Childhood Icons: Then and Now


If you were anything like me as a kid then you know that nothing came in between you and the latest episode of your favorite Disney show. Needless to say, if Hannah Montana was on, you better believe you could find me rocking out on my air guitar to “Best of Both Worlds.” As time went on, the final episodes of shows like Even Stevens and Suite Life of Zack and Cody came to a tearful end. This forced the dedicated viewers, such as myself, to move on with our lives. The other night I had a nostalgic relapse. I ended up binge watching [I’m sure an unhealthy amount of] my childhood favorites. My trip down memory lane got the wheels in my brain turning and sparked the curiosity. I had to wonder, where are these Disney stars now?

Shia LeBeouf



Oh the infamous Louis Stevens. Kid brother to scholar, Ren Stevens and Star athlete, Donnie Stevens. Louis is known for his immaturity and shenanigans but he’s hard not to love. Even Stevens aired for three seasons and is still one of the most iconic Disney shows talked about to this day. The show practically jump started LaBeouf’s career. From then on he was down a path of stardom. LaBeouf began starring in box office hits like Disturbia and Transformers which led to even bigger and more challenging roles. LaBeouf moved onto ground shaking films like Fury where he acted alongside Oscar winning actor Brad Pitt. Shia seemed to be climbing a ladder in which each rung he ascended people began to take him more and more seriously. His latest role in Lars Von Trier’s film, Nymphomaniac, pushes limits and showcases LeBeouf’s raw talent.

On screen the actor seems to have it all together but off screen is a completely different story. I could lay out a timeline of all of the outlandish things the former Disney star has done but let’s be honest, who has time for that? So instead let’s do a quick recap. In the past 3 years Shia LeBeouf has plagiarized a critically acclaimed author, announced his retirement from “the public life,” worn a bag on his head stating that he is no longer famous, chased a homeless man in order to obtain the man’s McDonald’s, released a “just do it” motivational speech, and ran a single man marathon (144 laps) around a museum in Amsterdam…he’s been a busy man.

All in all, Shia LaBeouf will always have a little piece of our hearts as Louis Stevens and there is no denying his talent. LeBeouf still remains one of the greats in the acting realm and one can only hope that the wandering thirty year old will eventually find his way.

Miley Cyrus


The Disney comedy series Hannah Montana followed a normal girl living a not so normal, double life. Miley Stewart was your everyday girl living in Malibu with her trusty side kicks Lily and Oliver. Miley faced everyday teenager problems alongside her annoying brother Jackson (Jason Earles) and father Cyrus (Billy Ray Stewart). This made Miley more relatable to the kids growing up watching the show. Except there was a twist…Miley was a regular kid by day and an undercover pop sensation by night! Miley’s ability to showcase her musical talent on the show was a major key in sparking her career as a musical artist. After the fourth season, however, it was time to move on and during the last episode the pop star revealed her identity and the actress waved goodbye to her Hannah Montana days.

After the show, Miley Cyrus had this image of Hannah Montana that followed her around like Peter Pan’s Shadow. She soon became determined to rebuild a new persona. This became evident in the 2013 release of her Album “Can’t Be Tamed” which showed a much more sultry and edgy side of Miley the world hadn’t seen before. The Disney star was finally finding her independence. (You Go Miley!)

Miley is known as having a romantic relationship with Liam Hemsworth, whom she starred with in the 2010 film “The last Song.” Miley seemed to be in a great place, but as a pessimistic scholar once said, “all good things must come to an end.” The couple sadly broke off their engagement which was announced to the public in 2013. But I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

Let me backtrack.

In 2012 Miley decided to throw a curve ball at her fans and completely shave her head. Little did we know the new hairstyle meant a new album was in the making. If her 2013 album “Bangerz” didn’t make a point that she was no longer the little girl from Disney, than I don’t know what would. Oh wait, maybe swinging in naked on a wrecking ball. Or possibly twerking on Robin Thicke at the VMA’s…But hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Miley may have gone a little crazy with the “new Identity” brigade but with the pressure Miley has received from the public for most of her life, I don’t blame her one bit. When it comes down to it, Miley is just a normal girl who lives at home with her dogs and pig. She supports organizations like City of Hope and is now a judge on NBC’s The Voice. So who’s to say the former wigged pop star doesn’t have her life together? We must always remember, “Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days.”

Dylan and Cole Sprouse


Give me a T-R-O-U-B-L-E! What does that spell?! Well, trouble. If you ask Mr. Moseby the definition of the word, he’ll respond without hesitation. Zack and Cody. What better idea for a sitcom than two troublesome twins living at a hotel causing chaos left and right. The answer is none. Well, except for two troublesome twins living on a cruise ship causing chaos left and right. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and The Suite life on Deck were absolute successes leaving Dylan and Cole Sprouse to be the richest pair of young twins in the year 2007 and 2010. Fame hit the twins like a freight train. And it didn’t care whether or not the boys were ready to handle it.

11 years have passed since the Suite Life aired on Disney Channel and a lot has changed in that time. In 2010, the twins received exciting news that their hours spent tutoring on set had finally paid off. They had both been accepted to New York University. Although they did not attend until a year later, Cole successfully pursued a major in archaeology while Dylan focused on Video Game design.

During the time spent in New York, Dylan actually tried out the working class lifestyle. He became a host at a restaurant simply because he has an adventurous spirit. Dylan must have enjoyed the service industry because word on the street is the former Disney star is now opening a Meadery this fall in the heart of Brooklyn. Grab your ID’s ladies and gentlemen, there’s a new brewer in town. As always, keep your fingers crossed tightly for upcoming roles to arise for these talented twins. But for now we can all be proud of how far this Dynamic Disney duo has come.

So next time you find yourself taking a trip down memory lane with your childhood favorites, take a second to appreciate people and things for what they are not and not what you think they should be. Don’t grow up too fast and always remember to hold on to the child inside of you. 


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Outlander Season 2 Premiere

Nothing to do/watch tonight? Fear not because the second season of Outlander premiered April 9th, at 9/8c on STARZ.

Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser and Caitriona Balfe as Claire Fraser in ‘Outlander’ Season 2 PHOTO: STARZ
If you haven’t seen Outlander you should definitely fix that right now. Full of passion, drama, gorgeous visuals, emotional storytelling, and compelling characters, the show is much more than the fantastical romance many simplify it to be. The cable show is based on Diana Gabaldon’s highly successful Outlander book series and began airing in August 2014. Based on the premise of a WWII army nurse’s traveling back in time to 18th century Scotland and her whirlwind romance with a Highland warrior fighting in the Jacobite risings, the show explores fantasy, history, psychological suspense, politics, and science fiction along with romance. Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) fight to survive through the milieu of violence and be with each other despite all the forces tearing them apart.

Claire, Jamie, and Black Jack Randall in “To Ransom a Man’s Soul” Photo: STARZ
It’s exceptionally entertaining in terms of storytelling and aesthetic and doesn’t shy away from any grisly, controversial topics despite it’s abundant beauty. And with all the trauma of the final two episodes of Season 1, fans are left to wonder, “What will happen to Claire and Jamie?”

Warning: The rest of this post contains spoilers for the first season.

Now that Jamie and Claire are safely in Paris and far away from the horrible Black Jack Randall, we think they’ll finally have a little bit of happiness, especially with a baby on the horizon. But no one gets over something so psychologically and physically damaging as the abuse Jamie suffered at the end of Season 1, so it’s highly understandable that he’s “lost his sparkle a little bit – he’s a bit of a shadow.” Nevertheless we’re still hoping for some emotional stability for these two lovers.

Ideally we can get a few questions answered in the Season 2 premiere tonight too.

  • Where’s Frank Randall and what is he doing? He’s just been stuck in the future/present/past (it’s the 1940s so it’s kind of all three) this entire time wanting his wife to come back while everyone one else is trying not to get killed 200 years in the past.
  • Will Claire and Jamie stop the Jacobite risings? Probably not since that wouldn’t be as interesting but who knows? (People who have read the books, don’t spoil!)
  • Is Jamie okay? He has endured so much torment it wouldn’t be a surprise if he’s permanently traumatized.
  • Is the Fraser marriage okay? “Paris is not a great place for their relationship,” Sam Heughan adds. “It’s a poisonous place.”
  • Is Black Jack Randall dead? Last time we saw him he was getting a hearty helping of meat in the form of a cow stampede so he could be gone, but who knows?

Guess we’ll found out the answers (and probably have a lot more questions) after the season premiere. Fingers crossed for minimal deaths and torture!

‘Outlander’ Season 2 Poster Photo: STARZ
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Sunday Paper: November 15, 2015


The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or ISIS has struck another country this week leaving the world in shock.

The terrorist group struck three prominent tourist attractions in Paris including a stadium where a live soccer game was taking place against Germany. According to French authorities the attacks appear to be deliberate and premeditated. The death toll has risen to a devastating 132 victims recently reported by The Guardian.

French President Francois Hollande says that he is deeply saddened by this tragedy, but he is not going to back down.

“We will lead the fight and we will be ruthless, and we had to be here among the people who were subject to these atrocities because when the terrorists are capable of doing such acts they must know that they will face a France very determined — a France united,” Hollande said in an interview on Friday.

President Barack Obama gave a speech on Friday expressing his condolences and offered America’s full support in the investigation effort to help the people of France.

“We stand prepared and ready to provide whatever assistance that the government and the people of France need to respond. France is our oldest ally. The French people have stood shoulder to shoulder with the United States time and again. And we want to be very clear that we stand together with them in the fight against terrorism and extremism,” President Obama said in a White House press conference.

You can watch his full statement here or read the full transcript here.

Watch Stephen Colbert try to keep his composure has he talks about the Paris Attacks on The Late Show.

The Eiffel Tower has been closed and the lights turned off due to the recent tragedy so countries around the world have been showing their support for Paris by lighting their landmarks blue, white and red which are France’s flag colors. Facebook has also offered the France flag as a filter option so users can show their solidarity. You can change yours by using this link.

Photo By: Kevin Hagen/AP/Corbis
One World Trade Ceter. Photo By: Kevin Hagen/AP/Corbis

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 14: The sails of the Sydney Opera House are illuminated in the colours of the French flag on November 14, 2015 in Sydney, Australia. At least 120 people have been killed and over 200 are injured in Paris following a series of terrorist acts in the French capital on Friday. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)
Sydney Opera House. Photo By: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

The Landmark CN Tower in Toronto, Canada. Photo by: Reuters/Landov
The Landmark CN Tower in Toronto, Canada. Photo By: Reuters/Landov

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Shanghai. Photo by: : Johannes Eisele/AFP/Getty Images
The Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Shanghai.
Photo By: Johannes Eisele/AFP/Getty Images

Palace of culture and science in Warsaw. Photo By: KRYSTIAN DOBUSZYNSKI/NURPHOTO
Palace of culture and science in Warsaw.

The London Eye in London. Photo By: AMETHYST/DEMOTIX/CORBIS
The London Eye in London.
From all of us here at GlamorousPaper we are deeply saddened by this tragedy and we stand with Paris and other nations affected by terrorism in solidarity.

If you’re looking for ways to help out Paris you can check out Mashable’s webpage for more information.

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Sunday Paper: October 11, 2015

Check out these top stories in entertainment and pop-culture news in your Sunday paper!

That’s So Raven just got so real this week when “The View” host Raven Symone said she wouldn’t hire someone with a “ghetto” name.

imageRaven has said some eyebrow raising comments as of late, but she might have taken it to far with this one. On Friday’s episode that aired Oct. 9 during a segment about the discrimination of certain names Raven added her commentary after watching a video of kids saying the 10 most “ghetto” names.

“I am very discriminatory against words like the ones that they were saying in those names. I’m not about to hire you if your name is ‘Watermelondrea.’ It’s just not gonna happen. I’m not gonna hire you,” she said.

Ouch! This isn’t the first time the former Disney star has said things that received backlash from viewers. Earlier this year she went against the grain when the host of the view were debating who should replace President Andrew Jackson on the 20 dollar bill and she was against the popular vote for Rosa Parks.

The 29-year-old actress definitely knows how to stir the pot when it comes to controversy, but hopefully this one doesn’t blow up in her face.

Nick Jonas is channeling his inner Drake and we are totally here for it.

imageThe former Jo-Bro released a new video to his song “Area Code” that was released on his Soundcloud last month and it is emotionally intense. The “Levels” singer is shown in 50 shades of black and white and the translucent coloring effects adds to the overall moody theme of the r&b tune.

Coincidently one of the song lyrics is “You say I never been good for you/ You can’t deny I gave it good to you,”which some people are speculating is a reference to Selena Gomez’s song “Good For You.” There were rumors surrounding the former Disney stars earlier this year that there may have been a fling between the two, but neither was confirmed or denied. It must be sheer coincidence that he would release the video on the same day as Selena’s album “Revival” was released.

Check out the video and tell us if you can hear the Drake similarities!

Neil Patrick Harris has our vote for cutest kids award!

Earlier this week the Father-of-two posted the cutest video of his twinsimage
Gideon and Harper and it appears the are headed for the Broadway stage. The children each take turns singing to the camera as they are getting ready for school. Gideon starts out singing the “Star Wars” theme song until the camera cuts to Harper who starts to belt “Good Morning to You” then a song she made up about her “My Little Pony” toys.

Check it out below!

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Blackface or a Fashion Trend?

If you’ve read the title of this article and are thoroughly confused and possibly offended, let me first explain. Recently, Black Canadian model Winnie Harlow has been making waves in the media for her unique look: her black and white skin. Winnie Harlow  has a skin condition called vitiligo, one that interferes with her skin pigmentation.

Lately, the look has been captured by the media and in return has been replicated by fans. Now replication of trends on social media is nothing new-except when it starts racial controversies. Many of the fans replicating the look are white and in turn are applying dark makeup.

winnie duplicate

If at this point you’re thinking so what, allow me to give a little recap on the history of blackface. In the 19th century America, it was customary for actors in theatre and later film to wear theatrical makeup when playing a black character. It proliferated many of the horrendous stereotypes such as “coons” and mocked African Americans with enormous amounts of disrespect. Blackface minstrel shows were however quite popular satire in those days yet had prolific effects on the Black community. These effects are still seen today yet fortunately are now a big cultural “no no” to attempt in society.

So is duplicating Harlow’s look appropriation, appreciation, or just racist? Winnie responded to the controversy earlier this week in an Instagram post:

“My response to this is probably not what a lot of people want but here it goes: every time someone wants fuller lips, or a bigger bum, or curly hair, or braids does Not mean our culture is being stolen. Have you ever stop to realize these things used to be ridiculed and now they’re loved and lusted over. No one wants to ‘steal’ our look here. We’ve just stood so confidently in our own nappy hair and du-rags and big a**es (or in this case, my skin) that now those who don’t have it love and lust after it. Just because a black girl wears blue contacts and long weave doesn’t mean she wants to be white and just because a white girl wears braids and gets lip injection doesn’t mean she wants to be black. The amount of mixed races in this world is living proof that we don’t want to be each other we’ve just gained a national love for each other. …It is very clear to me when someone is showing love and I appreciate these people recreating, loving and broadcasting something to the world that once upon a time I cried myself to sleep over #1LOVE”

winnie twitter

Sadly, as always with social media, Harlow received numerous amounts of backlash and hate for her response. And to be honest, I’m on the fence about it. Appropriation and appreciation is always such a fine line I think everyone tries hard to find. However, if a subject as touchy as blackface is being called a “trend”, I know it would be hard to receive general support. It is important to note that Harlow is not the only one with vitiligo and ultimately this is still a sensitive subject for the many dealing with this skin condition. As for my word of advice: tread lightly on social media.  Personally, that line is defined by ignorance or lack thereof. Knowing the historical underpinnings of any trend is crucial if you are going to appreciate it appropriately.

What are you’re thoughts about this debate? Use the hashtag #glamorouspaper or comment down below to add your voice in the matter.


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