Cosmetic Brand Spotlight: Bésame

Hello, all you glamorous and fabulous people! This week, I was introduced by one of my friends to an interesting makeup brand that I’m sure most of you makeup-nistas would love to try and get your hands on! Thanks to the power of the Internet, Bésame is a trending topic among the beauty division. It is also in the most notable fashion magazines such as Elle, Vogue, and Marie Claire! Here’s the catch, most of their cosmetics available only through Sephora or exclusively online purchases.

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Bésame is a cosmetics line that specializes in classic and vintage makeup, representing the elegance, femininity, and strength of all women. This cosmetic brand’s purpose is to bring out the confidence in women everywhere. Founder of Bésame, Gabriela Hernandez, created this line in remembrance of her cherished times with her grandmother. Hernandez has always looked to her grandmother’s collection of vintage and classic makeup as inspiration. With the idea of bringing the classic romantic age back, Hernandez created the brand to remind women exactly how beautiful they are, regardless of time.

Bésame cosmetics is focused upon on the beauty of vintage makeup inspired by the time eras of the early 1920s-1950s. The color schemes and the packaging of each cosmetic are made accustomed to fit the style of the certain time period. In most of their products, red and gold are accented as part of their main color schemes.

Recently, Buzzfeed released a video that introduced classic makeup products and trends for the staff to try out, featuring all of the popular bestsellers of the brand, including their cake mascara, Delicate Rouge blush, and classic color lipsticks.

One of their most interesting products, in my opinion, would have to be their cake mascara. Presenting with a black block of mascara, cake mascara was one of the first forms of applying the product. Provided with a brush, users can apply the mascara on their eyelashes, eyebrows, and can even use it as eyeliner.

Delicate Rough blush features pigmented pink, red and orange colors that bring out the dramatic glow to the face, just like the style back over 90 years ago.

Who doesn’t love a good classic lipstick? It’s definitely a must-have in every woman’s cosmetic collection. Bésame’s classic color lipsticks are popular for not only its classic red tones (which has a variety of gorgeous colors) but for its buttery, textured finish and its fun, history fact of the time era that color was trending in.

Check out all the amazing products Bésame has to offer at Or you can check out other exclusive products at Sephora’s website at

Also, check out their YouTube channel at on anything of the Bésame products and application.

So to all my glamorous people, this makeup is perfect for you. It basically screams out the kind of people we aspire to be, or who we already are. Which one of these Bésame products would you like to try? Let us know in the comments below! Or tweet it at @GlamorousPaper on what other classic trends and vintage makeup you would like to try!

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Beauty Gurus Take Over YouTube


Good morning to our beautiful readers! Before you get up to wash your face and begin your daily morning primping session, we want to introduce you to a couple of our favorite video beauty bloggers. From perfecting that perfect cat eye to brushing a sun-kissed glow on your upper cheekbones, these beauty gurus know just how to help you find your perfect shade.

My first favorite video beauty blogger is Elle Fowler. I’m a girl who loves to experiment with different types of makeup.  Whether it be a funky new eye shadow color or a deep red lip, makeovers are my favorite pasttime.  Many skin care products can be very expensive to buy in places like Sephora or department stores and that’s why we turned to Elle for advice.  She posted a video on her YouTube channel AllThatGlitters21 showing us her latest drug store makeup haul.  We got the inside scoop on which products to throw in our carts!  With so many makeup choices in the drug store aisle, Elle’s beauty roadmap is a serious lifesaver.  I found her foundation color advice to be especially helpful.  Buying a foundation in a drug store is usually the hardest item to buy because you aren’t able to test it out. With Elle’s tips on blending colors to create a flawless shade, she assures us perfection is attainable. Elle loves to take advice from fans on Twitter and does a lot of research on her own to make sure she gives her viewers the best beauty advice!

Check out her Drugstore Makeup Haul video here!


The adorable Zoe Sugg is my second favorite beauty channel blogger.  She is my go to girl when it comes to simplifying and freshening up my makeup routine.  Zoe effortlessly explains every step in her makeup process with her cute British accent. I recently checked out her spring makeup tutorial video on her Youtube channel Zoella to transition my heavy winter makeup application into more of a natural lighter look. I love how Zoe is very specific in describing which products she is using and how she applies each step.

Take a look at her Spring Makeup Tutorial below!


We hope you learned some new makeup tips and tricks by watching our favorite YouTube beauty bloggers!  Comment below or shout us out on Twitter using #Glamorouspaper and tell us your favorite beauty YouTube channels!

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