The End of American Idol

Some TV shows are good, others are great, and others are so riveting that they become an iconic part of our culture. One of these shows, unfortunately, came to an end last night. American Idol, which made its debut in 2002, aired its finale episode of its final season. In the shows fourteen year run, it had some of the best ratings and produced some incredible artist. Let’s take a quick look back at some of the best moments in American Idol’s history!

The first season blessed us all with the lovely Kelly Clarkson. Before Kelly was producing top billboard hits such as “My Life Would Suck With You,” and “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You),” she was trying to make it big by auditioning for, what was called at the time, American Idol: The Search for a Superstar. After the songstress was announced the winner, all of our lives changed. We were all hooked to American Idol and we all got to hear Kelly Clarkson’s phenomenal voice on the radio. Our lives were all improved!

Another great aspect of the show was Simon Cowell. The judge, who helped start the show in 2002, stayed on the show until 2010. Simon was known for making very frank remarks and causing controversy. His comments would often cause conversations all throughout America because of how harsh they were. However, this became a part of American Idol that we all fell in love with or hated…either way we liked to watch it. Here are a few of the best quotes from Simon Cowell:

“If your life guard duties were as good as your singing, a lot of people would be drowning,” “It was almost like you were giving birth up there at the end,” “You’re a beautiful girl, but you’re ugly when you perform,” “You ran the 100 meters…in 5 minutes.” Oh…Simon…we have missed you since you left Idol.

The fourth season of American Idol brought us all Carrie Underwood. The “Jesus Take The Wheel Singer,” won the show in 2005. The singer won the show and released her debut album, Some Hearts the same year. The album became an incredible success, being the fastest selling debut country album and the bestselling female debut album in country music history! Carrie has won seven Grammys, proving that American Idol has definitely benefited all of our lives and America’s pop culture.

In 2009, American Idol was on Season 8. Luckily, two people from this season became successful. The winner of this season, Kris Allen, has released three albums and one Christmas album. His song “No Boundaries,” peaked on the Billboard charts at number eleven! However, the biggest artist from this season was Adam Lambert! Adam, who was the runner up of the season, has seen great success. His songs “Whataya Want From Me,” “If I Had You,” and “Ghost Town,” have been stuck in all of our heads at some point. Season 8 was a great time for American Idol.

On Season 12 of American Idol, there was certainly an interesting cast as judges that made the show even more entertaining. The judges were Randy Jackson, Keith Urban, Mariah Carey, and Nicki Minaj. Whose idea was it to put two pop divas in the same room for such a long period of time? As the season began to progress, the coverage of the show was no longer on the contestants but the judges. Mariah and Nicki had a famous feud all throughout this season. The media was constantly covering the shade that the two were throwing at one another. One of the best fights between the two that made us all life was:

Mariah: “I wanna lose three pounds.” Nicki: “I know how you can.” Mariah: “It’s a quote from Mean Girls. If you knew Mean Girls, you’d know.” Nicki: “I do know Mean Girls.” Mariah: “OK, who says, ‘I want to lose 3 pounds’? Which character?” Nicki: “Um, not Lindsay, the other one, with the blond hair.”

Mariah: “What’s her name?” Nicki: “You know something? Mariah…” Mariah: “I just wanna know. Broken promises!”


Ohhhhh what a time this was for American Idol.


Now that Season 15 has come to an end and the winner, Trent Harmon, has been announced, lets talk about the biggest star of the fantastic show. Ryan Seacrest. Ryan proved himself to be one of the best hosts in TV history. His run with American Idol, which lasted all 15 seasons, earned him a great spot within American pop culture. We all know his face and his fantastic voice. Thank you Ryan for helping with bring this incredible show to all of us in America!

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