The Best Movies to Watch on Netflix This Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re planning on staying in with a bottle of wine and a box of pizza or you and your date are going to cuddle up on the couch together, these are the best movies to watch on this oh-so-romantic date, February 14th. Best part? They’re all available to stream on Netflix!

Along Came Polly (2004)

It’s kind of hard to go wrong with funny man Ben Stiller and the amazing Jennifer Aniston. Add in a ferret, explosive diarrhea, and opposites attracting and you’ve got a hit!

Hitch (2005)

Watch the gorgeous Will Smith play a self-proclaimed lady whisperer who gets all flustered when he finally falls in love with the beautiful Eva Mendes.

Safe Haven (2013)

What is more romantic than Nicholas Sparks? You get steamy scenes, romance, drama, and sexy guys – perfect for V-Day.

Silver Linings Playbook (2013)

The dynamic duo of Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence made major headlines with this dramedy about dating and love. Expect amazing performances and some tear-jerking scenes.

13 Going on Thirty (2004)

A classic time travel tale where Jennifer Garner wakes up with bigger boobs and a brand new life. Throw in some groovy fashion and the adorable Mark Ruffalo and you have the perfect date movie.

Ever After: A Cinderella Story (1998)

The trailer really doesn’t do this amazing take on the classic princess tale any justice. Drew Barrymore is at her best with wit, drama, and one of the best love stories ever written.

Don Jon (2013)

It may not be the most romantic movie on the list, but if you’re looking for a humorous and modern take on dating, this is it! Plus JGL and Scarlet make a smokin’ hot couple.

Romeo and Juliet (2013)

The most recent adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic tale of true love is a must-see for true romance fans. The language and costumes will draw you in, plus it has the Chuck Bass as Tybalt!

Notting Hill (1999)

When Hugh Grant meets mega-star Julia Roberts, he’s on cloud nine. He’s also super awkward and adorable as usual. Everyone knows the 90’s produced the best romantic comedies so settle in with this oldie-but-goodie.

Clueless (1995)

The movie we all grew up with and adored, Clueless, is now on Netflix and waiting for you to watch it. Is there any better movie to watch on Valentine’s Day? As if!


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