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We’re different. We’re the strong ones. And you can’t break us!

Season 2 of Netflix’s eccentric half-hour comedy, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, was just made available for streaming today.  If you haven’t binged the first season, DO IT NOW. Trust me, you’ll get cramps from all the laughing. Well, if rapid-fire jokes, over-the-top characters, and non sequiturs are your style, then you’re going to have a riot.

For those of you have watched the show (and loved it as much as I do!) but don’t want to watch the first 13 episodes again, here are 10 quotes and jokes from Season 1 to get you pumped for the binge fest.

1. “I’m pretty but tough, like a diamond. Or beef jerky in a ball gown.”


Netflix/Via thisareblog

2. “Turn your resistance all the way up to ‘Ghandi’.”

Netflix/Via Self
Netflix/Via Self

3. “1996 called. It want its clothes back.” “2090 called. You’re dead and you wasted your time on Earth.”

Netflix/Via Hugo's Journey
Netflix/Via Hugo’s Journey

4. “Titus, age doesn’t matter. You can die at any time.”


5. “My first wife turned 50.” “I know. And I would never do that to you.”

Netflix/Via Buzzfeed

6. “Delivering Chinese food all day can be depressing. Like when people yell out ‘Food’s here!’ as if they have a family, but I know they are alone.”


7. “I got treated better as a werewolf than I ever did as a black man. That’s messed up.”

Netflix/Via Popsugar

8. “And in your fifteen years with these women, you still didn’t learn to speak English?” “Estos pajarones no quisieron saber nada de Español, so…”

Netflix/Via Kwach

9. “Word up!”


10. “Yeah, white people invented that.”


And as you watch the second season don’t forget:


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