Hillary Clinton Officially Launches Presidential Campaign

Hillary Clinton officially launched her Presidential campaigned over the weekend to no one’s surprise. She released a video on Twitter which featured different demographics including an older woman nearing retirement, young gay and straight couples, and immigrants opening a business. Watch the video below.

After doing a great job as Secretary of State, she has been putting her secret plan into motion. Without any viable contender, it seems like Hillary Clinton can easily secure the Democratic nomination and face whoever becomes the Republican nominee. In her short video, she didn’t really talk about her plan for America’s future. I think a lot of people are quickly rallying behind Hillary because of her name and the Clinton name.

I’m very on the fence about Hillary because of how nasty things got in 2008 when she was competing against Barack Obama in the primary. I think it’s fair and understandable that we reserve judgement until we hear her stance on all of the issues and her economic plan for the future. There is no denying that she would make history if she becomes the first woman elected President of the United States, just like Obama made history being the first African American.

However, I think voters will look beyond that and really press her on her views and they should. It’s too important to vote blindly for someone based on gender. What are your thoughts? Did you like Hillary’s video? Are you excited? Will you be supporting her? Let us know in the comments below or on twitter using #Glamorouspaper

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