Sunday Paper: October 18th, 2015

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imageICYMI: This has been an emotional and physically draining week for the Kardashian-Jenner clan after the recent discovery of former Los Angeles Lakers player Lamar Odom was found unconscious in a brothel in Las Vegas.

Reports claim that the former NBA player was found unconscious due to a drug overdose that lead to him being hospitalized in a comatose state since Tuesday. Sources from inside the hospital said, “virtually every drug imaginable was found in his system.”

Sources also confirmed that Odom suffered from some brain damage, but the extent of the damage wouldn’t be known until he was conscious. Well wishes and prayers were sent out for Odom and his family who were all at his bedside. Khloe Kardashian, his legal wife, was reported to not once left his beside and since their divorce has not finalized yet she still has the authority over his end-of-life care.

Odom came out of the comatose state Friday morning and is said to be making a “miraculous recovery.” Although Odom is breathing on his own and “neurologically intact” the extent of any brain damage can not be determined until he is fully awake. As of now Odom remains on dialysis due to a kidney failure and is said to have suffered from a “ischemic stroke” which is a blood clot that prevents blood flow to the brain.

imageOdom’s first words to Khloe were “Hey Baby” and gave her a thumbs up. The couple first met back in 2009 and married after only one month of dating. They appeared together on their own reality television show “Khloe & Lamar” which showed visible signs of an unhealthy relationship. After four years of marriage Khloe filed for divorce in Dec. of 2013 and they both signed their divorce papers in July of 2015.

Doctors are keeping a close eye on Odom’s condition and for more updates you can visit


One New York Principle has had her position “reassigned” after appearing in a rap video.

imageSouthampton School District recently discovered their Assistant Principle, Esther Adler-O’Keefe, played a minor role in rapper J.R. and r&b singer Trey Songz’s music video for “Best Friend.” Adler-O’Keefe plays a minor role as a wife who is vacationing with her husband and leaving her home to be watched by J.R. The video features bikini-clad women, provocative dancing, drinking and several f* bombs.

“It has recently come to our attention that a member of our administrative staff appeared in a music video. The video in question showcases behaviors and language use that is not promoted by the Southampton School District. In fact, we actively teach our students the importance of good character and making smart choices. Additionally, this is not representative of who we are as a district nor of our students and staff,” Supt. Scott Farina wrote in an email to parents, according to Newsday.



Jimmy Fallow teamed up with David Alan Grier to portray Donald Trump and Ben Carson in a “live phone call” during the Democratic debate hosted by CNN.

While the clip does cut to real footage of the debate it adds commentary from the “politicians.” Trump (Fallon) gave us exactly what you would expect from the GOP front runner which are tons of pompous and snarky remarks in regards to the candidates performance.

Carson (Grier) instantly started with jokes saying, “Look Donald, the old angry muppet is talking,” referring to Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. “I don’t get this guy all he does is yell. Do we really need a president who does nothing but yell?” Trump (Fallon) replied putting emphasis on the yelling.

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was asked if she wanted to comment after Lincoln Chaffee said she shouldn’t be president because of her email scandal and she answered with a very simple “no,” which Trump commented with “Yasss Queen.”

Fallon and Grier go on poking fun at each of the presidential candidates and reiterating how boring the debate was. This isn’t that far off from Donald Trump’s actual live tweets from debate.

Check out the entire clip below!

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Welcome home, Caitlyn Jenner

The moment we have all been waiting for, well, truthfully – the moment Bruce Jenner has been waiting for has FINALLY arrived. Caitlyn, formerly, Bruce Jenner has made her first official appearance as a woman.

Caitlyn’s transformation journey has been published in Vanity Fair (on shelves tomorrow, Tuesday, June 2nd), and we are here to give you a wrap up of the 22-page feature story.

While she has just begun to reveal her story, it is clear that this has been a lifelong journey of secrets, emptiness, and now bravery and triumph.  During a comparison between winning an Olympic Gold medal to her first photo shoot as a woman, Jenner admitted to Buzz Bissinger (author of VF article) that this moment was much better. “This shoot was about my life and who I am as a person.”

Although Jenner has been waiting for this moment for several years, she suffered panic attacks immediately after her facial feminization surgery (she has not had genital surgery). Jenner had regretful thoughts, “what did I just do to myself,” – but those feelings quickly went away once she realized she had become the person she has always wanted to be. Jenner tells Bissinger that if she had never revealed her true self, she would have lied on her deathbed thinking, ‘you just blew your whole life.’

Jenner reflects on memories of wearing a bra and pantyhose underneath her suit during public speaking events, thinking to herself, ‘they know nothing about me.’ She explains her time as Bruce as a life filled with lies – lying from sun up until sun down, but now, Caitlyn doesn’t have any lies.

Caitlyn talks about her family and the mistakes she made as Bruce saying, “I have high hopes that Caitlyn is a better person than Bruce. I’m very much looking forward to that.”

Caitlyn’s family showed nothing but love and support today after the release of the Vanity Fair cover.

Here are some of their social media posts:

jenner1 jenner 2    jenner3 jenner4

Here is a behind the scenes look at Caitlyn’s Vanity Fair shoot:

Let us all take Caitlyn’s bravery as a message to always stay true to ourselves, no matter how scary that may be.

“Soon as the Vanity Fair comes out, I’m free.”

Yes, you are Caitlyn and welcome home.

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Bruce Jenner’s Shady Side: KUWTK Season 10 Premiere


Ready to hop on board another season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Season 10 is sure to be an emotional roller coaster as the former “big happy family” we once knew finds themselves in a heart wrenching divide. But don’t worry, if we know the Kardashian clan as well as we think we do there will be some crazy and outrageous moments sprinkled into the final season.

The first episode The New Normal, which premiered on Sunday March 15 introduced us to Kim Kardashian’s latest version of “exercising.” The gorgeous reality star sheds some light on her dedication to the baby making process by admitting she and Kanye West are getting busy “500 times” a day.

What’s an episode of KUWTK without a nude photo shoot? Kim strips down in a very sexy photo shoot in an effort to preserve the memories of her fit bod before she adds potential baby weight to her physique.

Kourtney Kardashian visits Bruce Jenner in his Malibu home and makes an effort to keep him updated on what’s happening on the Kardashian front. But when he gets a mysterious call from Kris’s best friend, Kourtney becomes very suspicious of Bruce’s new single life.

The Jenner boys, Brody and Brandon, are not concerned with the emotional separation of Kris and Bruce and are rather embracing Bruce’s single self as they throw a party themed “Bruce on The Loose.”

Kim takes matters under her own hands and meets with Bruce for lunch to call him out on his shady actions. To clear the tabloid dating rumors, Bruce comes by the house to talk with Kris, but she is far from accepting his explanation and calls him an a**hole with no hesitation. Leave it to Kris to tell him off!

With so many turns of events happening with the Kardashian/Jenner family it’s hard to predict what drama this new season will bring. We do know one thing we could count on. This season of KUWTK will keep us desperately interested in seeing what will happen next-for better or for worse!  Make sure you tune in every Sunday to Keeping Up With The Kardashians! Comment below or use our Twitter #GlamorousPaper to let us know if you’re looking forward to the new season!

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Khloe Kardashian’s Amazing Transformation

When “Kardashian” is mentioned, most likely the first name that comes to mind is Kim, or maybe Kourtney. While Kim and Kourtney took the spotlight, Khloe, the youngest of the three sisters, seemed the fade into the background. When Keeping Up With The Kardashians first began in 2007, she was easily forgotten about, and the public loved to ridicule her because she was different from her sisters. Khloe was a lot taller and had a bigger frame than Kim and Kourtney; many people also thought her less attractive. However, over the past few years, Khloe has gone through an amazing transformation. Once the underrated, ignored sister, Khloe is now taking the spotlight and proving all of her haters wrong.

Khloe 2009
Khloe Kardashian in 2009.
Khloe 2014
Khloe Kardashian in 2014.

These two pictures say it all. Back in 2009, when the Kardashians’ show was

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