All About That Disney Bound!

Apart from being glamorous individuals, is anyone out there Disney fans? Confession: I am a huge Disney enthusiast. For those who are Disney enthusiasts and love to dress up as their favorite Disney characters, we can all unanimously agree that Disney Bounding is the way to go.

Created by entrepreneur, Leslie Kay, Disney Bound is a term used to describe affordable, fashionable outfits inspired by Disney characters and themes. It’s somewhat of a pseudo-costume, but the intention is never used as just a regular costume. The focus of Disney Bound is to have people express their unique fashion style through a variety of Disney inspiration. The key is to create an outfit to be able to subtlety wear it anytime and anywhere. This is especially popular among teens and adults within Disney theme park resorts. Why? Well there is a rule at Disney that those age 14 years or older are not allowed to wear the actual costumes inside the amusement parks.

Since its exposure over the last few years, it has caught the eyes and attention of Disney fanatics everywhere. It has even caught the attention from the Big Mouse Boss himself! Many social media news outlets such as Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, and Time Magazine, and Disney sponsor websites like Disney Style. The Disney Blog even features this fashion trend.

The best part about Disney Bound is that everything is completely fan made. All clothes and accessories can be purchased at an affordable price at any mall, outlet, or corporate store.

Image result for disney bound disneyland

Disney Bound can be used at any time of the year and there’s no exception during Halloween. If you haven’t noticed, Halloween is just over a week away! If you’re still scrambling for a costume to wear, go ahead and check out Kirstin Carlson’s Halloween Costume Ideas for the Procrastinators. One of our very own writer’s features awesome recommendations for last-minute costumes with fun, miscellaneous stuff for you to slap on before trick-or-treating.

If you still can’t decide,check out Leslie Kay’s website at for all Disney Bound inspired outfits. Or check out the Disney Style website at for all other ideas that revolve around being Disney chic!

So my glamorous Disney fanatics, what Disney character will you try Disney Bounding for Halloween? Or will you Disney Bound the next time you come to the Disneyland or Walt Disney World? Leave a comment below on your favorite Disney character you would like to dress up as! Or tweet @GlamorousPaper on an Disney Bound outfit you would like to try!



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Lush Toothy Tabs & Tooth Powder


Lush Cosmetics is a cosmetics line that focuses on producing safe and natural beauty products. They have recently come out with a revolutionary idea: toothpaste that isn’t in paste form. The concept behind this product, named Toothy Tabs and Tooth Powder, is to give consumers an option for a natural toothpaste that still gets the job done.

Toothy Tabs: What Are They?

Toothy tabs are the vegan tablet forms of toothpaste in the new line. Each bottle of the product, priced at $10, has a decent amount of tabs that should last a few weeks if used daily. Lush recommends to use the tablets by crushing them in your mouth and then continuing to brush as you would normally. The line has come out with seven different types of the Toothy Tabs: Bling!, Dirty, Miles of Smiles, Limelight, Smile, Boom, and Oral Pleasure.

Bling! is a tablet that has been dusted with edible gold glitter for that fancy feeling. These tablets advertises a refreshing citrus flavor along with stimulating guarana seed powder to energize you for the day! Dirty is a simple white tablet that most resembles the original toothpaste we all know and use. Dirty’s defining feature is a classic spearmint flavor with a few essential oils thrown in there. Miles of Smiles is another white tablet. But this one has the promise of a strong triple mint flavor derived from the combination of english peppermint, organic peppermint and wild mint. Limelight is a green and yellow marbled tablet. It promises to give you a powerful citrus and mint flavor from lemon, lime and spearmint oils. One of these tablets also has baobab fruit powder that turns your mouth into a fizzing toothpaste party!

Sparkle is another tablet with a citrus flavor from grapefruit oil and lemon peel but with a surprising twist: black pepper. This unique addition serves to give a warming, tingly sensation during your experience. Boom! is a black tablet that is made of detoxifying ingredients such as powdered charcoal and gunpowder tea. Through the combination of black pepper oil and ground chili, a cola flavor and a warming feeling is created for this tablet. Lastly, Oral Pleasure is a magenta tablet with a sweet and tart flavor of passion fruit. Rose oil and tantalizing electric daisies also give this tablet a tingling feeling when used.

Lush's Tooth Powder
Lush’s Tooth Powder

Tooth Powder: Better Than Normal Toothpaste? 

Tooth Powder is a vegan alternative to regular toothpaste and basically an already crushed form of the Toothy Tabs. It’s also the same price. Lush recommends using the powder by dabbing your damp toothbrush into the pot and brushing as you normally would. The product has three different options: Tooth Fairy, Ultrablast, and Atomic.

Tooth Fairy  is a pink tooth powder with a sweet strawberry and lemon flavor with a little luster in the mix for added sparkle! Ultrablast is a light green powder that promises and extra minty flavor with a twist. It’s composed of peppermint, spearmint and lavender for ultimate freshness. The twist is wasabi powder that provides a refreshing cooling sensation. Atomic is another green powder that is advertised as a ‘spice market’. This specific Tooth Powder contains coffee, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and white pepper in order to provide a spicy tingle.

So… Are They Worth Ditching Our Regular Toothpaste? 

If you’re up to feeling adventurous with your oral hygiene routine or just for trying something new, go for it! Each product is highly rated on Lush’s website, all flavors are either three stars or above. Buzzfeed recently posted a video in which employees tried a few of the new products. The reactions were very mixed between dislike and moderate liking. I say if you’re feeling brave enough, why not try it? Go forth and have fun brushing your teeth like a hipster!

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Spoon University on Your Campus

Spoon University Logo
Spoon University Logo

Spoon University, a student’s #1 stop for food information and self-described everyday food resource for young people. This organization is a national program that works through groups based at hundreds of college campuses. Each group works to bring the students at their school the hottest, local food news available. You may have come across articles from Spoon University without even realizing it, such as articles saying “the best 10 spots to eat around campus!” and many more ideas. Besides writing super interesting and relevant food articles, Spoon also holds local events for your campus. This week, the UCLA Spoon chapter is holding a campus wide study session with GrubHub providing local food.

Spoon University is known for having articles that are not only interesting but that are also outside the box. Most recently, a a Denison University writer wrote about if filtering cheap vodka through a Brita would make it taste better. Not only do they have funny articles like this, they also post college-friendly recipes. One example is a recent article on how to make your own Starbucks hibiscus tea in your dorm room. There are so many great ideas to find on their website that can fit any occasion.

As college students, or even just young adults, we are always looking for fun new places to instagram our food at. Or new hacks to try to save money (cheap vodka and my Brita, I’m looking at you!). Here at Glamorous Paper, we are trying to give you all the tips and tricks we find to help you survive these adulting years…. (especially us writers at Glamorous Paper, we need it!)

Are there any website you Glamorous people find helpful? If so send them our way! Comment below your favorite food hacks or food places for us to try out! You never know, we will probably take you up on the suggestion and write an article on it!


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Donald Trump’s Self-Destruction

Donald Trump  can’t seem to escape his slow and steady self destruction. No matter how unintentional it is.  Time and time again, Trump shows a complete inability to control himself. If you’ve been paying any attention to Facebook, the news, or Instagram, you’ve likely heard about Donald Trump‘s most recent verbal idiocy. It all starts with a video/audio recording that surfaced on the web. The recording, dating back to 2005, is putting Trump in some (much deserved) hot water.

The audio recording was retrieved from a ‘Hot Mic’ on Trump’s bus prior to an interview with Access Hollywood. The controversial recording caught Trump making disrespectful comments about his previous encounters with women. Disrespectful, is putting it lightly, though. Trump’s nonchalance and apparent disregard for inappropriateness makes the conversation all the more horrifying. One woman, in particular, that Trump exploits, is a married woman that he tried to ‘make a move on.’ “I took her out furniture. I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn’t get there, and she was married.”Trump continues to boast about his sexual exploits in conversation with Billy Bush. Bush is only laughing in the background and encouraging Trump’s tirade.

When the group finally pulls up to their destination, it becomes clear that Trump is just getting started. From inside their bus, Trump and Bush spot the female interviewer as she awaits their arrival outside. With their focus now on a new, unsuspecting victim. This is where Trump’s vulgarity begins escalating.

After ranting off more inappropriate nonsense about the woman off-camera, Trump makes a very unsettling claim about stardom. Trump claims that celebrities, including himself, can ‘do anything they want. Only, it was the statement that immediately followed which raised the fury of men and women alike: “Grab them by the p***y. You can do anything.”

Portraying sexual assault, or non-consensual groping as a brag-worthy accomplishment, is not the behavior a candidate in the Presidential Election, or any person, should have. Still, nobody stops to correct Trump. Nobody believes that the unsuspecting victim outside is worth standing up for. That fact is only made worse when Trump refers to the female interviewer as ‘it.’ “It looks good,” he says, in response to Billy Bush’s comments on the woman’s legs.

Like me, you were probably hoping that, when finally in the physical presence of the female interviewer, Trump’s self-claimed ‘perfect temperament’ would have made an appearance. Like me, you’re wrong. As soon as the bus doors opened, I thought the creepiness would have ended there. It didn’t.

Faced with the object of their sexually degrading rant, Bush and Trump immediately begin to harass the women for physical attention and ask uncomfortable questions like, “Now, if you had to choose honestly between one of us, me or the Donald?”
Coming from a man who has seemingly endless criticisms for women, Trump is pretty keen on being the center of their attention. Even when his attention is entirely unwanted.
The video’s release is spreading like wild fire, igniting outrage and embarrassment of many viewers. Never let it be said that the mutual fury of many couldn’t motivate a swift and just backfire. Some people took to social media to blast Trump for his obscenities. Other, more creative retaliations, included a line of t-shirts to show off your ‘anti-Trump’ status. The t-shirts say, “Pussies Against Trump…You Can’t Grab This,” and what a statement that is. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!
It makes you wonder if “Make America More Sexist,” would be a better slogan for his campaign. Make America Great Again? There’s nothing great about Trump’s attitude towards women.  Even Trump’s sympathetic followers are growing more restless. With the undeniable evidence of his many offenses, the depth of his repulsive behavior is becoming more apparent.
Any chance at redemption Trump might have had was destroyed during the second presidential debate. Many viewers and attendees likely hoped that Trump would address the leaked video apologetically. Instead, he excused the audio as “locker room talk.” Trump’s justification puts a stigma on how all men treat or talk about women behind closed doors. What’s more? The dismissal implies that Trump’s actions and words were acceptable- that there was nothing wrong with them.
If the latest polls are anything to go by, then Trump is already started digging his own grave.  While making a comeback from unforgivable behavior seems to be his forte, this could be the final straw.
So Glamorous People, how do you weigh in on this debate? Comment below with your thoughts on Trumps comments and the leaked video. We want to hear both sides, so don’t be afraid to speak your mind! Our tweet @GlamorousPaper and let us know how you’re feeling about this presidential debate!
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Halloween Foods for a Halloween Party!

Halloween Foodies for a Halloween Party!!!

Hello all you lovely, glamorous people and welcome to another Halloween post- FOOD edition. Halloween is not only the time of year where you can get crazy and go out-of-this-world with costumes. It’s the time where we can get creative and out-of-this-world with food. From blood-red punch to graveyard cupcakes, even food knows how to dress up for this festive holiday! In this article, I’m going to list out some of fun treat ideas to share at your next Halloween party.

Image result for Green tea pocky   Image result for Green tea kitkats

Green Tea Pocky and KitKats

Green is definitely one of the to-go colors for Halloween. There’s a lot of elements that associate with green that’s especially specific for Halloween. There’s slime, candy, and ecto-plasma for all you Ghostbuster fans. A really fun way to entertain your party guests is getting these candies like Green Tea Pocky sticks (chocolate-covered thin biscuits) and Green Tea Kit Kats as party favors. Matcha green tea, specifically, is one of Japan’s biggest exports, and the flavor has been growing popular for the past few years. These Japanese candies are definitely something new to share with friends and see the look on their face once they realize how tasty they are despite their green look!

Pumpkin Cake Pops (Ghosts, Pumpkins, and Frankenstein)

This recipe was created by Rachel with her YouTube channel, kawaiisweetworld. She shows us how you can add  a little cuteness to some scary-looking creatures like little Frankenstein heads, pumpkins, and your friendly, neighborhood ghosts. In my case, I would like to try decorating the cake pops into little pirate heads! The cake pops cake favors can be however you like your cake. But if you want to really get into the Halloween spirit, try to make the cake pops with pumpkin spice! It’ll really be more flavorful and adds a bit a foodie fun to the party. These cake pops are not only super cute to make, but it’s very easy with ready-to-go ingredients that you can find at your local supermarket. Check out her video on how to create these scary, cute little creatures!

Image result for monster tacos halloween

Monster Tacos

Yep. You are seeing exactly what it is. These tacos are looking at you. This fun recipe takes a spin on ordinary tacos, which turns them into these funny monsters that lives in between the taco shells. The taco recipe is the same- carne asada, pulled pork, or beef inside the taco shell, topped with shredded cabbage, salsa, sour cream, and all that good stuff. But in addition, take two small meatballs, add sour cream on the meatball, and take half an olive to make the eyes. Plop them on top of the tacos, and voila! Your little monsters tacos are ready to go. Let’s hope the guests eat the monsters, before the monsters eat them.

Image result for pirate rum punch   Image result for pirate rum punch

Pirates’ Rum Punch

For this Halloween, I am invited to my friend’s Halloween party, and her theme is centered on Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise.  In addition of dressing up Captain Jack Sparrow style, I wanted to bring something that fitted the theme to the party…but was running out of ideas of what exactly I wanted to bring. Looking online, I was bombarded with pirate theme food.

But I was thinking outside of the box and wanted something different to bring to the party.

Since this was specifically Pirates of the Caribbean, I wanted to find something that screams Jack Sparrow. Then I thought…Where’s the rum? Pirates’ Rum Punch is a fun twist and a refreshing way to your Halloween party, all the while entertaining the guests as they sing “Yo Ho! A Pirate’s Life for Me!” All you need is to mix Light rum, Dark rum, Coconut Rum, and 151; then add the Blue Caracao, Sour Apple and Peach flavoring; add in orange juice and 7up or Sprite for a crisp taste; and throw in a few squeezed lime wedges to garnish.

You can find this recipe at


Halloween Ice Cream

Halloween and ice cream. Life doesn’t get any better than this. Gemma Stafford is known for her homemade no-churn ice cream recipes on YouTube. For the season, she has made this Halloween video so you would be able to make your own ice cream creation and share it at your Halloween Party! I suggest taking the extra steps to make your ice cream as decorative as possible. I have never tried making my own ice cream with her recipe before, but it looks so good! Just like the delicious stuff straight out of the carton from the supermarket.

What foods will you glamorous people bring at your Halloween Party? What other recipes can you think of? Let me know in the comments below on tasty recipes you like to make for your Halloween Party! Or tweet @GlamorousPaper for your favorite Halloween foods and recipes!


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