Mean Girls: It’s still totally fetch!

October 3rd is just around the corner and it’s been 12 years since the movie Mean Girls was released. In honor of the 12th anniversary, why not revisit 8 famous quotes from movie.If you haven’t heard about Mean Girls then where have you been? The teen movie was one of the most popular in the 21st century, written by Saturday Night Live cast member Tina Fey. It  is based on drama of four high school students in the most popular clique in school. Characters in the movie were played by the famous childhood actors Lindsey Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Lacey Chabert, and Amanda Seyfried.  If you haven’t seen the movie I recommend you go watch it, It’ll definitely give you a laugh.




This is one of the most famous quotes from the whole entire movie. And ever since social media has started, people dedicate October 3rd to post something related to this scene. Aaron Samuels, one of the cutest guys at the school, asks in class “what day is it?” to the new girl, Cady who then in return said “It’s October 3rd!” Cady’s major crush on Aaron develops from this point on of course! Even though most of the time it doesn’t happen, many high school girls wish for an interaction something like this with their crush. However it’s not bad to daydream or just live vicariously through the movie for it.


“Fetch”is a word used throughout the movie. In Mean Girls, it is used in the way of a teenage girl describing how much they loved the new clothes they bought. Urban dictionary says that “fetch” is a slang word to replace cool and awesome. I know the word seems totally ridiculous. But I’m not going to lie, I’ve used fetch before in my vocabulary. What can I say I’m a Mean Girls fan at heart!




This quote always makes me laugh because Karen, one of the mean girls, is actually confused by the fact that Cady is from Africa. Cady was born in Africa, and despite Cady’s skin color, Karen should know that there are white people in Africa as well. As you can see, Karen is a really ditzy character in the movie. But that’s what makes Karen, she always has something to say that just cracks you up.



I love this quote from the movie because so many girls can relate to it. I’ve said this quote multiple times with my friends because I’m always the driver when we go somewhere. And we all know sometimes friends can take forever to get in the car. So I can relate! (Be honest, how many of you can relate to this quote? If you can, comment down below and let us know your favorite real-life instance of this quote!)




I’m going to be honest right now, I own a shirt with this quote on it and I’m proud of it. This quote is so iconic you can find it on shirts, journals, room décor, backpacks, and so much more. Since the movie came out in 2004, the trend and this quote has not faded away. But what is even more iconic is that I could recite the this quote in a random place and several people would know what I’m talking about. Even those who haven’t seen the movie know or have heard this iconic quote!




This quote is said by Damien in the beginning of the movie when he is explaining to Cady who the most popular girls are at school. I believe that people should use this quote more often to explain to people who the mean/popular girls are at their school. It is a really accurate explanation. If someone is compared to the plastics from “Mean Girls” then they definitely are a mean girl.




So I mentioned that this movie has tons of iconic quotes well here’s another one that’s famous from this movie. This quote takes place in the heart of the plot, so no spoilers from me! But people love this quote so much that I’ve seen a ton of people recreate the same look that Damien had when he recites the quote.



Just like the quote “We wear pink, On Wednesdays,” this quote is just as iconic. This quote literally sums up how most popular people are really like. I own a beanie with this quote on it. This is another on you see everywhere as well. Tons of popular stores sell items with this quote on it such as Brandy Melville and Urban Outfitters.


That’s it for the 8 most popular quotes from Mean Girls. If you think I missed any quotes comment with them down below! Or if you have a favorite one, tweet it to us @GlamorousPaper!

I hope your October 3rd is fetch     information-desk-person

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