The Best Places to Travel in 2016/17

The world is a really big place. But it can seem incredibly small for those of us who haven’t gotten a chance to travel much. Our understanding of the world geographically and culturally is limited to what we are raised around and what media shows us. Often, the portrayal of different parts of the world through media is represented through a pre-disposed perspective. In order to get the most honest, raw view of universal diversity and beauty, traveling abroad is a must.

One of the best times to get some flyer miles and sight-seeing under your belt is before, and even during, your college years. Nowadays, there are a large number of sites and programs that offer young adults. They typically have an age range from 18-25 years old, and are a safe, easy and relatively cheap way to travel. One of the most popular sites for traveling abroad is EF College Break .With over forty programs to choose from, some of which reach up to 21 days, their popularity is hard to beat.

However, if you’re looking for an opportunity to be immersed in a different countries culture, maybe try studying abroad! Programs that your own college offers is an option for a more day-to-day experience to mix with the exciting tourism. While the destination choices are often very limited and occasionally dependent on your major, you get to spend an entire semester abroad. This means you are living life as genuinely as those native to the area. Not to mention, you’ll be able to fulfill college credit while abroad!

So, here are some of the best places to travel in 2016-2017 whether you choose short and sweet, or long and lasting!

Tokyo, Japan:


The number of tourists who visit Japan each year is jaw dropping. This year alone, the tourist count could reach 10 million. Yet, this is no surprise with all the unique beauty and fun Japan has to offer. If you’re a fan of fashion, good food or landscapes that leave you breathless, Japan is for you. Being one of the most culturally rich countries, so many people have been making it their travel destination. With this publicity, getting around has also become a lot simpler for first timers visiting Japan.

Krakow, Poland.

Krakow is a popular destination not only for tourists but for a number of people in Poland’s other cities. Well-traveled photographer, Arata, is a native to Japan but resides in Poland. He reflects on Krakow with admiration: “If I answer in simple, it’s because the city has a special atmosphere which other cities don’t have.” As someone who has traveled to cities across Europe and America, Krakow seems to have made the biggest and best impression. Definitely a fun place I would check out!

London, England:

London is an obvious choice for traveling hot spots. It is one of the most popular destinations for tourists traveling to Europe and with good reason. Famous for its abundance of high-end fashion, an abundance of historical gems, and the holder of all things Harry Potter, it is easy to understand why the city has so much appeal to such a wide range of travelers.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

One of the biggest fears to overcome for first time travelers? The language barrier. Anyone who has, or is considering going abroad has had to confront the terrifying prospect of facing it. You’re in an entirely new place with no concept of the social norms and only a few foreign words to get by. However, one of the great things about Amsterdam is that nearly all the locals speak English. To make this city even sweeter, eighteen is the legal drinking age. You don’t want to miss out on the experience in Amsterdam. (Especially since it is renowned for its amazing beer and cheese.)

It’s not always about where you go. Some travelers set off with a list of intended places and a determination to make all their sight-seeing dreams a reality. Others show up at the airport with a bag of essentials and pick a destination at random. Regardless of where you go, how you get there, or who you go with, traveling is a ‘must’ to check off your bucket list. Don’t let allow your imagination and comprehension of the world be limited to you’re the local spots you grew up with. Throw yourself out into the world and it will show you the potential for universal beauty.

So, where do you want to go travel Glamorous people? Please comment below and let us know!

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