What to Wear: Weekend Edition March 21st, 2015

Happy Saturday! This is an especially amazing Saturday because it is also the first weekend of spring. So for this WTW, we are bringing you some adorable weekend outfits perfect for this spring weather.


Floor length skirts are a breezy, comfortable alternative to pants during a warm spring day. Hitting just at the tops of your feet is the perfect length, especially if you want to show off some adorable sandals! To make this look even more effortlessly cool, pair the skirt with a plain tee and knot it just at the waistline. So chic!


Rompers are always in style, but especially during the spring and summer months. They scream casual chic and go with everything from strappy heels, to wedges, to flat sandals. Pick a romper with a cute design or pattern for added edge, and pair it with an oversized tote like this one to balance the short hemline.


Palazzo pants are very trendy right now because they’re perfect for night and day wear! Pair them with a plain tee for a casual daytime look, or add a fitted crop top like this one and a pair of heels and you’ve got a perfect outfit for a night out! Make sure to keep your top fitted to balance the volume of the pants.

What do you think of our springtime looks? Show us your spring fashion in the comments below or on Twitter with #GlamorousPaper!

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Creative Crafts for the Artistically Challenged

Maybe you’re always pinning fun DIY activities on Pinterest or maybe you just get bored easily and need a creative project, but no matter your artistic level these ideas will get the creativity flowing without a lot of necessary materials or artistic talent. So break out that craft table and get artsy!

Crayon Art


All this requires is a blank canvas, a pack of crayons, and a hairdryer! The hair dryer melts the candle wax into beautiful, colorful streaks and you can turn it into a multitude of different designs. Here is an awesome tutorial for a basic crayon art masterpiece!

Magazine Collage 


Do you have a ton of magazines lying around that have already been read but need to be recycled? Turn them into art! Nothing looks simpler, but more chic, than a homemade collage of beautiful clips from glossy magazines. Try a theme, like fashion inspiration, or just tape up what looks artsy to you. Only tape required!

Chalk Art


So, if you’re anything like me, your chalk art wouldn’t be quite as amazing as this… but that’s the beauty of chalk art! Chalk is extremely inexpensive and you can be as creative and messy as you want because it simply washes away with a spray of water. You can recreate your work over and over again!

Sharpie Mugs



If you’ve got a sharpie lying around, you’re already halfway to making these amazing homemade mugs! Decorate with any design and any colors for a heartfelt gift or a treat for yourself. All it takes is a little decorating and a quick bake in the oven and you’ve got a handmade mug for your morning coffee! Here is a great tutorial.

What do you think of our creative ideas? What have you created on your craft tabel? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter with #GlamorousPaper!

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What to Wear: Work Edition

What to Wear is a segment here on Glamorous Paper where we try to give you a few great looks based on a certain situation. Today, we’re tackling chic work outfits. Check out What to Wear: Weekend Edition for the best weekend outfit.

We’re back again! This time with even more fabulous outfit ideas for your work week. Office clothes are notoriously boring, but with a little inspiration you can bring style back to your work day!


Fun, colorful pants become work appropriate when paired with neutral, structured elements like this chic blazer and nude shoes. Keep the pants professional by tucking in your top and ensuring that they’re well tailored – hitting just at the ankle is the perfect length. Pushing up the sleeves adds a cool edge to an already trendy look.


Bring spring into your office with a full, floral skirt like this beauty. It’s simple, sweet, and perfect for work. Keep the colors neutral for a sleek look and to allow the pretty pattern of the skirt to be the star of the show. With a full skirt like this, knee-length or midi length is the most flattering.

4dff115dffb25fcae9bc2d69906a7e28Black and white doesn’t have to be boring! Pair high-waisted pants with a geometric shirt for a fun, but work appropriate outfit. I love the pattern of this top; alternating stripes add trendiness and edginess while staying neutral enough for a more conservative work environment. This would also work with wide-legged pants!

How do you add style to your office outfits? Let us know on Twitter with #GlamorousPaper or in the comments below!



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Best Websites For When You’re Bored

Whether you’re bored out of your mind at work or school or just sitting at home on a lazy Sunday morning, you’ve got to find something to pass the time. The World Wide Web is full of entertaining things and here is a roundup of the best sites to browse when you’re stuck, laptop in hand, with nothing to do.



Reddit doesn’t call itself the “front page of the internet” for nothing. It’s a user based site that allows for text, picture, and video posting so whether you’re looking for a good chat about new books or pictures of adorable animals, you will definitely find it here. With a wide array of “subreddits,” every interest finds its place. From r/EarthPorn for the nature enthusiasts to r/MakeupAddiction for the beauty obsessed, you could spend hours on Reddit without blinking an eye.

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Spring Style: How to Style a Midi Skirt

Spring has sprung here in California and that means time to show off those legs! One of the trendiest styles this spring and summer will be midi skirts, which hit between the knee and the ankle. They’re universally flattering and come in an array of shapes, styles, and patterns. Here are the best ways to style one of these adorable skirts!



This is the epitome of fresh, spring style. The midi skirt has a floral pattern and is fitted, but loose enough to create an easy, breezy look. A crop top goes perfectly with this outfit, but a tucked-in shirt would look just as cute. A sleeveless shirt works best with this midi so the pattern and length don’t overwhelm the look. Add some strappy sandals or wedges and you’ve got the perfect spring outfit!

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