Donald Trump’s Self-Destruction

Donald Trump  can’t seem to escape his slow and steady self destruction. No matter how unintentional it is.  Time and time again, Trump shows a complete inability to control himself. If you’ve been paying any attention to Facebook, the news, or Instagram, you’ve likely heard about Donald Trump‘s most recent verbal idiocy. It all starts with a video/audio recording that surfaced on the web. The recording, dating back to 2005, is putting Trump in some (much deserved) hot water.

The audio recording was retrieved from a ‘Hot Mic’ on Trump’s bus prior to an interview with Access Hollywood. The controversial recording caught Trump making disrespectful comments about his previous encounters with women. Disrespectful, is putting it lightly, though. Trump’s nonchalance and apparent disregard for inappropriateness makes the conversation all the more horrifying. One woman, in particular, that Trump exploits, is a married woman that he tried to ‘make a move on.’ “I took her out furniture. I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn’t get there, and she was married.”Trump continues to boast about his sexual exploits in conversation with Billy Bush. Bush is only laughing in the background and encouraging Trump’s tirade.

When the group finally pulls up to their destination, it becomes clear that Trump is just getting started. From inside their bus, Trump and Bush spot the female interviewer as she awaits their arrival outside. With their focus now on a new, unsuspecting victim. This is where Trump’s vulgarity begins escalating.

After ranting off more inappropriate nonsense about the woman off-camera, Trump makes a very unsettling claim about stardom. Trump claims that celebrities, including himself, can ‘do anything they want. Only, it was the statement that immediately followed which raised the fury of men and women alike: “Grab them by the p***y. You can do anything.”

Portraying sexual assault, or non-consensual groping as a brag-worthy accomplishment, is not the behavior a candidate in the Presidential Election, or any person, should have. Still, nobody stops to correct Trump. Nobody believes that the unsuspecting victim outside is worth standing up for. That fact is only made worse when Trump refers to the female interviewer as ‘it.’ “It looks good,” he says, in response to Billy Bush’s comments on the woman’s legs.

Like me, you were probably hoping that, when finally in the physical presence of the female interviewer, Trump’s self-claimed ‘perfect temperament’ would have made an appearance. Like me, you’re wrong. As soon as the bus doors opened, I thought the creepiness would have ended there. It didn’t.

Faced with the object of their sexually degrading rant, Bush and Trump immediately begin to harass the women for physical attention and ask uncomfortable questions like, “Now, if you had to choose honestly between one of us, me or the Donald?”
Coming from a man who has seemingly endless criticisms for women, Trump is pretty keen on being the center of their attention. Even when his attention is entirely unwanted.
The video’s release is spreading like wild fire, igniting outrage and embarrassment of many viewers. Never let it be said that the mutual fury of many couldn’t motivate a swift and just backfire. Some people took to social media to blast Trump for his obscenities. Other, more creative retaliations, included a line of t-shirts to show off your ‘anti-Trump’ status. The t-shirts say, “Pussies Against Trump…You Can’t Grab This,” and what a statement that is. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!
It makes you wonder if “Make America More Sexist,” would be a better slogan for his campaign. Make America Great Again? There’s nothing great about Trump’s attitude towards women.  Even Trump’s sympathetic followers are growing more restless. With the undeniable evidence of his many offenses, the depth of his repulsive behavior is becoming more apparent.
Any chance at redemption Trump might have had was destroyed during the second presidential debate. Many viewers and attendees likely hoped that Trump would address the leaked video apologetically. Instead, he excused the audio as “locker room talk.” Trump’s justification puts a stigma on how all men treat or talk about women behind closed doors. What’s more? The dismissal implies that Trump’s actions and words were acceptable- that there was nothing wrong with them.
If the latest polls are anything to go by, then Trump is already started digging his own grave.  While making a comeback from unforgivable behavior seems to be his forte, this could be the final straw.
So Glamorous People, how do you weigh in on this debate? Comment below with your thoughts on Trumps comments and the leaked video. We want to hear both sides, so don’t be afraid to speak your mind! Our tweet @GlamorousPaper and let us know how you’re feeling about this presidential debate!
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