Charleston Pastor Speaks from the Grave about Racism in South Carolina

On June 18th,  Reverend and state Senator  Clementa C. Pinckney was shot alongside 8 others in the Emanuel A.M.E Church of Charleston, South Carolina. It was murder. The hate crime was committed by Dylann Roof. Little did the rest of the world know, that a few weeks prior to the event, the Pastor had talked to the South Carolina Senate in May about solutions to police-related fatalities within the black community.

He specifically talked about new legislation that would install body cameras on its police officers on May 9th. The Reverend brought up Walter Scott’s death, another unarmed police shooting that occurred in South Carolina in April 2015. He told the Senate that it was time to intervene if justice was ever to be found. He states “Today the nation looks at South Carolina and is looking at us to see if we will rise to be the body and to be the state that we really say that we are,”.  The video of his speech was hauntingly ironic as little would he know, he would be another victim of a white supremacist’s  hate crime only weeks later. Yet, that day, his words were ones of kindness and empathy.  His last lines in front of the South Carolina senate were “The Lord teaches us to love all, and we pray that over time, justice will be done,”

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