who touched so many lives with his music and charisma. “Fans rushed to record stores to pick up vinyl and other Prince memorabilia. Some said the icon’s death ‘is what it sounds like when doves cry,’ a reference to his monster hit from 1984.”

President Obama also expressed his appreciation of the musician and sadness upon hearing of the untimely death.

Fans’ responses on social media:

And here is a tribute video made by The Guardian.

If you have any thoughts or stories about Prince and his music, feel free to comment and share this post. To stay updated on this story, follow the tag on Facebook here or on Twitter here.

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The Rise of Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has had quite the rise to fame. The “Dangerous Woman” singer started her career on Broadway! She was in the musical 13. She then got the role of Cat on the Nickelodeon show Victorious. Most people have long since forgotten about her TV acting days. Since then, she has definitely made a name for herself in Hollywood. She has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry right now, like Nicki Minaj, The Weeknd, Big Sean, Zedd, and even Lil Wayne. Her first released single “The Way,” featured Mac Miller and reached the top ten on the billboard charts. We all knew then that the songstress was around to stay. After the release of her first album Yours Truly, critics had nothing but good things to say! Her range was compared to that of Mariah Carey’s. That comparison has stuck with Ariana throughout her career.

A photo posted by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on

She has since, released another album titled My Everything. The album included singles like “Problem,” “Love Me Harder,” and “Bang Bang.” All three of these songs became instantly big. For the past two years, you can’t turn the radio on without hearing Ariana’s voice. Ariana’s biggest song “Problem,” which featured Iggy Azalea, reached number 2 on the Billboard charts.

What makes Ariana so special is her mesmerizing voice. Her voice is angelic and has so much range that she can hit the unbelievably high notes and still sound great doing a much lower note. Ariana also presents herself in a much more “friendly” way. She dresses much more moderately than a lot of the other pop stars today. Her constant wearing of cat ears have also made their mark on her appearance and is something that people think about when they hear her name.

come see ussssss ♡ @NickiMinaj & me in #Vegas tomorrow @TMobile #UnlockTMoArena #Ad don't miss it ♡

A photo posted by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on

Ariana is now working on her latest album. She has released four songs from the upcoming album, the first one being “Focus.” The song is very pop-like and instantly gets stuck in your head. She even got Jamie Foxx to work with her on the song! Next came the song “Dangerous Woman.” The song is much different than her past songs but is just as catchy. She then released a song titled “Be Alright.” In this song, Ariana really shows off her voice’s range. Her most recent release features Lil Wayne and is called “Let Me Love You.” The song is sexy and catchy and is sure to be a hit!

What are you feelings of Ariana? Love her? Hate her? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter using #glamorouspaper

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