YouTube Star Ingrid Nilsen has Something to Say, She’s Gay.

This month, YouTube Celebrity and Beauty Guru Ingrid Nilsen shocked the world as she came out in a video titled “Something I Want You to Know (Coming Out)”.  The video quickly went viral as this came as quite a shock to the fashion and beauty community as Ingrid has shared so much about her private relationships publicly on her channel (One of which, Luke Conrad, is also a YouTube celeb).

This is an important lesson in the non-LGBTQ community. Once again, sexuality has come into the limelight for discussion. Many were proud of Ingrid and commented on the post with inspiring and uplifting messages.  For the most part, Ingrid’s fans have been incredibly supportive of her brave decision to come out publicly on her channel. This news has also impacted society.  It’s once again a confirmation that gender and sexuality are not binary, but interconnected and fluid. Meaning, the gender one wishes to display, i.e. Ingrid’s love for makeup and fashion, typically girly interests, are not directly correlated to her sexuality. The extremely inaccurate stereotype that all lesbians exhibit ‘butch’ traits is slowly becoming nonexistent.  Breaking down the view of  heteronormativity  means one step closer to a more accepting, open minded society.

So congrats Ingrid! You are now living the life you have always wanted!  We here at Glamorous Paper are so happy for you.

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