Kehlani – Gangsta (From Suicide Squad)

Today, Kehlani released the video to her new song Gangsta which was featured in the summer blockbuster Suicide Squad. The movie opened this weekend making $135 million, a new record for the month of August. The movie, if you haven’t yet, is a must watch! This song is so catchy that I’ve had it on repeat since last week. Check out the video below.

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Good Night, Sweet Prince

This thursday, April 21st 2016, legendary music icon Prince died at the age of 57. Found in an elevator at Paisley Park Studios in Chanhassen, Minnesota, the paramedics performed CPR to no avail and pronounced him dead at 10:07 AM. The Carver County police will continue to investigate the circumstances of his death as there is no official cause at the moment. An autopsy of the body will be performed by the Midwest regional medical examiner.

The acclaimed musician was born Prince Rogers Nelson and is famous for creating a distinctly Minneapolis sound that combines pop, synth, and new wave as well as defining the music of the 80s with hits like “Kiss” and “Purple Rain.” His music reaches millions and is loved all over the world and across generations.

Just last week, Prince’s health was put into question when his plane to Minnesota made an emergency landing to rush him to the hospital. The next day, he performed for an intimate crowd in Paisley Park with a new guitar and piano, proving he was alive and well, assuring fans to “Wait a few days before you waste any prayers.” Oh the foreshadowing.

As news of his premature death broke online and in the media, floods of fans took to social media, the streets, and record stores to express their heartbreak and love for the musician who touched so many lives with his music and charisma. “Fans rushed to record stores to pick up vinyl and other Prince memorabilia. Some said the icon’s death ‘is what it sounds like when doves cry,’ a reference to his monster hit from 1984.”

President Obama also expressed his appreciation of the musician and sadness upon hearing of the untimely death.

Fans’ responses on social media:

And here is a tribute video made by The Guardian.

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The Rise of Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has had quite the rise to fame. The “Dangerous Woman” singer started her career on Broadway! She was in the musical 13. She then got the role of Cat on the Nickelodeon show Victorious. Most people have long since forgotten about her TV acting days. Since then, she has definitely made a name for herself in Hollywood. She has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry right now, like Nicki Minaj, The Weeknd, Big Sean, Zedd, and even Lil Wayne. Her first released single “The Way,” featured Mac Miller and reached the top ten on the billboard charts. We all knew then that the songstress was around to stay. After the release of her first album Yours Truly, critics had nothing but good things to say! Her range was compared to that of Mariah Carey’s. That comparison has stuck with Ariana throughout her career.

She has since, released another album titled My Everything. The album included singles like “Problem,” “Love Me Harder,” and “Bang Bang.” All three of these songs became instantly big. For the past two years, you can’t turn the radio on without hearing Ariana’s voice. Ariana’s biggest song “Problem,” which featured Iggy Azalea, reached number 2 on the Billboard charts.

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What makes Ariana so special is her mesmerizing voice. Her voice is angelic and has so much range that she can hit the unbelievably high notes and still sound great doing a much lower note. Ariana also presents herself in a much more “friendly” way. She dresses much more moderately than a lot of the other pop stars today. Her constant wearing of cat ears have also made their mark on her appearance and is something that people think about when they hear her name.

Ariana is now working on her latest album. She has released four songs from the upcoming album, the first one being “Focus.” The song is very pop-like and instantly gets stuck in your head. She even got Jamie Foxx to work with her on the song! Next came the song “Dangerous Woman.” The song is much different than her past songs but is just as catchy. She then released a song titled “Be Alright.” In this song, Ariana really shows off her voice’s range. Her most recent release features Lil Wayne and is called “Let Me Love You.” The song is sexy and catchy and is sure to be a hit!

What are you feelings of Ariana? Love her? Hate her? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter using #glamorouspaper

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Upcoming 2016 Broadway Shows

As curtains close on Hedwig and the Angry InchHand to God, and Mamma Mia new sets, costumes, dancers, singers, and orchestras come rolling into the newly vacated theaters sprinkled throughout Times Square. Broadway. Glamour, music, and drama find their home here in the heart of New York and draw in people by the millions each season. It’s never boring on Broadway, and truly any theater lover not living in the city is jealous of its residents’ proximity to the nexus of thespian art and culture. Nothing pains a Broadway fan more than being unable to see a show they love, but for those of you in New York or close enough to stop by a theater, here are a few shows to look forward to in the coming months.

2015-2016 Shows:

The Father:

  • Opening: April 14, 2016
  • Theatre: Samuel J. Friedman
  • A look inside the mind of Andre (Langella), a retired dancer living with his adult daughter Anne and her husband. Or is he a retired engineer receiving a visit from Anne who has moved away with her boyfriend? Why do strangers keep turning up in his room? And where has he left his watch?

American Psycho:

  • Opening: April 21, 2016
  • Theatre: Gerald Schoenfeld
  • A musical adaptation of the acclaimed novel and film about psychotic serial killer Patrick Bateman set in 1980’s Manhattan

Tuck Everlasting:

  • Opening: April 26, 2016
  • Theater: Broadhurst
  • Good girl Winnie Foster’s world has been safely contained behind the picket fence that surrounds the house she shares with her mother and grandmother. Yearning to break free, Winnie runs deep into the woods behind their house where she discovers the Tuck family and the secret they’ve been keeping.

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Come May, a new season of song, dance, and story begins with plenty of fresh and familiar faces gracing the stage in all their costumed glory and telling tales of love, religion, felines, news, and chocolate. Here are a few shows I’m excited for.

2016-2017 Season:


  • Opening: May 25, 2016
  • Theater: Lyric
  • A new musical and the first Cirque du Soleil show ever assembled for Broadway.

Act of God:

  • Opening: June 6, 2016
  • Theater: Booth
  • Revival of the 2015 comedy in which “the Almighty and His devoted Angels answer some of the deepest questions that have plagued mankind since Creation. He’s finally arrived to set the record straight … and He’s not holding back!”

Motown the Musical:

  • Opening: TBA (Previews: July 12, 2016)
  • Theater: Nederlander
  • Return engagement of the Broadway musical that ran 738 performances 2013-2015.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:

  • Target Opening: Spring 2017
  • Theater: TBA
  • When Charlie wins a golden ticket to the weird and wonderful Wonka Chocolate Factory, it’s the chance of a lifetime to feast on the sweets he’s always dreamed of. But beyond the gates astonishment awaits, as the five lucky winners discover not everything is as sweet as it seems.

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A more detailed and periodically updated list of shows can be found here.

Sadly, I won’t be in New York anytime soon so you guys have to go watch them for me! Don’t forget to see the ongoing shows either. Fun Home, winner of the 2015 Tony for Best Musical, and Hamilton, a phenomenal historical musical even Obama approves of, are two amazing shows you need to see as soon as possible. Lucky for me Hamilton will touring next year so I’ll get my chance but don’t waste yours to experience the magic Broadway.

Fun Home


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Sunday Paper: March 6, 2016

Here’s a recap of a few top stories in entertainment and pop-culture news in your Sunday Paper!

We are all in this together!” At least that’s what the East High Wildcats proclaimed 10 years ago. Disney Channel has announced a nation-wide casting search for High School Musical 4 which follows up the threequel, the last one being High School Musical 3: Senior Year released in theaters back in 2008.


The new movie is set to have an all new cast and the legendary choreographer Kenny Ortega has been replaced with Jeffrey Hornaday. Hornaday is known from his work in Disney’s Teen Beach Movie starring Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell. Hornaday will now choreograph and direct HSM 4 which is set to follow the East High Wildcats and incorporate their rivals the West High Knights.

It all started with two high schoolers meeting at a ski lodge and transformed to a multimillion dollar franchise and a household name. We can’t wait to see who lands the new leading roles and how they will continue the HSM story!

He did it! After six Academy Award Nominations Leonardo Di’Caprio has finally taken home an Oscar.

The highly anticipated actor of the evening looked dapper in an all black tux and humbly accepted his award for Best Actor in A Leading Role for The Revenant. After a resounding applause from his peers, Di’Caprio used his speech opportunity to touch on issues he cares about and voting for politicians who will help the cause.

Check out the full list of winners here!

Lady Gaga also had a huge night at the Oscars with her emotional performance of “Til It Happens to You”. Vice President Joe Biden introduced the American Horror Story actress who sat behind a piano with a single spotlight.

The song was written for the documentary The Hunting Ground – a documentary that dives into sexual assaults on college campuses across the nation. Gaga gave a chilling performance and had survivors of sexual assaults join her on stage with words of empowerment written on their arms.

Tell us what you think of the new High School Musical, Di’Caprio’s long awaited Oscar, and Gaga’s bone chilling performance using the hashtag #GlamorousPaper

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