Season of the Pumpkin

To all you fabulous and glamorous people- can you smell that warm scent? Do you feel yourself going on the nostalgia bandwagon when you taste a sweet and cinnamon-y taste? If the scent and taste of pumpkin doesn’t trigger your feels, then I don’t know WHAT will! Even though Fall technically begins around September, its feels like the season really kicks when October rolls in. What is the first sign you would know that autumn is officially here? The smell and sight of pumpkin spice. Pumpkin in itself is a staple to North America. It has been a part of the autumn culture for generations. Pumpkin is served in a lot of food items and holiday decorations for Halloween and Thanksgiving since it is harvested in Fall. In this article, I’m going to share with you all the things that pumpkin is celebrated in for the season.
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Pumpkin spice…Everything

Usually this is one of the few things that come to mind when the term, “pumpkin spice,” starts floating around. This is especially true in a lot of coffee shops everywhere you go. Every coffee place will sell their seasonal pumpkin spice lattes. Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes are extremely popular with a lot of coffee lovers. Once fall comes around, it’s usually everyone’s go-to drink in the morning and afternoon. This sweet drink has a subtle taste of cinnamon that balances out the espresso mixed inside. To compliment it? Dollop some whip cream on the top and a dash of pumpkin spice powder. This drink can come in both hot and iced varieties. I recommend getting it warm just to get in the mood for the season.

In a lot of bakeries, cafes, and local supermarkets, pumpkin spice flavor is everywhere. You find recipes for baked pastries such as muffins, cupcakes, cookies, and even the regular pumpkin cheesecake. There are even YouTube recipes for pumpkin spice cake pops and macarons! These foods are used for special occasions like Halloween parties and for Thanksgiving. Pumpkin spice is on everyone’s seasonal favorites list, and it’s definitely one to spice up your life!

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Pumpkin Patch Festivals/ Autumn Festival

Pumpkin Patch festivals are especially common in a lot of local communities. Festivities are held to celebrate the plentiful harvest of the year. Depending on the festival, they can vary from petting zoos, live performances, carnival booth games, and the many, many, many food vendors and booths available. Field activities such as frolicking in the pumpkin patches or getting lost in a haunted corn maze is are popular festival activities that are interactive. Anyone and everyone is invited to these festivals, but mostly families with children attend. What do you get out of a pumpkin patch festival? Well, you can choose pumpkins to decorate your house with, use it for holiday recipes, or carve the pumpkins into decorative Jack O’ Lanterns.

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Jack O’ Lanterns

When in pumpkin patches, comes the Jack O’ Lanterns! This popular tradition was originally used in to represent the will o’ the wisp in English folklore. They were used in the past for fellow trick-or-treaters to help them roam the roads at night and to keep the Halloween spirit alive. This tradition still continues today. Carving pumpkins is a popular family/school activity for children to get their hands dirty and get creative on the different designs for pumpkin faces. Even Disney indulges in the spirit of Halloween. They decorate their theme parks in complete Halloween decorations and have many Jack O’ Lanterns that take over the park.

And when in Jack O’Lanterns comes Halloween! The 31st is getting closer with each passing day, and I plan to make a Halloween post soon suggesting on the popular themes and costumes that people are obsessed about for this year!

So glamorous people, what is your favorite pumpkin obsession for the fall? Comment in the description below or tweet @GlamorousPaper if there’s a recipe we should try out!

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