YouTube: The New Dream Job

YouTube is the new dream job, or, the job you never knew you could have.

YouTube was once a website most used for downloading music, watching the latest celebrity interviews and movie trailers. Maybe even the occasional “hot-to” video. Over the years, YouTube has ascended its substandard appeal and created universal temptation. Since the variety and number of videos has grown so exponentially, so has the demand for people who make them.

The selection ranges from car-fixes, movie reviews and vlogs to make-up tutorials, cooking recipes and “fail” videos. You name it, YouTube has it. Virtually any talent or hobby you have in life can be used to create a channel with the potential to thrive worldwide. Yet, out of over a billion users, only a fraction of those “YouTubers” have been able to make a career out of their videos.

Michelle Phan is one of many make-up gurus who has climbed the ranks of popularity on the web. She made her debut with a low-quality camera and basic make-up knowledge. Now? She has close to 9 million subscribers and videos with over 60 millions views. Michelle has managed to make a living off videos ranging from tutorials to life advice and travel vlogs, and all because of the opportunities YouTube created for her.

Not only can individuals make a name for themselves with self-taught skill, but also through the simple act of taking interest in current events. In other words,“YouTubers” can make headway by dishing out their opinions on the latest news. A handful of users attempt to hit the heavier topics of politics and world issues. Yet, most stick to celebrity gossip and pop culture events. YouTuber, Philip DeFranco, is known for targeting a healthy mix of both. With an appreciation for all types of current events and a great sense of humor to boot, its no surprise that DeFranco has gained close to five million viewers in his time on YouTube.


As a demand for videos within the online community grows, events like VidCon also increase their popularity. And, like any convention, VidCon brings fans from all over together to share in their mutual love for the phenomenon that is YouTube stardom.

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Once upon a time, celebrities were defined by their popularity on the big screen, in the music industry, fashion industry, etc. But, with popularity of YouTube growing every day, that is changing. Getting famous has become a lot easier via becoming an internet sensation. Fans feel more connected to these people, as well because fans feel like they know the celebrity before he/she became famous. You grow together, watch their rise to success and know that you were a part of helping make it happen.

Being a popular YouTuber is something of a dream job, in most cases. In a way, YouTube allows these popular channels to take something they love doing and make it into a career. It is a dream that most of us put to rest at a young age to pursue more achievable goals. It doesn’t have to be an unattainable dream, though. Not anymore. YouTube, put simply, has given viewers and users alike, a chance to make dreams become reality.

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