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If you’re anything like me, you love Vine. I don’t personally post Vines just because I hate the way I sound in videos, but I’m on Vine a lot just cracking up. Of course I have my favorite “big” viners, like TasiaAlexis (she’s from where I live, holla girl; do yo thang. don’t let this shitty town hold you back!!), and Zachary Piona, but there are so many underrated viners, it’s not funny! They deserve a greater following because they don’t put out the same recycled content as other viners. I know a lot of the content is recycled because they get paid, but whatever.

Today, I wanted to talk about two of my favorite Viners that I think need to be discovered!

The first is Nick Colletti, currently on Vine he has 342.9k followers, and that’s so much more than what he had when I found his Vine. This is the Vine that made me follow him:

This is probably my favorite vine of his though:

If you think he’s funny & he makes your stomach hurt from laughing as much as he makes mine hurt, follow him on Vine! & follow him on Twitter here.

My other favorite viner that everyone needs to be on the look-out for is Katy Ray. Currently, she’s at 18.3k. I’ll be honest with y’all though, at first I only followed her because I couldn’t take her serious.. Like I thought she was joking. This is the Vine that made me discover her, and she continues to posts vines about being scene/emo, which is far from what I am. But it’s entertaining.

This is my favorite vine because she got so mad at some girl, but you can tell she doesn’t cuss a lot, haha.

Even though I can’t really take this girl serious a lot of the time, I follow her because she’s not afraid to be herself. She doesn’t give a shit what anyone else thinks, doesn’t care if someone disagrees with how she portrays herself, she just doesn’t give a shit about hate in general. She’s comfortable with being herself, and regardless of if you’re “emo/scene”, “prep”, or whatever, more people should take on this thought process. Judgements shouldn’t matter & they shouldn’t deter you from being who you want to be.

Let me know what y’all think of these viners down below in the comments! & Also if you’ve got any recommendations for viners to check out, let me know down in the comments as well! I’m always looking for new people to watch on Vine!

Until next time! XO

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