Sunday Paper: March 14th, 2015

Take a look back on this week’s top stories that made your Sunday Paper.

First, we got to see President Barack Obama on the Jimmy Kimmel show reading “Mean Tweets.” Celebrities usually read mean tweets from fans or lack there of and poke a little fun at themselves or swipe back at the users. This week President Obama took to twitter to read some of the tweets he received and handled the sly remarks like a champ.   This will definitely give you a good laugh! You can watch the video here:

The First Lady Michelle Obama wasn’t short stopping with entertaining the country on the “Ellen Show.” Michelle Obama introduced her #GimmeFive challenge which encourages people to show five ways they are leading a healthy lifestyle. She gave a shout out to celebrities like Beyonce, Ryan Secreast and Nick Jonas who have joined the effort along with many other celebs by making their own “GimmeFive” videos.

Michelle Obama included that the cast of “So You Think You Can Dance” will be teaching a dance to Mark Ransom and Bruno Mars hit “Uptown Funk” on the south lawn of the White House. After back and forth smack talk between the First Lady and Ellen about their previous push-up contest, the First Lady challenged Ellen to a dance off and what happened next was history.

If you’re not in stitches after the first two videos you are sure to be after hearing about what a Youtuber did for a little fun. Aimee Davison who is on the Youtube Channel “Sexperimental LOLPervs” decided to replicate the mentos and diet coke experiment. The channel is known for taking normal experiments and sexualizing them to some degree. Davison hot glued mentos on to her bra and underwear and filled her bathtub with 40 dollars worth of diet coke. Davison hoping that when she got in the tub the fizzing would be sensational, she got a unexpected surprise. Take a look at the video here:

Check out some of our top posts of the week and see why Kathy Griffin Exits Fashion Police and the cast of the new Beauty and the Beast Movie. Also, take a look as Will Ferrell joins the MLB for a day playing 9 games.

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