Cosmopolitan Video Boyfriends React to Catcalling

As a young woman, I have often found it hard to explain to my male friends what street harassment is like. Many of them I have noticed claim to the statement that if they were to catcalled, they would actually really enjoy it. However, street harassment is far from a compliment. It does not make me feel special when a man twice my age with no teeth yells out “Hey Woman!” or scarier still, comes up to my car window while I’m at a red light just to chit-chat about what I’m wearing and where I’m going (the latter happened to me just last week while volunteering at a shelter).  As any young woman can agree, this type of verbal harassment happens too often.

Thankfully, some are trying to lift that veil and get men to see what women have to experience on a day to day basis. Recently, Cosmopolitan has put together a video that shows boyfriends real video footage of their girlfriends being harassed by strange men in the street.

The video shows many men in a New York City  yelling things such as “Nice titties!” to even following them around for blocks. All boyfriends shown in the video seem to be upset that such degrading things were said about their girlfriends. Hopefully this video can shed some light to those not aware of how big an issue catcalling really is.

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