I’m a Social Media Intern in Beverly Hills

I’m a social media intern for Lisa Stewart Jewelry in Beverly Hills, California. Yes you read that right, a social media intern. You might be wondering, “is that even a real thing?” How could I possibly be interning for something we do for fun? Somehow, and fortunately for me, it is a real thing. It’s probably not as glamorous as you’re picturing. But I am only 19-years-old and managing all of the social media for a company.

Beverly Hills Sign

Twice a week, I drive from UCLA to the office which just happens to be off a certain street called Rodeo Drive. You might recognize that sign in the photo above. I happen to work right behind it in a mansion turned office. Even though I pass the Beverly Hills sign and Rodeo Drive twice a week, I still cannot believe I work there. Granted, it is for free. Social media skills aren’t that uncommon to be highly paid for unfortunately. However, I’m not going to turn down hanging out in Beverly Hills, surfing Pinterest, and posting to Instagram twice a week.

As a social media intern, my main focus is improving Lisa Stewart’s overall Instagram aesthetic. Basically, it’s my job to make sure the Instagram page looks pretty and is cohesive. My job then is to surf Pinterest for hours on end in search of beautiful photos that can enhance our feed. I post for #turquoisetuesday with pictures of teal typewriters and oceans. For #womancrushwednesday, I pull photos of inspiring and beautiful women such as Jennifer Aniston or Margot Robbie. #Foodiefriday posts are my favorite because I get to post photos of amazing food, like geode inspired cakes.

social meda post

All in all, being a social media intern in Beverly Hills has many perks. I get to do what I enjoy and put it on my resume as actual work experience. If this sounds appealing to you and you hope to work with social media one day, I recommend searching for an internship that will you give the ability to pursue your passion like mine does.

Do you Glamorous people have an internship you’re dying to tell us about? Please gab away and comment below/tweet @GlamorousPaper a selfie of you at work!

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How to Make Your Own Watercolor Mugs

Watercolor mugs are recently popping up more on my Pinterest feed. They’re simple, cute, and seem fun to DIY! With the holidays getting closer, it’s time for me to try my own watercolor mugs. The task seems simple: buy a mug, dip it in some nail polish, let it dry. So in the name of DIY, a friend and I are setting off to the dollar store to buy some cheap, white ceramic mugs to transform.

watercolor mugs

What we are getting for this project is a ceramic mug (typically white), a tub of warm water, and nail polish. First, clean and dry off your newly bought cheap mug. This is to make sure it’s ready to be pretty. Next, fill the tub or bowl of your choice with decently warm water, warm enough so that it won’t cool off too quickly. This next step you have to do very quickly, be ready! Pour the nail polish colors into the warm water and dip the mug in immediately after. Once the mug is covered, slowly remove it from the water. It should be beautifully marbled and ready to use after a few hours drying!

multicolored watercolor mugs

This project is easy on paper, but it actually is decently difficult. During my experience, I had to wipe down my mug with nail polish remover at least three times. My first attempts at these watercolor mugs were not pretty whatsoever. But that’s wht I do it, to let you Glamorous people learn form my mistakes!

When filling the tub or bowl with water, really make sure it is warm, almost even hot. Secondly, use nail polish colors you like but won’t mind being completely used up. I chose to use my three favorite colors and ending up with sad, half-filled bottles leftover. Lastly and most importantly, you have to be extremely quick to dip your mug in after pouring the nail polish into the water. For some reason, if you wait a second too long like I did, it comes out all goopy and weird.

Even though these DIY watercolor mugs weren’t this easiest project on the block, they still came out pretty and were fun to make! Make your own versions and tweet us at @GlamorousPaper with photos of your creations. Go forth and be artsy!

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The Fanny Pack and its Revival

The fanny pack: a classic 1980’s accessory that was not only incredibly stylish, but also functional. After falling to the wayside for a few decades, fanny packs are slowing creeping their way into mainstream fashion. With all the other 1990s and 1980s trends coming back into play (hello, Superstars!), this is not suprising! Scrunchies made their revival a few years ago, we should have seen the fanny pack fever coming.

party fanny pack

Fanny packs are coming into mainstream fashion with full force. They’re a music festival and college frat party essential. If something is a popular fashion accessory at Coachella, then you know it is hip and trendy. I personally own one that says party that you guys can see above. I also have a Texas flag themed one (#texasforever) that is a high school graduation gift from a friend. Consequently, the revival of the fanny pack will not be ignored with such a mainstream presence like this.

Not only is the fanny pack undeniable functional, but it is a fashion statement in itself. Nowadays you can find all sorts of different fanny packs. There are ones with galaxy prints, American flag prints, monogrammed ones, and even clear ones to show off your valuables. Search for a specific type of fanny pack and you’ll most likely find it nowadays! Need a pineapple themed one for a Hawaiian luau? You got it. What about one with cats all over it? Don’t worry, you can find that too.

galaxy cat fanny pack

With popular trends from the 1980s and 1990s taking over mainstream fashion, we can expect this fanny pack revival to last a little while longer. We’re not complaining though. Any fashion accessory that looks cute and can hold my stuff hands free is something I can definitely support.

So Glamorous people, are you hopping on the fanny pack trend? If so, comment below and tell us about your fanny pack! Or even better, tweet @GlamorousPaper and show us your fav fanny pack outfit!

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Lush Toothy Tabs & Tooth Powder


Lush Cosmetics is a cosmetics line that focuses on producing safe and natural beauty products. They have recently come out with a revolutionary idea: toothpaste that isn’t in paste form. The concept behind this product, named Toothy Tabs and Tooth Powder, is to give consumers an option for a natural toothpaste that still gets the job done.

Toothy Tabs: What Are They?

Toothy tabs are the vegan tablet forms of toothpaste in the new line. Each bottle of the product, priced at $10, has a decent amount of tabs that should last a few weeks if used daily. Lush recommends to use the tablets by crushing them in your mouth and then continuing to brush as you would normally. The line has come out with seven different types of the Toothy Tabs: Bling!, Dirty, Miles of Smiles, Limelight, Smile, Boom, and Oral Pleasure.

Bling! is a tablet that has been dusted with edible gold glitter for that fancy feeling. These tablets advertises a refreshing citrus flavor along with stimulating guarana seed powder to energize you for the day! Dirty is a simple white tablet that most resembles the original toothpaste we all know and use. Dirty’s defining feature is a classic spearmint flavor with a few essential oils thrown in there. Miles of Smiles is another white tablet. But this one has the promise of a strong triple mint flavor derived from the combination of english peppermint, organic peppermint and wild mint. Limelight is a green and yellow marbled tablet. It promises to give you a powerful citrus and mint flavor from lemon, lime and spearmint oils. One of these tablets also has baobab fruit powder that turns your mouth into a fizzing toothpaste party!

Sparkle is another tablet with a citrus flavor from grapefruit oil and lemon peel but with a surprising twist: black pepper. This unique addition serves to give a warming, tingly sensation during your experience. Boom! is a black tablet that is made of detoxifying ingredients such as powdered charcoal and gunpowder tea. Through the combination of black pepper oil and ground chili, a cola flavor and a warming feeling is created for this tablet. Lastly, Oral Pleasure is a magenta tablet with a sweet and tart flavor of passion fruit. Rose oil and tantalizing electric daisies also give this tablet a tingling feeling when used.

Lush's Tooth Powder
Lush’s Tooth Powder

Tooth Powder: Better Than Normal Toothpaste? 

Tooth Powder is a vegan alternative to regular toothpaste and basically an already crushed form of the Toothy Tabs. It’s also the same price. Lush recommends using the powder by dabbing your damp toothbrush into the pot and brushing as you normally would. The product has three different options: Tooth Fairy, Ultrablast, and Atomic.

Tooth Fairy  is a pink tooth powder with a sweet strawberry and lemon flavor with a little luster in the mix for added sparkle! Ultrablast is a light green powder that promises and extra minty flavor with a twist. It’s composed of peppermint, spearmint and lavender for ultimate freshness. The twist is wasabi powder that provides a refreshing cooling sensation. Atomic is another green powder that is advertised as a ‘spice market’. This specific Tooth Powder contains coffee, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and white pepper in order to provide a spicy tingle.

So… Are They Worth Ditching Our Regular Toothpaste? 

If you’re up to feeling adventurous with your oral hygiene routine or just for trying something new, go for it! Each product is highly rated on Lush’s website, all flavors are either three stars or above. Buzzfeed recently posted a video in which employees tried a few of the new products. The reactions were very mixed between dislike and moderate liking. I say if you’re feeling brave enough, why not try it? Go forth and have fun brushing your teeth like a hipster!

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Spoon University on Your Campus

Spoon University Logo
Spoon University Logo

Spoon University, a student’s #1 stop for food information and self-described everyday food resource for young people. This organization is a national program that works through groups based at hundreds of college campuses. Each group works to bring the students at their school the hottest, local food news available. You may have come across articles from Spoon University without even realizing it, such as articles saying “the best 10 spots to eat around campus!” and many more ideas. Besides writing super interesting and relevant food articles, Spoon also holds local events for your campus. This week, the UCLA Spoon chapter is holding a campus wide study session with GrubHub providing local food.

Spoon University is known for having articles that are not only interesting but that are also outside the box. Most recently, a a Denison University writer wrote about if filtering cheap vodka through a Brita would make it taste better. Not only do they have funny articles like this, they also post college-friendly recipes. One example is a recent article on how to make your own Starbucks hibiscus tea in your dorm room. There are so many great ideas to find on their website that can fit any occasion.

As college students, or even just young adults, we are always looking for fun new places to instagram our food at. Or new hacks to try to save money (cheap vodka and my Brita, I’m looking at you!). Here at Glamorous Paper, we are trying to give you all the tips and tricks we find to help you survive these adulting years…. (especially us writers at Glamorous Paper, we need it!)

Are there any website you Glamorous people find helpful? If so send them our way! Comment below your favorite food hacks or food places for us to try out! You never know, we will probably take you up on the suggestion and write an article on it!


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