Criminal Minds: Morgan Leaves + Prentiss Returns = EMOTIONS [SPOILERS]

As one agent leaves another returns to fill the void.

Just last week, fans were shocked to see Criminal Minds staple and heartthrob Derek Morgan leave the BAU. Morgan, played by Shemar Moore, was a fixture on the show, serving as a mentor to young agent Dr. Spencer Reid, the voice of reason during emotionally charged cases, and flirtatious partner in crime with tech wiz Penelope Garcia. Seeing him leave after 11 years on the series not only leaves an emptiness for the team but the fans as well.

Derek and Garcia Gif

Apparently, having Morgan leave the BAU has been planned for a whole year, back when Moore’s contract expired. The show and its network, CBS, was able to keep it a secret, so the departure came as a big shock to viewers everywhere, eliciting emotional responses from fans, primarily on Twitter and Tumblr.

Even the Criminal Minds Twitter account got in on the action.

But despite the sadness of seeing a great character go, there’s still much to look forward to, especially if its a familiar face returning to the screen.

On tonight’s episode of Criminal Minds, Paget Brewster will be back to guest star as Emily Prentiss, former member of the BAU, an old friend of the team, and beloved character of the series. With her return comes a new case about an international serial killer she believes will target an American and the much needed acknowledgement of the team’s dynamic post-Morgan. Prentiss may not be able to fill the hole in our hearts created upon Morgan’s departure, especially since she’s only back temporarily, but at least we’ll have someone to help us get over the pain of saying goodbye.

We even have Shemar Moore himself announcing Brewster’s return.

And here’s an exclusive sneak peek at the new episode from!

Here’s to Morgan and Prentiss! Sad and happy times mixed together and just a big bundle of emotions. Thanks, Criminal Minds.

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