Lana Del Rey’s ‘Honeymoon’ For One

On September 18, Lana Del Rey released her third album, Honeymoon. Her fans have been anticipating the album ever since, ‘High By The Beach,’ was released on August 10th of this year.

The elegant singer has done it once again, leaving her audience with a sense of loneliness and desire after finishing the album. Although the album is called, Honeymoon, there are not too many indications that this is a happy relationship between two people who just tied the knot. In fact, throughout the album it feels as if Lana is longing for someone to join her on this one woman honeymoon. The sense of loneliness can be felt in songs such as, ‘God Knows I Tried,’ and ‘The Blackest Day.’ Every song on the album is sure to make an impact on the listener. Lana is a great writer who knows how to be witty, but also real. She knows how to get her feelings across in her lyrics in the most creative ways and that is something to admired.

Her ‘Burnt Norton- Interlude,’ is captivating with her pleasant soft toned voice. The fourteen track album has bare beats, but the emptiness in the beats is filled with Lana’s lyrics and harmonizing voice.  Honeymoon definitely is the slowest out of the three albums, but I honestly feel like it is the most passionate album. Lana does not hide how she feels, and has no filter when she sings it. A song to note is ‘Art Deco.’ The lyrics are so clever, calling someone, “So Art Deco,” is genius. Art Deco is a type of visual art that contains bold geometric shapes and bright colors. It is a metaphor for someone who is glamorous and high maintenance. To go even deeper it could maybe even mean the person is so complicated and hard to read. ‘Art Deco,’ is another example of the intelligence and creativity Lana puts into her songs.

Here is an example of Art Deco:
art deco
A song that sticks out in the album is, ‘Terrence Loves You.’ This song is just so beautiful starting with the instrumental. It is so simple and light on the ears it is hard not to stop and appreciate the artistry put into this song; and of course the deliverance of her well thought out lyrics is nothing short of amazing.

On the album there is not a song that is bad, but a song that does not fit in the fourteen song collection would have to be, ‘High By The Beach.’ The theme is there especially in the music video, but while listening to the album it feels just a bit out of place. It sounds like a song that would be on Born To Die. Again to clarify the song is not bad, in fact I enjoy it quite a bit. Especially the music video. Lana Del Rey is gorgeous while she seductively blows up the chopper with the paparazzi in it. Listen to the album yourself and let us know what your favorite song is and why in the comments below or on Twitter with the hashtag: #glamorouspaper!

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