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red band society

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got your TV shows that you watch religiously. For me, that’s shows like Survivor, Dance Moms, and The MTV Challenges. But I have so many shows that I like to watch, thank goodness for DVR, huh? When I have a day off, I binge watch a bunch of TV!

Well, Fox Network came out with a bunch of new shows for their Fall line up this year, and one that caught my attention was a show called “Red Band Society”. If you’ve read/seen “It’s Kind of a Funny Story”, it’s similar to that.

“Red Band Society is about a group of teens in the pediatric ward of Los Angeles’ Ocean Park Hospital find comfort in one another. Mexican-born Jordi, 16, crossed the border for treatment. His roommate, Leo, at the hospital for over a year, is starting to lose his way. Cystic fibrosis prompts Leo’s best friend, Dash, to live each day as though it’s his last. Emma, Leo’s off-and-on girlfriend, has an eating disorder. Kara is a cheerleader with a heart problem, and her roommate, Charlie, is 12 and in a coma. Dr. Jack McAndrew and Nurses Jackson and Dobler make up their medical team.”

The first episode premiered on September 17, 2014.

Red Band Society has quickly become

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Trend Alert: Velvet

If you’re the type that tries to stay up to date on fashion, well I have some news for you! We all know that the 90s was one of the best fashion eras to date with its grunge, angsty vibe and if you were young in the 90s, you know velvet was a big thing. (Thank you Angela Chase and “My So-Called Life”)! Velvet is making a huge come back this season. Here are two dresses that I have been personally eyeing! One dress is a more affordable choice from Forever 21, while you might have to splurge on the other choice from Urban Outfitters. (Click pictures to take you to the websites!)

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ello world!

This website was started by Michael Mejia and Anthony Velazquez. This blog will be about entertainment, music, fashion, art, and other things we decide to write about along the way. We went with Glamorous Paper because we think since this is an online media outlet it would be ironic to use “paper” in the name. And Glamorous because well, we are. We don’t fully know where we’re going with the blog but we hope you guys will continue to check back for more updates!

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