Fall Fashion: What’s Trending Now?

What’s Trending in Fall 2016?

With New York Fashion Week (NWFW) having taken the world by storm, now all of us fashion lovers seem to be left in the wake of: “Well what is it that is trending this Fall?” Last fall, 70’s attire and the colors to go with it was the “it” way to dress. This year NYFW showed us styles ranging from Renaissance to Men’s Wear to 80’s one shoulder. So with such a broad display of fashion to choose from, let’s breakdown feasible pieces to pull off this Fall season.

Let Your Fur Down


NYFW highlighted a lot of statement fur coats on the runway this year. Whether it be in a fur coat, vest, or shoulder wrap, faux fur is the perfect addition to any fall outfit as the season’s change. As a statement piece, try finding a fur vest to add to your wardrobe this season. A vest is versatile because it will be just warm enough to add oomph to the shorter sleeved outfits at the beginning of the season. But then, in Winter, layer the vest under a coat to add extra warmth!

Look Tan in Cooler Temperatures


A big color rocked on the runways this past week was tan. This color made its appearance with the classiest of vengeance that have fashion lovers needing to purchase a chic piece. Tan outerwear is the perfect addition if you want to invest in a timeless classic. I suggest rocking a tan cape, which rocks two NYFW trends and creates the classiest couple in outwear this Fall.

Blooming in Fall


On top of the bright colors seen on the runway, especially dusty pink and yellow, florals are huge this year. Despite florals having a more spring feel, designers’ truly captured the essence of Fall within these bold floral patterns. In order to grow in this trend, look for florals that are small and patterned, either on a blouse or a long dress.

Chokers are not “Basic”


That’s right, word is in. Chokers have moved from the “basic” category and have become a front runner in Fall accessories. This Fall fashion trend will add glam to any outfit as we move to button down blouses and cocktail dresses. For a classic route, try adding a skinny chiffon scarf to add vintage flair to an outfit. For a dresser event add a blinged out or metal choker to add show-stopping pizazz to your outfit.

70’s Shearling 


For all of those who didn’t want 70’s fashion to end, never fear because shearling coats made their appearance this season. I for one, love the 70’s fashion trend. So when I saw shearling, I was instantly excited to rock a jacket reminiscent of Hyde or Jackie on “That 70’s Show.” Shearling coat choices were seen in denim, suede, and even leather. Try a shearling coat over a midi-dress and some ankle boots to complete your Fall look.

Tartan, Plaid, Jumpers, and the Revamped “Schoolgirl” 


Another timeless Fall classic seems to be tartan and plaid. This pattern is always the first thing we see in stores as back to school begins. However, designers at NYFW pay homage to the “schoolgirl” fad by incorporating Tartan fabric into timeless A-line dresses, pencil skirts, blouses, and overcoats. Another item falling under this category were jumpers. Schoolgirl-esque jumpers were given a stylish upgrade as vintage patterns were used, mostly from the 70’s.  Try finding a knee-length jumper dress in a golden yellow corduroy or wool as a statement piece.

Velvet Baby, Velvet


Velvet is the last major fashion trend for this Fall I feel we can all follow. Through platforms shoes, leggings, or turtlenecks, velvet is the perfect fall fabric to bring richness into an outfit. I would suggest waiting on this velvet fabric until later in the season, because it can be warm to wear. But the best part about velvet, is it looks best on everyone. It is flattering due to it’s darker color and pattern it creates. So my fellow fashionistas, rock that velvet (and don’t worry about Halloween candy or Thanksgiving dinner showing!)

So Glamorous Gurus, grab your latest trends and runway right into fall with all these new looks. If there are other trends from NYFW you’re going to that I didn’t mention, leave a comment below and let us know about it! Or tweet at us @glamorouspaper and #glamorouspaper on all your Fall looks this season. We love to see all the ways you’re going to make this Fall glam!

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Upcoming 2016 Broadway Shows

As curtains close on Hedwig and the Angry InchHand to God, and Mamma Mia new sets, costumes, dancers, singers, and orchestras come rolling into the newly vacated theaters sprinkled throughout Times Square. Broadway. Glamour, music, and drama find their home here in the heart of New York and draw in people by the millions each season. It’s never boring on Broadway, and truly any theater lover not living in the city is jealous of its residents’ proximity to the nexus of thespian art and culture. Nothing pains a Broadway fan more than being unable to see a show they love, but for those of you in New York or close enough to stop by a theater, here are a few shows to look forward to in the coming months.

2015-2016 Shows:

The Father:

  • Opening: April 14, 2016
  • Theatre: Samuel J. Friedman
  • A look inside the mind of Andre (Langella), a retired dancer living with his adult daughter Anne and her husband. Or is he a retired engineer receiving a visit from Anne who has moved away with her boyfriend? Why do strangers keep turning up in his room? And where has he left his watch?

American Psycho:

  • Opening: April 21, 2016
  • Theatre: Gerald Schoenfeld
  • A musical adaptation of the acclaimed novel and film about psychotic serial killer Patrick Bateman set in 1980’s Manhattan

Tuck Everlasting:

  • Opening: April 26, 2016
  • Theater: Broadhurst
  • Good girl Winnie Foster’s world has been safely contained behind the picket fence that surrounds the house she shares with her mother and grandmother. Yearning to break free, Winnie runs deep into the woods behind their house where she discovers the Tuck family and the secret they’ve been keeping.

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Come May, a new season of song, dance, and story begins with plenty of fresh and familiar faces gracing the stage in all their costumed glory and telling tales of love, religion, felines, news, and chocolate. Here are a few shows I’m excited for.

2016-2017 Season:


  • Opening: May 25, 2016
  • Theater: Lyric
  • A new musical and the first Cirque du Soleil show ever assembled for Broadway.

Act of God:

  • Opening: June 6, 2016
  • Theater: Booth
  • Revival of the 2015 comedy in which “the Almighty and His devoted Angels answer some of the deepest questions that have plagued mankind since Creation. He’s finally arrived to set the record straight … and He’s not holding back!”

Motown the Musical:

  • Opening: TBA (Previews: July 12, 2016)
  • Theater: Nederlander
  • Return engagement of the Broadway musical that ran 738 performances 2013-2015.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:

  • Target Opening: Spring 2017
  • Theater: TBA
  • When Charlie wins a golden ticket to the weird and wonderful Wonka Chocolate Factory, it’s the chance of a lifetime to feast on the sweets he’s always dreamed of. But beyond the gates astonishment awaits, as the five lucky winners discover not everything is as sweet as it seems.

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A more detailed and periodically updated list of shows can be found here.

Sadly, I won’t be in New York anytime soon so you guys have to go watch them for me! Don’t forget to see the ongoing shows either. Fun Home, winner of the 2015 Tony for Best Musical, and Hamilton, a phenomenal historical musical even Obama approves of, are two amazing shows you need to see as soon as possible. Lucky for me Hamilton will touring next year so I’ll get my chance but don’t waste yours to experience the magic Broadway.

Fun Home


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The Best of NYFW 2015

The 2015 New York Fashion Week premiered this past week with a parade of fabulous designers and gorgeous models showing their best work. Glamorous Paper has picked some of the highlights of this year’s fashion week so you can imagine you were there, sitting front row next to Rachel Zoe and Heidi Klum.

Zac Posen


Zac Posen stunned with head-to-toe looks in this year’s hottest color: marsala. A smoky, dark red that looks luxe in fur, sequin, or leather.

Phillip Lim


Phillip Lim dived into the comeback grunge style with lots of plaid and pleather. All of his looks featured tough, black boots and fierce lip colors.

Dennis Basso


Dennis Basso was the epitome of chic with crisp whites, metallic shoes, and gorgeous fur coats. The mix of neutral colors, sleek hair, and winter furs was striking.

Diane Von Furstenberg


Von Furstenberg redesigned the little black dress with sheer cutouts, bird decals, and patterned tights. The famous dress designer created the perfect blend of fierce, flowing, and formal.



Edun went retro with 60’s style color blocking and mixed patterns. The geometric design and amazing thigh high boots in deep colors are a match made in heaven.



Tibi managed to make a monochromatic scrap of fabric look SO good. The pastels and minimalistic makeup allowed the dresses and jumpers to stand on their own and flatter the models’ figures.

Sally Lapointe


Lapointe wins with swishy, flapper-style skirts and puffy sleeves. The oversized clutch adds a distinct level of sleekness.



Suno’s mesh and floral dresses were drop dead gorgeous and, in my opinion, ready to wear. It’s a spring floral pattern combined with the chicness of black and belted to perfection.

Cushnie et Ochs


Has matching colors ever looked so good? The combination of a seamless dress, slit up to there, and a luxe fur coat made this designer a hit at NYFW.

Rachel Comey


Comey basically displayed the perfect way to bridge winter and spring designs. A flowered jumpsuit, glittery blazer, and fun beanie create an eclectic and adorable outfit.

Katie Ermilio


Ermilio’s designs were red hot this season, whether with head-to-toe red or black lace skirts. With a blend of classic and innovative, her line oozed trendy feminine.

What did you think of this year’s NYFW? Let us know with the #GlamorousPaper on Twitter or comment below!

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