Omarion Ft. Chris Brown & Jhene Aiko “Post To Be” Official Video

Is anyone else getting tired of those same five songs playing over and over on your favorite radio station?  I mean Taylor Swift, I love you and all, but I’m ready to fill in the Blank Space and replace it with a new hot song to blast for the spring time.  Glamorous Paper is here to help spice up your music life by introducing Omarion’s brand new “Post To Be” music video!  Check it out!

We see some familiar faces busting their signature moves in the new music video released by Omarion featuring Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko.  This video showcasing the song “Post To Be” comes to us as our first peak to his fourth studio album. After signing with Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group label, Omarion released the new album Sex Playlist on December 2, 2014.

His video backdrop blows our mind.  How does he make something so minimal look so good?  The white backdrop created a very sleek chic setting but then the set explodes  with bright red pops of color.  For the most part we remain focused on the three main performers front and center in the video. Jhene Aiko is rocking a 90’s inspired outfit looking oh-so-cool.  Her striped crop top, combat boots and plaid shirt tied around her waist create a very hip, grunge vibe that fits perfectly with the tone of the video.  But does her dancing stand up against Breexy and Omarion?  We see a little bit of stiffness in Jhene, our pick for who the female appearance should have been goes out to Princess Ciara (that girl can really dance!).  Chris Brown and Omarion rock very stylish Timberland boots keeping their dance moves in sync with the song.  The video compliments the smooth beat of “Post To Be” and completely puts us head over heels for Omarion.  We know this song is going to blow up and we can’t wait to be the first to bump it in the car.  Be the first of your friends to discover the music video and song and watch it here!  Let us know what you think with the #GlamorousPaper on Twitter or comment below!​

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