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Sunday night marked the long anticipated season five premiere of HBO’s Game of Thrones. Joe Dempsie plays Gendry, friend of Arya and illegitimate child of former king, Robert Baratheon. Joe, always the jokester, pretended not to know what was on TV Sunday night, and asked fans for suggestions on what to watch. Hopefully we’ll see more of Gendry this season!

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Another Game of Thrones cast member made headlines on Twitter this week. Fan favorite Nikolaj Coster-Waldau finally jumped on the bandwagon and joined Twitter. Nikolaj plays the morally ambiguous but extremely handsome Jaime Lannister. Surely there will be some great tweets to come from him.

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TV host and comedian Billy Eichner decided to comment on the issue that was definitely the most talked about of the week: Madonna and Drake’s on-stage kiss at Coachella. While everyone was freaking out, trying to figure out if Drake really was that disgusted by Madonna, Billy wrote a snappy tweet that made fun of the whole incident. You go, Billy.

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Saying, “Can’t wait for you to be our guest,” Josh Gad tweeted out the first picture of the Beauty and the Beast cast. Everyone was already very excited for this movie, but after seeing this picture, fans can hardly contain their excitement.

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This week on Lip Sync Battle it’s Anna Kendrick versus John Krasinski. These two actors are hilarious so it should be a great show. There’s a clip circulating of one of Anna’s performances. While singing One Direction’s “Steal My Girl,” Anna reveals she is wearing a t-shirt with a picture of her and Emily Blunt in a heart; Emily is John’s wife. The clip is absolutely hysterical and it looks like it will be an episode you can’t miss.

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Finally, while promoting the new Avengers movie, coming out May 1, Chris Hemsworth paid a visit to his wax figure that doesn’t really look anything like him. Buzzfeed circulated this hilarious picture. In other Avengers news, the cast had a guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live where they were put in teams and competed in Avengers Family Feud. See the hilarious sketch below:

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Lyp Sync Battle

The hotest show that has taken over Spike TV after being passed up by NBC, “Lip Sync Battle,” is a must see. The show consistent of non other then some of your favorite celebrities fake singing to a song of their choice.


Host of the show "Lyp Sync Battle" LL Cool J and Chrissy Teigen
Host of the show “Lyp Sync Battle” LL Cool J and Chrissy Teigen

Hosted by LL Cool J, and co-host Chrissy Teigen, the show gives celebrities two song of their choice to perform. The first song is in a way a tease, as their second song they are allowed to use anything and anyone they like to put on a full concert, the winner is selected by the crowed in attendance and the winner takes home the belt.

“Lip Sync Battle” is a spin off from the popular  “Tonight Show” skit. Fallon and co- producer Stephen Merchant (“The Office”) and John Krasicki (“The Office”) first pitched the show to NBC for network broadcast or for distribution on one of NBC’s many cable channels, however NBC decided to pass on the show.

NBC definitely messed up on this one as more than 2.2 million viewers tunned in for the premier on April 2. Thus, making it the most watched debut show for a non-scripted series in the networks history.

Fallon and The Rock performance on the debut night.
Fallon and The Rock performance on the debut night.

The debut premiere included Fallon taking on The Rock. The Rock came out opening the show with the ever so infamous “Shake It Off” hit by Taylor Swift, and Fallon began the competition with a little conga dancing to Harry Belfontes “Jump in the Line.”

It is such a fun show, I mean who doesnt enjoy a few celebrites making a fool of themselves in a good way. Tonights show included Ann Hathaway and co-star to the film “Devil Wears Prada,” Emily Blunt.

Ann Hathaway version of "Wrecking Ball"
Ann Hathaway version of “Wrecking Ball”

Ann Hathaway closed out the show and took home the victory belt with her version of Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball,” and let me just say it was hilarious and the numbers can show for it, as the video received 8 milion views on YouTube even before the show aired.

You could never go to far with a performance and while its all fun and games these celebrities mean business, and came armed to this Lyp Sync Battle. Ann even flipped off Blunt as she rode the wrecking ball. It’s all in good spirit as Blunt mentioned that “This hippie balls became dust,” speaking of herself, way to be a good sport ay Blunt.

Justin Beiber, Deion Sanders, Mike Tyson and Anna Kendrick are also set to appear in the upcoming segments.

You can catch “Lip Sync Battle” Thursday night at 10 p.m. On Spike TV.

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