The Art of Beauty Sleep

The Art of Beauty Sleep

Hello to all my glamorous people! I want today’s topic a little different- just short and sweet. However this is a major impact to your lifestyle and should be done routinely. As of now, I am finishing up my last year in college at a California State University. I am planning to finish with my entire class curriculum by the end of winter. Literally, winter is coming for me.

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Unlike most colleges, my university runs alongside quarter system. A quarter system means the whole school season is condensed to around 10 weeks of school. Now that regular 15+ weeks of the semester system seems really nice huh? Since professors only have 10 weeks, the classes are running extremely fast. A lot of work gets compiled and it’s very time consuming for most students, me especially.

With this system, most students are running on at least four hours of sleep per night. Try balancing a short quarter system and keeping up with work, classes, and other curriculum activities within the two months. Yet, the lack of sleep can drastically affect the way they think, focus on studies, and their overall performance in both school and work life. This is obviously not healthy for anyone’s well-being.

A lot of people are slowly starting to forget the importance of sleep and how it affects the mind and body in positive way. Research studies show that getting at least eight hours of sleep per day will result in a lot positive impacts on your daily life.

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When you retain that beauty sleep, you’re less stressed and have an open and clear mind for the rest of the day. It affects your appearance as well. You prevent pre-mature wrinkles (around the forehead, under-eyes, sides of your nose and mouth, etc.) and slow down the signs of aging on your face.  You also prevent acne from appearing on your face and risks of scarring. Overall, your face will achieve that glowy complexion and your whole body and mind feels rejuvenated.

On my opinion, since around 90% of us do not have the luxury of getting that beautiful eight hour nap, here’s a suggestion. Try to get at least six hours of deep sleep and use the remaining two hours for power naps throughout the day.

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There are so many benefits on why getting enough sleep is extremely important, and I could go on forever on how important it is to get that beauty sleep. But the overall lesson is that to have a good night’s sleep is to have a healthy body, mind, and heart for the rest of your life. And that, my glamorous people, is the art and truth of it all.

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A Guide to the Abbot Kinney Murals

The Love Wall located on Abbot Kinney in Venice, California
The Love Wall located on Abbot Kinney in Venice, California

When people think of famous walls in Los Angeles, they usually think of the pink wall or the angel wings located on Melrose Avenue. However, there is another location for artsy walls to use as backdrops for your Instagram posts. Abbot Kinney is a famous street in Venice, California. It is known for the amazing restaurants, shops, and artwork. For instance, Intelligentsia Coffee is a great spot for drinking some of the best coffee in the world. Or LF is the perfect shopping spot for incredibly cute (but also expensive) clothing. Abbot Kinney’s secret gem though is the artwork painted on the walls of its buildings. But in between all of these great shops is the artwork! As you walk along the street admiring, you’ll come across several murals that are all as unique as they come.

Geometric Mural on Abbot Kinney
Geometric Mural on Abbot Kinney

One of the most popular murals is The Love Wall. On the Love Wall you can see a display of colorful hearts covering a white wall. Another, just a little ways down the street, is a section of a wall covered with Buddhas in differing shades of blue. Across the street, a black and white horizontal mural of palm trees is painted next to a portrait of an old man. One of the more colorful pieces is a geometric mural. It is a combination of red, orange, yellow, blue and green sections pieced together. Some murals also feature animals. One has a leopard with antlers and another is a column of rabbits. As you head towards the beach, you can see a ocean front building covered in huge, beautiful flowers of all different colors.

Buddha Mural on Abbot Kinney
Buddha Mural on Abbot Kinney

With all this artwork, it’s making me want to go take an Instagram pic! Venice, California, is known for being a unique neighborhood that has a wide variety of things to offer. If you’re in Los Angeles looking for great art, food, or shops, walk down Abbot Kinney and experience all three.


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Nat Geo’s Favorite Earth Day Photos

It’s that time of year again, the one day almost everyone actually tries to be environmentally friendly and appreciative of Mother Nature.

To celebrate, National Geographic highlighted some of their favorite photos in the Your Shot community, a community for amateur, casual, and professional photographers to share their images with each other. The #YourShot hashtag on Twitter is an easy way for anyone to get involved and contribute to the community.

“Last year, National Geographic photographer Erika Larsen issued a call to the Your Shot community to share their favorite images of trees.”

Nat Geo assembled some of their favorites in a photo gallery.

Some of my favorites (that are not solely of trees) include:

Remember, that though Earth Day is a great excuse to recycle, conserve, and change wasteful habits, don’t limit yourself to just April 22nd to do these things! Climate change is real; and we can do so much for the world if we keep this mindset year round. Happy Earth Day everyone! Go plant a tree!

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Creative Crafts for the Artistically Challenged

Maybe you’re always pinning fun DIY activities on Pinterest or maybe you just get bored easily and need a creative project, but no matter your artistic level these ideas will get the creativity flowing without a lot of necessary materials or artistic talent. So break out that craft table and get artsy!

Crayon Art


All this requires is a blank canvas, a pack of crayons, and a hairdryer! The hair dryer melts the candle wax into beautiful, colorful streaks and you can turn it into a multitude of different designs. Here is an awesome tutorial for a basic crayon art masterpiece!

Magazine Collage 


Do you have a ton of magazines lying around that have already been read but need to be recycled? Turn them into art! Nothing looks simpler, but more chic, than a homemade collage of beautiful clips from glossy magazines. Try a theme, like fashion inspiration, or just tape up what looks artsy to you. Only tape required!

Chalk Art


So, if you’re anything like me, your chalk art wouldn’t be quite as amazing as this… but that’s the beauty of chalk art! Chalk is extremely inexpensive and you can be as creative and messy as you want because it simply washes away with a spray of water. You can recreate your work over and over again!

Sharpie Mugs



If you’ve got a sharpie lying around, you’re already halfway to making these amazing homemade mugs! Decorate with any design and any colors for a heartfelt gift or a treat for yourself. All it takes is a little decorating and a quick bake in the oven and you’ve got a handmade mug for your morning coffee! Here is a great tutorial.

What do you think of our creative ideas? What have you created on your craft tabel? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter with #GlamorousPaper!

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