Nat Geo’s Favorite Earth Day Photos

It’s that time of year again, the one day almost everyone actually tries to be environmentally friendly and appreciative of Mother Nature.

To celebrate, National Geographic highlighted some of their favorite photos in the Your Shot community, a community for amateur, casual, and professional photographers to share their images with each other. The #YourShot hashtag on Twitter is an easy way for anyone to get involved and contribute to the community.

“Last year, National Geographic photographer Erika Larsen issued a call to the Your Shot community to share their favorite images of trees.”

Nat Geo assembled some of their favorites in a photo gallery.

Some of my favorites (that are not solely of trees) include:

Remember, that though Earth Day is a great excuse to recycle, conserve, and change wasteful habits, don’t limit yourself to just April 22nd to do these things! Climate change is real; and we can do so much for the world if we keep this mindset year round. Happy Earth Day everyone! Go plant a tree!

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