The Presidential Contender You Didn’t Know About

Meet presidential candidate, Jill Stein. Stein is a woman that has proven through determination, hard work and steadfast morals that overcoming great obstacles is possible. She’s a spitfire in face-to-face interviews. She backs up her verbal beliefs, sometimes, even at the cost of her own freedom. What’s more? She has the potential to be our next president. That’s right. If you thought Hillary was the only female contender, meet the Green Party’s mighty rep.


While many citizens have raved over the positive effect that a female president could have on our country, many fear that Clinton is not the best choice. As it stands, a great deal of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump supporters have chosen whom to support in an attempt to accept the “lesser of two evils.” Many voters are confused as to where our two main candidates stand. While others have an understanding that is clouded by the fear of the election’s limitations and the potential danger of their vote. As a result, this election is arguably one of the most controversial and (for lack of a better word) ridiculous presidential elections.

The decision process is all the more frustrating for voters who refuse to offer their support to either party. The problem is that not many people know about Jill Stein. Media coverage of Jill Stein has flown under the radar of most major media outlets. As consequence it has flown under the radar of the undecided and hesitantly-settling voters.

Now, acknowledging the lack of awareness to our third-party candidates is not to say that they’re any better Clinton or Trump. Nor does it claim  that Jill Stein is irrevocably the best option. Stein, like many before her, has a lot left to prove and a lifetime of choices to defend. In many ways, the battle has yet to begin for Stein; the surface merely skimmed. But, Stein is making headway in where she stands environmentally, politically and, honestly, in every way.

So why don’t we know about her?

With all the media frenzy focusing on the animosity between Clinton and Trump, there isn’t a lot of spotlight left to go around. The recent debate left us no better off. I felt more confused than before the childish back-and-forth. Now I have more questions than I thought possible. I had a hard time comprehending the small details when the main subjects felt like they were being shoved in my face. How can we possibly make a decision that will have international consequences without knowing all of our options?

Media coverage of the election is like answering a test where only two of four possible answers are shown. As a voter, you are expected to make a choice based off what you can see. At best, its a shot in the dark and one we must live with. Not only for the next four years, but for generations after.

It is incredibly important to understand each choice and to make the one that best reflects what you stand for. We have to know what everyone is bringing to the table as a potential future President of the United States.

Stein, for one, is a supporter of women’s rights and the protection/equality of the LGBTQIA+ community. She is pro-choice in all things revolving women’s healthcare and supports equal pay for women and gay marriage. She is also a firm supporter in the Black Lives Movement. Stein acknowledges the violations of cops and the existence of racism and discrimination that persists in today’s society.

She backs up her beliefs, too. Jill Stein became the first presidential candidate to make a stand on the Dakota Access Pipeline. She earned herself an arrest warrant after spray painting a mark of support to the water defenders of Scared Stone Camp. The Nation, made a great point in saying, “Surely, an intervention by Clinton would get more attention. But the intervention by Stein—and the attention to the arrest threat she now faces—offers a reminder of the consequential role that independent and third-party candidates can and should play in our politics.” Stein knows that these changes cannot be made overnight. Her making a stand and raising awareness is half the battle even if her power is limited now.

Image from Say Anything Blog                                                                                          Stein (left) at Sacred Stone Camp 

So maybe you won’t change your mind. Maybe you’ve already got the bumper sticker to show off your undying support, or maybe Stein will only add to your indecision. Whether you want to go green, be stronger together, or make America green again, do it with no regrets and no ignorance.


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