Music Festival Season Survival List

coachellaferriswheelSpring marks the beginning of music festival season.  We are gearing up for Coachella kicking off on the weekend of April 10. While music festivals are filled with great music, delicious food and memories that will last a lifetime, it is important to make sure you follow some important tips on how to stay healthy and happy under the festival sun.

There are a few items that are essential to music festival survival- water, sunscreen and comfortable shoes. Bring a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated in the hot weather.  Sunscreen is a must because you will get burned and it will be very uncomfortable for the rest of the week, so just lather up!  Some girl’s try to put their fashion foot forward and wear wedges or heeled booties, but I am assure you, you will regret that decision! There is a lot of walking and a lot of people dancing and jumping to the beat!  Try to avoid open toe shoes to keep those perfectly pedicured nails safe. Another couple of items you may want to bring along are a bandana or scarf to keep from inhaling dust from the dessert.  At night it can be especially windy and you won’t want to be coughing up dust all night long.  There are a few great mobile apps to be sure to download before Coachella weekend.  First start by downloading the Coachella App to have access to Friend Finder, Schedule Sharing and Shuttle Tracking. Those are some of the best features of the app to help make your weekend run a little more smoothly.  If you have VIP tickets it is beneficial to download the application Reserve to book a table at some of the famous pop up restaurants at the festival.  It is worth it to have a plan of which sets are your must see shows and schedule food and bathroom breaks around it to beat the crowd the best you can.

Here’s to our first Coachella update, follow our tips, have fun and stay safe! Comment below or tweet us at #Glamorouspaper!

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Flaunt The Hottest Colors of Spring


Happy spring to our fabulous readers! It’s time to dish about what colors you should be wearing this spring 2015. Everyone rushes to the store around March and stocks up on floral prints to welcome the new season, but this spring we have a new trend that will really make you’re spring wardrobe pop!

We turned to the experts at Vogue to see what the fashionista’s predicted the spring 2015 colors would be. It looks like they are taking the subtle spring hues and transforming them to the boldest shades yet. They call the trend “Painterly Pops of Color” and classify the colors with unique names such as “acid orange” and “chalky mint.” The spring color palate has been redefined this year and the new shocking hues look so gorgeous.  You will be sure to stand out this spring flaunting these electric colors.

Recently we have seen some bold eyeliner colors and daring lip statements.  It seemshonor-spring-2015-runway-beauty the new daring spring color trend can be sported any way you choose!  Whether you’re trying out the trend with an stunning bright blue frock or splashing hot pink on your eyelids you cannot go wrong!

Let us know which spring trend you’re ready to rock!  Comment below or shout us out on twitter using #Glamorouspaper!

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Celebrities Strip Down For “Towel Series”


Mario Testino has introduced a brand new racy photo collection titled “Towel Series.” The photographer has signed on every well known modelS in the industry to strip down and wrap a towel around their bodies for all of Instagram to enjoy. Celebrities such as Cara Delevingne and Miranda Kerr are just a couple of the bombshells who have been photographed by Testino for the new famous Insta photos.  Recently, we saw the hottest trio yet, including Kendell Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Justin Bieber.  The three were shooting the April issue of Vogue when they were photographed rocking their sexy towel wrapped bodies.  Justin Bieber looked better than ever flaunting his rock hard abs and super hot ink.  Cody Gigi-Hadid-and-Cody-Simpson-Towel-SeriesSimpson also made an appearance for a photo with girlfriend Gigi Hadid, which really caused the camera lens to steam up!  We can’t wait to see who Mario Testino photographs next for the “Towel Series.”  Don’t forget to comment below or tweet as at #Glamorouspaper and let us know which celeb you want to see in a towel!

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Beauty Gurus Take Over YouTube


Good morning to our beautiful readers! Before you get up to wash your face and begin your daily morning primping session, we want to introduce you to a couple of our favorite video beauty bloggers. From perfecting that perfect cat eye to brushing a sun-kissed glow on your upper cheekbones, these beauty gurus know just how to help you find your perfect shade.

My first favorite video beauty blogger is Elle Fowler. I’m a girl who loves to experiment with different types of makeup.  Whether it be a funky new eye shadow color or a deep red lip, makeovers are my favorite pasttime.  Many skin care products can be very expensive to buy in places like Sephora or department stores and that’s why we turned to Elle for advice.  She posted a video on her YouTube channel AllThatGlitters21 showing us her latest drug store makeup haul.  We got the inside scoop on which products to throw in our carts!  With so many makeup choices in the drug store aisle, Elle’s beauty roadmap is a serious lifesaver.  I found her foundation color advice to be especially helpful.  Buying a foundation in a drug store is usually the hardest item to buy because you aren’t able to test it out. With Elle’s tips on blending colors to create a flawless shade, she assures us perfection is attainable. Elle loves to take advice from fans on Twitter and does a lot of research on her own to make sure she gives her viewers the best beauty advice!

Check out her Drugstore Makeup Haul video here!


The adorable Zoe Sugg is my second favorite beauty channel blogger.  She is my go to girl when it comes to simplifying and freshening up my makeup routine.  Zoe effortlessly explains every step in her makeup process with her cute British accent. I recently checked out her spring makeup tutorial video on her Youtube channel Zoella to transition my heavy winter makeup application into more of a natural lighter look. I love how Zoe is very specific in describing which products she is using and how she applies each step.

Take a look at her Spring Makeup Tutorial below!


We hope you learned some new makeup tips and tricks by watching our favorite YouTube beauty bloggers!  Comment below or shout us out on Twitter using #Glamorouspaper and tell us your favorite beauty YouTube channels!

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Bruce Jenner’s Shady Side: KUWTK Season 10 Premiere


Ready to hop on board another season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Season 10 is sure to be an emotional roller coaster as the former “big happy family” we once knew finds themselves in a heart wrenching divide. But don’t worry, if we know the Kardashian clan as well as we think we do there will be some crazy and outrageous moments sprinkled into the final season.

The first episode The New Normal, which premiered on Sunday March 15 introduced us to Kim Kardashian’s latest version of “exercising.” The gorgeous reality star sheds some light on her dedication to the baby making process by admitting she and Kanye West are getting busy “500 times” a day.

What’s an episode of KUWTK without a nude photo shoot? Kim strips down in a very sexy photo shoot in an effort to preserve the memories of her fit bod before she adds potential baby weight to her physique.

Kourtney Kardashian visits Bruce Jenner in his Malibu home and makes an effort to keep him updated on what’s happening on the Kardashian front. But when he gets a mysterious call from Kris’s best friend, Kourtney becomes very suspicious of Bruce’s new single life.

The Jenner boys, Brody and Brandon, are not concerned with the emotional separation of Kris and Bruce and are rather embracing Bruce’s single self as they throw a party themed “Bruce on The Loose.”

Kim takes matters under her own hands and meets with Bruce for lunch to call him out on his shady actions. To clear the tabloid dating rumors, Bruce comes by the house to talk with Kris, but she is far from accepting his explanation and calls him an a**hole with no hesitation. Leave it to Kris to tell him off!

With so many turns of events happening with the Kardashian/Jenner family it’s hard to predict what drama this new season will bring. We do know one thing we could count on. This season of KUWTK will keep us desperately interested in seeing what will happen next-for better or for worse!  Make sure you tune in every Sunday to Keeping Up With The Kardashians! Comment below or use our Twitter #GlamorousPaper to let us know if you’re looking forward to the new season!

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