Beauty Gurus Take Over YouTube


Good morning to our beautiful readers! Before you get up to wash your face and begin your daily morning primping session, we want to introduce you to a couple of our favorite video beauty bloggers. From perfecting that perfect cat eye to brushing a sun-kissed glow on your upper cheekbones, these beauty gurus know just how to help you find your perfect shade.

My first favorite video beauty blogger is Elle Fowler. I’m a girl who loves to experiment with different types of makeup.  Whether it be a funky new eye shadow color or a deep red lip, makeovers are my favorite pasttime.  Many skin care products can be very expensive to buy in places like Sephora or department stores and that’s why we turned to Elle for advice.  She posted a video on her YouTube channel AllThatGlitters21 showing us her latest drug store makeup haul.  We got the inside scoop on which products to throw in our carts!  With so many makeup choices in the drug store aisle, Elle’s beauty roadmap is a serious lifesaver.  I found her foundation color advice to be especially helpful.  Buying a foundation in a drug store is usually the hardest item to buy because you aren’t able to test it out. With Elle’s tips on blending colors to create a flawless shade, she assures us perfection is attainable. Elle loves to take advice from fans on Twitter and does a lot of research on her own to make sure she gives her viewers the best beauty advice!

Check out her Drugstore Makeup Haul video here!


The adorable Zoe Sugg is my second favorite beauty channel blogger.  She is my go to girl when it comes to simplifying and freshening up my makeup routine.  Zoe effortlessly explains every step in her makeup process with her cute British accent. I recently checked out her spring makeup tutorial video on her Youtube channel Zoella to transition my heavy winter makeup application into more of a natural lighter look. I love how Zoe is very specific in describing which products she is using and how she applies each step.

Take a look at her Spring Makeup Tutorial below!


We hope you learned some new makeup tips and tricks by watching our favorite YouTube beauty bloggers!  Comment below or shout us out on Twitter using #Glamorouspaper and tell us your favorite beauty YouTube channels!

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Creative Crafts for the Artistically Challenged

Maybe you’re always pinning fun DIY activities on Pinterest or maybe you just get bored easily and need a creative project, but no matter your artistic level these ideas will get the creativity flowing without a lot of necessary materials or artistic talent. So break out that craft table and get artsy!

Crayon Art


All this requires is a blank canvas, a pack of crayons, and a hairdryer! The hair dryer melts the candle wax into beautiful, colorful streaks and you can turn it into a multitude of different designs. Here is an awesome tutorial for a basic crayon art masterpiece!

Magazine Collage 


Do you have a ton of magazines lying around that have already been read but need to be recycled? Turn them into art! Nothing looks simpler, but more chic, than a homemade collage of beautiful clips from glossy magazines. Try a theme, like fashion inspiration, or just tape up what looks artsy to you. Only tape required!

Chalk Art


So, if you’re anything like me, your chalk art wouldn’t be quite as amazing as this… but that’s the beauty of chalk art! Chalk is extremely inexpensive and you can be as creative and messy as you want because it simply washes away with a spray of water. You can recreate your work over and over again!

Sharpie Mugs



If you’ve got a sharpie lying around, you’re already halfway to making these amazing homemade mugs! Decorate with any design and any colors for a heartfelt gift or a treat for yourself. All it takes is a little decorating and a quick bake in the oven and you’ve got a handmade mug for your morning coffee! Here is a great tutorial.

What do you think of our creative ideas? What have you created on your craft tabel? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter with #GlamorousPaper!

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Say Goodbye To Winter Skin: Spring Break Beauty Guide



As we mark the first week of March that can only mean one thing-Spring Break!  Whether you’re in college finishing up midterms, or you’re taking a much-needed long weekend from work to get you through the end of winter, we know the transition from the frosty wind into the blazing sun does not always equal the perfect pre-spring tan. We compiled a list of our favorite beauty products to help make that transition a little bit easier. From hydrating lotions to the perfect pedicure color, these spring break beauty essentials should leave you feeling rejuvenated before and after you’re warm weather escape.

I wanted to begin with one of the hottest facial accessories of Summer 2014- facial mists. They are the ultimate refresher for your face after a day in the sun.  For sensitive skin, I chose Caudalie Beauty Elixir because the cooling mist moisturizes you’re skin without any irritation.  It smells amazing and is the perfect size to fit in your beach bag!

As you’re doing your best to keep your skin hydrated

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Khloe Kardashian’s Amazing Transformation

When “Kardashian” is mentioned, most likely the first name that comes to mind is Kim, or maybe Kourtney. While Kim and Kourtney took the spotlight, Khloe, the youngest of the three sisters, seemed the fade into the background. When Keeping Up With The Kardashians first began in 2007, she was easily forgotten about, and the public loved to ridicule her because she was different from her sisters. Khloe was a lot taller and had a bigger frame than Kim and Kourtney; many people also thought her less attractive. However, over the past few years, Khloe has gone through an amazing transformation. Once the underrated, ignored sister, Khloe is now taking the spotlight and proving all of her haters wrong.

Khloe 2009
Khloe Kardashian in 2009.
Khloe 2014
Khloe Kardashian in 2014.

These two pictures say it all. Back in 2009, when the Kardashians’ show was

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Digit: How To Automate Your Savings

Glamorous Paper has just launched a new category called Lifestyle. In lifestyle, we will give tips and tricks we’ve found useful in our own lives that we hope will help improve yours. In our first Lifestyle post, we will dive a bit into personal finance which we feel interests or should interest our readers. We will talk about Digit, a new startup which that promises automate your savings. If you’re trying to save money in the new year, this post is definitely for you.

Personal finance is an important and interesting topic that a lot of people try to avoid because it makes them stressed. If you’re unhappy with where you are financially, avoiding the topic will not help. I’ve struggled with dealing with my finances head on and it’s something that continues to be stressful. Knowing exactly how bad or good your financial situation is will help you plan and set goals. I’ve been trying to save money every month and I’ve been pretty good about doing that so far. Technology has made it easier for people to manage their money. However, it’s still a mind game. I’m always tempted by that caramel macchiato (my favorite drink) from Starbucks every time I walk or drive passed one. It seems like there’s a Starbucks on every corner, I can’t escape them! I have to at least get the grande (does anyone ever get a tall?) and at $5 a cup, it’s definitely not cheap!

We’ll often look at these small indulgences as harmless. We’ll think “a few bucks here, a few bucks there” and not look at the big picture and realize how much money is actually wasted throughout the week. I’m not saying completely forbid yourself from having Starbucks but imagine going from having Starbucks every day to Fridays only. I tried this and started to value that macchiato so much as opposed to it being just an everyday thing. I looked forward to Fridays because I got a treat. It made me value that macchiato more and save money.

Looking at our finances and how much we actually waste is stressful, which is why people sometimes put it off or don’t look at all. I know that I’m definitely one of those people. A lot of blogs will talk about transferring money to savings every time you get paid and sticking to that. That’s great but after you’ve come up with a “number” of dollars to save (how do you even come up with this magical number?), you’ll always see that amount sitting in your savings. Every time you login to your bank account, it’s there temping you. How easy is it to transfer half (or all) of it to checking? It’s too easy. So you’ve been doing great about savings but then in the middle of the month you’ll transfer a little and spend it.

To combat this, some suggest an online bank like CapitalOne 360 which has a 0.75% APY so your savings interest and it’s out of your sight and a little more difficult to transfer to your checking. However, we still have the problem of trying to figure out how much to transfer. What if it’s too much and we overdraw our account? I’ve been there many times. What if it’s too little we’re saving and we overspend? I’ve definitely been there too.

digit logo

Enter Digit. Digit is a new start up that just came out of beta that will analyze your checking account and calculate exactly how much you can afford to save each month. You have to connect it to your bank account which might be a little scary but I was curious and said why not? Once it has access to your checking, it’ll analyze your transactions over the past few months and determine what are your expenses and discretionary spending. With this information, it’ll start making debits to your checking account.

Digit doesn’t have an app, they’re completely SMS based. They have a list of commands you can text them to find out your checking account balance, Digit savings balance, withdraw funds (to send the money back to your checking), and pause savings. This makes it super simple, super easy.

I’ve been using Digit for 2 weeks now and managed to save $21.03. The first time Digit was shy and only took $0.86 but the next time it was $5.96! The interesting part is I didn’t even notice that this money was missing from my account. It’s awesome how I’ve managed to save over $20 without doing anything (not even noticing that it’s missing). Digit will text you your checking account balance every morning (which you can turn off if you want) and tell you when it’s saved you money. You can withdraw the money at any time, just text “withdraw” to Digit. They promise never to over-draft your account and will refund you any fees incurred if somehow they manage to take too much.

The only negative is you’re not earning any interest with your Digit savings. Honestly, you’re not making a ton of money by keeping it in an interest bearing savings account anyway. I would seriously advise you guys to at least check it out and try Digit, it makes total sense. They figure out how much I can afford to save so I don’t have to. They’re also offering $5 for every referral you get, so if you’re the first of your friends to sign up and tell your friends you’re earning $5 for letting them know about a cool service.

What do you think about this tool? Should we talk more about this and other money management tools? I know this is a pretty length post but let us know in comments or on Twitter using #glamorouspaper if you read it and your thoughts on Digit and topics we should cover in our new category Lifestyle.

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