App of the Week: Couchsurfing


Summer is winding down which means you have one more chance at that spontaneous road trip you’ve been telling yourself you’d take forever. Like most of us you probably already spent all of your summer-job cash on back to school clothes or getting new gear for the first day of that new job, but with the app that I found you will be able to do both. The app “Couchsurfing” will allow you to save money on hotel cost and help you avoid sleeping in your car at bogus rest stops along your trip.

How it works: The app can be found in the iTunes app store under the “Travel” section and is compatible on iOS 7 or newer operating systems on the iPhone 5, 6, 6 Plus and iPads. This app can also be downloaded in the Android app store. Once you create an account and fill in your profile you can search for places in the States or across the world and see who is hosting visitors. You can also select the option to be a host yourself and have visitors stay with you.

The app service is completely free and host usually don’t charge for guest to stay with them for a while with advance notice. Once you have found a destination you can read through host profiles and directly message the ones you would be interested in staying with. This is a great way to save on travel cost, make new friends, visit new places and have a free tour guide to show you around the area.

Still a little sketched out by staying with random strangers? There is an option to have your account verified through a simple background check and view other profiles who have also been verified. The background check is a small one time cost for an entire year of verification. Still not enough? You can read through references previous visitors have written about host and their living conditions. This will for sure help you be able to make a well informed decision about who to stay with.

You can search your location and see what events local travelers are hosting to potentially meet travel buddies or learn more about couch-surfing through other people’s experience. You can plan trips in advance and post them on your trips so host will see your visit and potentially offer to host you. With all this help there is no reason for you not to gas up the car and hit the road.

I would rate this app five stars because it is very easy to use, convenient and safe. The current version has had most the bugs worked out and the app runs fine.

Would you use this app to stay with strangers? Tell us what you think of the “Couchsurfing” app using the hashtag #GlamorousPaper or in the comments below!

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App of the Week: Photo Vault

Check out our new find in the iTunes App Store in this week’s App of the Week.

So we all have those photos that we don’t want to share with others, whether they are funny, embarrassing, used for black-mail or risqué, the “Photo Vault” app will keep them secure and private in your phone.

How it works: The app can be downloaded in the iTunes App Store for free although there is a upgraded version that is available for purchase. The app is compatible with iOS 7 and later operating systems on iPhone 5, 6, 6 Plus and iPads. Once the app is downloaded you can set a four digit pin so that you can be the only one to access your photos.

There is a private browsing option that allows you to cruise the web and download your favorite pictures, gifs and videos directly into the app. The best part of this app is that if someone tries to break into your photo vault with your pin a GPS tracker will alert you where the picture thief is located.

image image image image image


Overall I would give this app three stars. There are a few technical difficulties that could be worked out, the app does have frequent ads and it often crashes, but nonetheless the app will hide all of your private photos.

So the next time you’re not feeling it when your boyfriend or girlfriend says, “send me a pic?”, you’re too embarrassed to have a million selfies in your phone or need to dig up some dirt on someone on the down-low, this app has you covered. Check out the app and tell us what you think by using the #GlamorousPaper or in the comments below.

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App of the Week: Buzzfeed news


If you’re anything like myself you are always trying to stay in the inner loop of things, but after trying out several different apps I have finally found an app that does the job. Whether you’re interested in world news, U.S. news, sports, major breaking news, entertainment, etc. the “Buzzfeed News” app has it all.

I’ve gone through countless news apps in the iTunes app store and none of them fit all of the necessities. If I could take pieces of each app and create a super-news app I would, but in the meantime this app will do the trick.

How it works: The app can be downloaded in the iTunes app store for free and is compatible with iOS8 opperating systems on iPhone 5, 6, 6 plus and iPads. When searching the app on iPad select the search option “iPhone Only” to see the app. The app has an easy to use interface that is pretty self explanatory to navigate through. The bottom has two different tabs; one to catch up on news and the second to filter push notifications. On the “catch up” tab there is a brief recap of a few stories on the top of the page and below are a list of articles that can be scrolled through with a touch of a finger. On the “my alerts” tab you can select what types of news stories you would like to be notified about and there is even a “do not disturb” option to choose when you don’t want to receive news update notifications.




This app is different from the regular “Buzzfeed” app that has tons of pointless articles about cats and endless lists of why or why not to like something. Although those articles are funny and easy reads they get annoying after a while and we can all agree on that. This app has something for everyone if you’re looking for straight news. I use the app on my iPad and have not encountered any problems with it yet compared to previous apps I’ve tried.

I would rate this app four stars overall which is pretty consistent with the iTunes reviews. The app has a great interface, social media sharing options, choice of filtered news based on your interest and the “do not disturb” option is perfect for stopping notifications when you’re in a meeting or winding down for bed. The only thing I would suggest to improve this app is to create more filtering tabs and create a discussion option on each article for users to be more interactive. Check out the app in the iTunes app store and tell us what you think using the hashtag #GlamorousPaper or in the comments below.

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App of the Week – 7/1

In App of the Week, we will be downloading a new app each week, testing the ins and outs of it, briefing how it works and if it’s worth the download. Check out the app we found this week!

If you’re anything like myself you understand the power of the gif. They can any conversation 0 to 100 real quick especially when regular emojis aren’t conveying the emotions you’re really feeling. I found this new app called “GIF Keyboard” and it has all your gif needs. The app can be downloaded in the iTunes App Store and is usable on iPhone5 and newer models and iPads with iOS8 software.

How it works: Download the app from your application store, it’s free! Go to your Settings > General > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > find the gif keyboard and click on it and boom, there you have it. Now the fun can truly begin! Once the keyboard is added you can now go to your messages and click the globe icon then click the “ABC” icon and it will open the gif keyboard.

Once you’re in the gif keyboard you can search by keyword, emotion, name, television show, music, etc. and there will be several options of you’re favorite gifs.


You can also browse through trending categories to find recent gifs used. Some gifs even include sound or music which is even better when you are trying to throw some shade.

You can take the gifs and attach them to email, text message, Twitter, save them to your device or lots of other sharing options.

Overall I would give this app four stars for being so user-friendly, having a wide range of search options and including sound on some of them. The reason I only gave it a four star because sometimes the app has a glitch when it doesn’t recognize my internet connection and won’t allow me to select any gifs. Besides that it’s a fantastic app. Whether your pronounce gif or jif this app will enhance your next instant message.

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