Celebrity Relationship Roundup

This week a lot of celebrity relationship news has been going around. Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are a new couple and it seems Selena Gomez and music producer Zedd are an item as well. There are some unconfirmed relationship rumors going around too, however. Here’s who’s being paired with who.

Chris Evans & Lily Collins

Chris and Lily
Chris Evans and Lily Collins have been spotted on a few dates.

Could Captain America be dating the daughter of singer Phil Collins? Recently the two actors were spotted eating dinner together. The source said that they were definitely flirting and it appeared to be a date. Chris, 33, and Lily, 26, apparently met at a post-Oscars party in February. Many people are very excited about this potential couple and are hoping they make their first public appearance at Chris’s upcoming red carpet event for the new Avengers movie. What do you think of this potential couple?

Leonardo DiCaprio & Rihanna

Leo & Rihanna
Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna will not confirm the rumors of their relationship.

For months rumors have been flying that the Titanic star and the pop star have been casually dating. Neither Leo nor Rihanna have confirmed these rumors. In fact, Rihanna appears to have denied them, but still did not flat out crush the rumor. “Stay off the blogs, they will screw you every time,” Rihanna said. This still leaves room for interpretation, however. The rumors are still building by the day; apparently Leo is going to visit Barbados to meet Rihanna’s family. If this is true, it seems that maybe these two are getting more serious. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if either one confirms the relationship. Is this a strange match or do you like them together?

Patrick Schwarzenegger & Miley Cyrus

Patrick and Miley
Patrick and Miley have been dating for several months now.

These two were first linked together months ago and seemed to be doing well. Patrick and Miley were spending a lot of time together and even meeting each other’s families. However, since last week rumors have been flying that Patrick cheated on Miley over a spring break vacation. There are pictures of the model partying with an ex-girlfriend; the two look pretty cozy, with the two of them getting close on the beach. No one has confirmed the rumors yet, and Patrick seems very upset by what’s going on. Do you think he did cheat on Miley?

What do you think of these new couples? And will Patrick and Miley survive these cheating rumors? Let us know in the comments or tweet us using #glamorouspaper!

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Sunday Paper: March 22, 2015

Sunday Paper is a weekend section where we cover some of the most popular stories in Pop Culture and Entertainment that have happened in the past week.

Just in cased you missed any of the highlights from this week’s entertainment and pop culture news we have got you covered here. Take a look at this week’s Sunday Paper.

Did you miss the world’s biggest dance party? This past Friday “Happy” singer Pharrell Williams partnered with Google Earth and the United Nations to promote International Day of Happiness. Tons of people recorded themselves rocking out to the addicting upbeat song we all said we wouldn’t if it came on one more time. That went out the window. The song is just so addicting!


“In a year where there is so much turmoil in the world, from social conflict to climate change, we need moments to stop and celebrate happiness,” Pharrell said about the movement.

You can see tons of videos and GIFs of people dancing their tails off to “Happy” and it will for sure bring a smile to your face, or just be stuck in your head. Check out the videos at GlobalHappyParty.com.

Jason Derulo opens up about is break up with former American Idol girlfriend Jordin Sparks. After two years of dating the couple called it quits last September and I think we all felt the burn. Six months after their breakup and both celebs appear to be doing just fine and potentially seeking other mates.

“I am dating,” Derulo admitted to E! News. He went on to say, “I really don’t have a type. I think when someone is beautiful, it comes in all shapes and sizes so in terms of looks, I don’t have a specific type.”

The “Want to Want Me” singer says that he has been working on new music, but it doesn’t all revolve around his breakup. You can catch Derulo on this season of “So You Think You Can Dance” that premieres this Summer!

So we’ve all been wondering who Selena Gomez would be dating after break up with Hollywood bad boy Justin Bieber. Gomez recently sat down with Radio Disney’s Alli Simpson to talk about rumored romance with EDM producer Zedd.

“Honesty, of course trust, being faithful, making me laugh, those are all the dream right?” Gomez said when asked about what she is looking for. She went on to say, “It will happen. I don’t want to force anything. Just somebody you can enjoy living life with.” Could Gomez have found that dream with Zedd? Since the two paired for the single “I Want You to Know” romance rumors have sparked.


“He’s this cute little German, and he’s got really beautiful eyes, and he’s very sweet and funny,” Gomez said. She went on to say that she respects his work but has remained lips sealed about whether or not something is actually there.

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Let us know what were your favorite stories or posts this week in the comments or on Twitter using #glamorouspaper.

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Katie Holmes’ Burgeoning Romance with Jamie Foxx

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx at the Hampton's event that started the dating rumors.
Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx at the Hampton’s event that started the dating rumors.

In 2013, it was reported that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx had hooked up. Many news outlets reported then that the hook up did not actually take place or it was just a one time thing. As a result, most people had forgotten there was ever even a possibility of the two becoming an item. However, it’s being reported this week that the two have been secretly dating the whole time since.

Reports claim that the two had hooked up after dancing with each other at a Hampton’s party in Late August 2013. At this party, Foxx even allegedly grabbed Holmes’ butt on the dance floor. It was then reported that they were in a friends with benefits type of relationship that lasted until September. However, both stars denied the rumors, claiming that they had never hooked up. “[The rumors] are 100 percent not true. In fact, it’s quite hilarious because we simply danced at a charity event along with a lot of other people,” said Foxx. Holmes’ rep also adamantly denied the accusations.

However, it came to light this week that maybe the two stars have actually been dating this whole time. Us Weekly Magazine posted a photo of the two holding hands in what appears to be a music studio from February of this year. In the grainy shot, the two appear to be pretty cozy. Additionally, it was reported that they are starting to get more serious and really like each other.

If they are dating, this is Holmes’ first relationship since her high profile divorce from Tom Cruise, who she was married to from 2006 to 2012. The couple shares a daughter, Suri Cruise. Since their divorce, the couple is allegedly not on speaking terms, even about Suri. In fact, Tom has not seen Suri in months due to him working in London.

Do you think Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are dating? Do you think they are a weird match? Sound off in the comments or on Twitter using #GlamorousPaper

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