This Week’s Hottest Celebrity Instagram Posts

For most of us, Instagram is a way for us to share an artsy picture or a selfie from our latest adventure to a different city. However, for celebrities, it’s a way to share pictures that the rest of the world will stare at and envy. Celebrities have it made when it comes to Instagram. They have professional photographers, the best make up and clothes, and they automatically get more likes than we could ever imagine. Let’s take a look at some of the hottest Instagram pictures from celebrities in the past week.

In this picture, Lucky Smith looks dapper as hell. His blue eyes and blonde hair stuns as his lips and cheek bones take over the picture. The model has 2.1million followers and is growing. If you didn’t know, Lucky is working with Isenberg for a new campaign. If the new line is going to make us look like that, sign us up!

Ariana Grande posted this picture to promote her newest music video to her single “Dangerous Woman.” Ariana released “Dangerous Woman” as one of the singles from her upcoming album that comes out on May 20th. With Ariana looking so hot in this picture, we all have to find the music video online and watch it immediately. The “Love Me Harder” singer has 66.8million followers and is one of the most followed people in the world. That’s not a surprise when she posts pictures like this!

Of course Justin Bieber makes the list. I couldn’t decide on just one picture! Going to his Instagram feed means you’re about to be over whelmed by many pictures of Justin Bieber and his perfect hair and body…but that’s not a complaint. Justin is currently on his Purpose World Tour. You can follow his many adventures around the world by adding to his 64.2million followers.

One of the queens of Instagram has to make the list. Kim Kardashian-West is constantly posting controversial pictures. Each time she breaks the internet with the post because the public erupts in argument over the picture’s “appropriateness.” The latest one is a picture with model, Emily Ratajkowski. The picture is obviously kind of edy…however, you can’t argue with the fact that the two women look HOT. Kim has 66.2million followers and that number is constantly growing.

Cristiano Ronaldo posts a picture of him working out upside down and it almost gives me enough motivation to go workout! The Madrid soccer player has 53.8million followers and is known for not only his great soccer skills, but also his great looks. The soccer player and model is always posting pictures of himself working out or playing soccer.

Gigi Hadid shows off her fantastic body, her cute relationship, and her balancing skills all in one picture. The model posted this picture with her boyfriend, Zayn Malik, to promote the May issue of Vogue that she is featured in. Pictures like this make all of us insanely jealous of her life. Does she know she’s doing that to her 15.7million followers?


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