Calvin Klein’s New Campaign My Calvins Featuring Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber my calvins Calvin Klein

If you haven’t seen or heard about the new Calvin Klein campaign “#mycalvins” featuring an almost naked Justin Bieber, no worries because I have attached the photos in this post. I happen to think the campaign is awesome. However, since launching, the campaign has been very controversial. I think Calvin Klein knew this campaign would but not for the reasons that they intended.
At first, everyone was in shock looking at barely clothed Justin Bieber rocking Calvin Klein underwear. Are people old enough to remember when Mark Wahlberg was the face of Calvin Klein? Justin is today what Mark was back then. Mark’s wife wasn’t amused by the comparison. Almost immediately after the campaign launched, allegations came out that the photos were photoshopped. BreatheHeavy claimed to have untouched photos which featured a Justin Bieber whose muscles and pecs were much smaller than the photos featured in the ads. Also, noticeably smaller was Justin’s package.

Justin Bieber my calvins Calvin Klein

This definitely enraged Justin because now you were criticizing his manhood. The only part Justin was really disputing is that his junk is not altered at all in the Calvin Klein ads. According to TMZ, it didn’t take long before he had his legal team unleash hell on BreatheHeavy. So much so that the website had to retract their claims. They posted on their website, “Because BreatheHeavy is not about making anyone feel bad or intentionally stirring the pot (and are definitely not here for lawsuits), we shall retract the story per request. Bieber denies the photo is real, and I respect that and will believe him.” What a time we live where someone can’t just admit they’re wrong. I also believe Justin when he says his junk isn’t photoshopped. Think about it, am I the only one considering the use of a sock? Tons of people do it. It wouldn’t surprise me if there was a sock in there.

Justin Bieber my calvins Calvin Klein

I think the fact that this “scandal” about potentially altered images made this campaign bigger than it would have been otherwise. People either love or hate the fact that Justin is now the image of Calvin Klein this season. And as if this story needs another twist, you wouldn’t believe who came out in Justin’s defense. His trainer, Patrick Nilsson, came out on Access Hollywood stating “I can definitely confirm that he is a well-endowed guy. I sound weird in saying that, but yes.” If you need a credible source about how big your package is, who better than your (I’m assuming straight) personal trainer?

That’s all for now, I’m off to Macy’s to buy #mycalvins. We will definitely be watching this story (and the ads on repeat) as it’s sure to continue. What do you think? Vote below and then leave a comment.

Justin as the face of Calvin Klein

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