The Quarter System in College and its Struggles


For those of you who don’t know, California colleges are a little weird. We don’t have regular semesters. Instead, we go by the quarter system. This means that we have three shorter semesters that are 11 weeks rather than two long semesters. We also take fewer classes during this time due to that, either three or four. Less material to learn? Fewer classes to struggle in? Sounds great, sign me up! WRONG. Do you like having midterms after only two weeks of class? Because that is what the quarter system really is.

Yes, juggling only three classes at one time is great, even though it still is a ton of work. But imagine you’ve just started class and everything is going great. Two weeks go by and you’re sailing through. Now imagine you realize you have a statistics midterm in one week. “We’ve only had three weeks of class,” you wonder, “how is that even possible?” Well that was me this past Monday and basically every past quarter I’ve had at UCLA. A typical quarter at college usually starts off the same way as this one did for me. You have a few weeks of class then midterms in midterms hit you. Paper deadlines start rolling in, and soon you’re swamped with tests, papers, quizzes, and homework – all during your fourth week of class!

Not only am I hit with midterms starting week 3, the quarter system also means I start school a month later than my high school friends. Starting later means getting out later too! So while you’re still studying for midterms and finals during May and June, the rest of your friends will be living it up. Enjoy watching those pool party snap stories while you’re downing coffee in the library. So while the quarter system may seem great from afar, watch out because it’ll sneak up behind you and get you when you least expect it.

So Glamorous people, what are you? Semester or Quarter students? Comment below and let us know your study tips and tricks for staying afloat during these perilous college courses. (Even if they are boring as all get out) Or tweet @GlamorousPaper with your finals and midterm week struggles when the time comes! Lemme see those struggle buns! (Male or Female)

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The Semester System
The Quarter System
The Quarter System





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